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  1. 1. What A Woman Really Thinks When You Tell Her Shes Beautiful.A lot of men dont take the time to sit down and think about this.I know I sure didnt.And it makes sense that no one would really think this through.See, when we see a woman that we are physically attracted to, the thingthat excites us is her physical beauty, not her stellar personality.Even if she has a stellar personality, you have no way of knowing that ifyouve just met, so what do you do?You make a quick judgement call based solely on a woman’s appearance.That is what decides whether or not you approach her.So, it makes sense that, at some point during a conversation with a beautifulwoman, you will want to explain to her just exactly why you came over.But why was that again?Because she’s beautiful?You tell her how great she looks in that dress, those shoes, whatever.Uh-oh!Big mistake!Look, it’s okay to compliment a woman.But think about this:A beautiful woman, unless she is severely emotionally unstable, knows thatshe is beautiful.You dont ever need to tell her that.In fact, telling a woman that she is beautiful, if she actually is beautiful, willdemolish your chances with her.But how can this be?!Well, let’s think about it for a second.What does it say about you if you are genuinely impressed by a woman’sbeauty?Does it say that you are around beautiful women all the time?Or does it say that you don’t have the opportunity to be around beautifulwomen.
  2. 2. Well, if you feel like you NEED to tell her how hot she is, then the answer isobvious:You just don’t get to be around beautiful women very often, for whateverreason.This is how you should imagine beauty: as something that is an ordinarypart of your life.Incorporating this attitude into your life will drastically improve yourrelationship with women, because beautiful women can smell a guy with nogame from a mile away.They know when they are being drooled over, and they dont think drool isattractive, so dont do it.Here is this simple piece of advice: dont compliment a womans physicalbeauty if she is actually beautiful and if you dont know her very well.If you do, she will just toss you into the category of "guys who will doanything because I am hot", even if you planned on doing nothing for herand even if you are actually a really great guy.You will instantaneously and unapologetically get thrown into the REJECTEDpile.You are allowed to compliment women, don’t get me wrong!It feels great when people notice things about us that we feel make uniqueand special.But if you are going to compliment an attractive woman, complimentsomething that is objectively cool outside of her attractiveness.Here is an example: BAD: You have very pretty eyes. BAD: You have beautiful eyes. I really like that deep blue color. GOOD: I like your eyes. They have a real fierceness to them. GOOD: I like your smile. Its really warm and inviting. GOOD: Man, thats a bright dress! It makes me want to get up and dance!Do you see the difference between complimenting a physical attribute andcomplimenting physical beauty?And be honest! Find something about a woman that you actually find cool orinteresting. Like I said before, women love it when you are "real", so be real!
  3. 3. There must have been something other than this girls breasts and butt thatdrew you to her. If you are at a club or bar, there is plenty of that. What isso special about this particular girl?In fact, it can be good to compliment a beautiful woman if its for somethingworth complimenting (see above).Fill in your email below, and Ill tell you exactly how to do this. (99% of men fail at this, butonce you learn the trick to complimenting women, youll be that guy other men envy.)Ill also send you $57 worth of FREE dating and seduction material.Type in your email now.