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  1. 1. Dont Spend Another Dime On Dating And Seduction Material Before Reading This... Debunking The "PUA Myth".Im just going to come out and say it and spare you all the sugar coatingand BS:There are a LOT of people out there who are not really comfortable with whothey are around women.What’s scarier is that there are lots of guys out they who aren’t comfortablewith who they are in general.So what do they do?They try to fit in.Or even worse, they try to blend in.Hey, I understand. I’ve been there.It’s so easy to think: “what the HECK are these guys thinking?!”It’s easy to forget that I was there, too, not too long ago.So why is it that people follow the same routine that every other hopelessguy is following?People follow a routine because they believe that their "self" is not attractiveenough to hot women.Thats why dudes at the club all wear the same thing; thats why guysshower girls with compliments.… And thats why, no matter what they do, they will always fail with women.They are just not comfortable with who they are, otherwise they would lookunique and act uniquely, because everyone is unique.No two people are the same. We all know this is true.So they look to the PUA community for advice, and what does the PUAcommunity try to do to address this problem?They get you to follow a different routine, but its still a routine.It doesnt fix the actual problem, but instead treats the symptoms.They get you to go “sarging” four nights a week, use canned material, puton ridiculous clothes, and even change your name!While all those PUA gurus offer valuable insight into the world of women andsexual attraction, this whole "you need to build an avatar" mentality isabsurd and counter-productive.
  2. 2. Sure they can show you results and go pick up a woman right before youreyes and then try to sell you their style.The problem is that their style is their style!It probably doesnt work for you because you are different.The whole avatar thing is great for people like Mystery. He is a magician forcrying out loud! Of course that is going to work for him!His passions are things like stage magic, sleight of hand, and putting on ashow.But are you a magician? Do you share the same interests or passions?Probably not.I know I don’t, and that’s why I ultimately had to change my approach.You’ll never believe what I discovered!I learned that men who have to put on a front to attract women aresubconsciously conveying their insecurities.Women can sense it.But there is some great news!You don’t ever actually have to try to be someone you aren’t to attractwomen.All you have to do is figure out how and where you want to go to meetwomen that are interested in the same things you are interested in.For simple tricks on how to find women that actually share your interestsand have a great time doing it, plus $57 worth of dating and seductionmaterial, just fill in your email below.The info Im about to send you is absolutely FREE.Type your email address in, and Ill send it to your personally.