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Self-publishing and print on demand (POD)

A look at various self-publishing and print on demand (POD) options available. Prepared for the Fall 2012 Wisconsin Writers Association conference. Download for full presenter's notes.

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Self-publishing and print on demand (POD)

  1. 1. Self-Publishing21st Century Options Andy Barnett Assistant Director McMillan Memorial Library, Wisconsin Rapids
  2. 2. Guidelines Let me know if you are lost Ask questions If you meet Buddha….
  3. 3. Self-Publishing Not the best of all possible worlds More work – setup, printing, selling Unlikely to lead to regular publication Unlikely to see thousands of copies Unlikely to be reviewed Upfront costs to be recovered later?
  4. 4. 20th Century Options Vanity press Printing service with range of options  Local  National Eventually – born digital  Copy ready (including images)  Ebook ready
  5. 5. 21st Century Options All books are born digital Printing service with even more options and more control Remote printing service - outsourcing POD – print on demand
  6. 6. Cost per book sold Manufacturing cost (obvious) Returns/unsold Spoilage Carrying costs Only matters if money matters.
  7. 7. Print on Demand ≠ Self-Publishing POD = Method of production, but self- publishing needs to include more. Publishing involves  Vetting / self-editing  Marketing  Distribution channels – brick and clicks
  8. 8. Print on Demand (pro) Public, internal or personal use Low initial cash investment, <$10/copy No inventory, shipping or billing Retain rights and control Epublishing / Search Inside options AV on Demand too Never go OP or OSI
  9. 9. Print on Demand (con) Learning curve on layout, captions, graphics, covers, rights, permissions Marketing and visibility Copyright is your problem Sturgeon’s Law (90% of everything…)
  10. 10. Range of Options Free (on your own) CreateSpace & Lulu Semi-Free (POD+) Local printing services Fee (hold your hand) Author Services Print vs. Ebook vs. both
  11. 11. POD Option – Range of fee-based pre-pub and marketing services Wide range of product Real ISBN Will get an Amazon listing but… Create ebook at same time, but…
  12. 12. POD Option – CreateSpace CreateSpace – Amazon Semireal-ISBN Will get an Amazon / Target listing Other channels fee based Cheaper
  13. 13. Grit, Grief and Gold 176 p., B&W imagesCreatespace Lulu Sell for $25  List $25, sale $17.50 Amazon royalty  Ebook $7.50 / Nook $12.04 $9.99 Other channel  Royalty $6.00/$4.00 royalty $7.04  Author copies Author copies $9.90+shipping $2.96+shipping
  14. 14. Other Options Lightning Source (Ingram) Author Services Blurb
  15. 15. Ebook Only On-line, web based setup Easy to update Lower prices but high royalty rate No inventory, shipping or billing Special challenges  Getting formats right  Images and rights thereto  Distribution
  16. 16. Direct to Ebook Example: Emily Updates Very inexpensive to produce Genres popular
  17. 17. Ebook Options Kindle Direct Publishing – Amazon only PubIt (B&N) – B&N only Smashwords – B&N and Apple Vook – distributes to Amazon, B&N and Apple for $99 Apple aggregators Royalties vary
  18. 18. Contact Andy Barnett McMillan Memorial Library 490 E. Grand Ave. Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494 (715) 422-5144