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  1. 1. Are You Ruining Your Chances With Beautiful Women By Doing This?What is the one thing that a girl will tell you if you ask her:“How do I attract a women?”I want you to think back on all the times you asked a woman that question.I mean really think about it.I’ll wait.…So what did she tell you?She told you to “BE YOURSELF”.And then you thought:“Well I already tried being myself around women, and it NEVER WORKED!That’s why I asked!”That’s a frustrating feeling, isn’t it?It SUCKS to go somewhere to meet a girl and feel like you have to put on afront.And it sucks even more than men feel like they can’t be themselves aroundwomen!But what if I told you that you weren’t actually BEING YOURSELF aroundbeautiful women?Okay, okay. Sounds crazy, but think about this. When you were trying to “beyourself” around gorgeous women, were you: 1.) Acting nervous? 2.) Being extra NICE? 3.) Being extra MEAN?Look, it makes sense if you were.As men, when we are around women that get are blood rushing we feel alittle nervous.
  2. 2. That’s only natural. What’s unnatural is allowing those feelings to takecontrol of our personalities.Those kinds of feelings prevent us from actually being who we ARE!Well, guess what!There IS a way to both BE YOURSELF around women and at the same timemake them insanely attracted to you without ever worrying about whetheryour personality alone is “good enough”.Curious?For tips, tricks, and secrets on how to make women MASSIVELY attracted toyou by simply BEING YOURSELF, plus $57 worth of FREE dating andseduction material, just fill in your email below.