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  1. 1. Will "Running Game" Actually Help YouAttract Women That Are Genuinely Interested In You?Just nod your head if you can relate to this scenario:You’ve approached a set and opened them.You’ve seamlessly incorporated a false time constraint plus some body-rocking into your routine, eventually sitting down with them.You’ve gone ahead and built up some quick rapport with your targetsfriends as well as disarmed the two AMOGs at the table.You’ve negged your target pretty hard, gotten your IOIs and decided tomove the group.You’ve gone somewhere else, chilled for a bit, and then isolated your target.Youve gotten pretty deep into Comfort, she gave you straight IOIs and youcontinued to give her value.Youve moved only your target to another location, and later took her homeand then get intimate.A few weeks pass and you realize that you don’t really have anything incommon with this girl.You don’t even really like her that much, so you go out again.… And the same thing happens!Wash. Rinse. Repeat.Can you relate to that? I know I could.I tried the whole PUA approach, and it did work for one night stands, whichwas great.I mean, who doesnt like a one night stand?!But when it was time for me to move past that and develop a realrelationship with a woman I actually cared about, I realized that using thisapproach wasn’t really working out.I kept hitting the same wall.
  2. 2. I could develop IMMENSE amounts of attraction, but I never seemed to beable to find a girl who I was genuinely interested in.It’s not that they weren’t interesting; it’s that after a couple of weeks, Irealized that they weren’t actually the kinds of girls I wanted.So I had to redesign my approach.And you know what I discovered?(The answer is going to seem so obvious!)I wasn’t really being myself.So when it came time to REALLY open up to a girl, I realized that she justwasn’t into the same things that I was into.It’s not that she didn’t like me. She did!It’s that she just didn’t share the same interests as me.So, you know what I did?I started meeting women in places that I actually enjoyed being at.I took a greater interest in my hobbies.I really explored the things that I was genuinely passionate about.And you know what?It WORKED!All of a sudden I was surrounded by women who actually shared mypassions and interests.And it felt GOOD.Sure, it feels good to “game” a beautiful woman.But what about attracting a beautiful woman who, on top of being beautiful,shares your passions and interests?You could finally be around and approach women who you don’t have toworry about openers and approach anxiety with!You know from your experience in the field that women LOVE to have theiremotions spiked, whether it’s positive or negative.Think about the emotional spike YOU get when you’re talking about yourpassions!
  3. 3. They’re going to be feeling the SAME THING, simply because you are gettingthem revved up about something that you also love!For more information about discovering how to build up IMMENSE attractionsimply by doing the things you love, plus $57 worth of FREE dating andseduction secrets, just fill in your email below.