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A.I. 0855658


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Discussing how technology has been integrated into our lives in the recent past. Also the idea that machines might one day think like humans and how this would affect our society.

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A.I. 0855658

  1. 1. Artificial Intelligence “ Although it is established that there are limitations to the powers of of any particular machine, it has only been stated, without any sort of proof, that no such limitations apply to the human intellect” A.M. Turning Will machines ever think for themselves?
  2. 2. Distribution of Technology Expansion
  3. 4. <ul><ul><li>Technology has become a very important par of society today. In the past people would had very little technology technology very quickly has become a corner stone to modern day people and businesses. We have started to depend on technology. We let it direct us on how to get to our destinations, it is our primary form of communication, it entertains and us and even protects us. It is hard to imagine the world technology free. Even still technology continues to advance exponentially. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Artificial Intelligence has already started become evident in our lives. Our cars now come with the ability to park themselves. There have even been robots made that can scale stairs on their. As technology continues to advance artificial intelligence will become more prevalent in our lives. Machines will be able to perform complex tasks with ease and they will be integrated into society to fulfill the needs of the masses. </li></ul></ul>
  4. 5. One of the major places that robotics are being seen today is in law enforcement and military. When a situation is too dangerous for any human, a robot is sent in to do the dirty work. Whether the job is to disarm a bomb or or map a mine field losing a robot is nowhere near losing a person. However there are still many robots being built to resemble humanity. The Asimo built by Honda can run climb stairs and even play instruments!
  5. 6. Technology Use in Daily Life
  6. 8. Could Robots Ever truly Think? The one thing that seems to separate humans from machines is our ability to think and learn. Machines have to be programmed to perform a task. However, would it be possible to create a thinking machine? If machines ever a machine was built to truly think, it would be a great triumph in science but it would also cause many problems. People aren’t ready for Thinking machines. We are comfortable being superior to them. Also thinking robots may choose not to do the jobs we created them for. They may even demand the rights that we as humans enjoy everyday.
  7. 9. Recent Movies Dealing with A.I I Robot Transformers In I Robot the main character does not trust the robots because he thinks they could go rogue, and he is right! Transformers deals with robots from space that can transform between everyday machines and war fighting robots.
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