Michael C. Mangan      ARTIST. DESIGNER. LEADER.   michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860-670-7755
My   journey in life speaks to the opportunities thatI have been fortunate to receive. Before you is mystory of the people...
My parents purchased this home inFarmington, Connecticut in 1997.They took what was a small DutchColonial style house and ...
family                                                                      The Twin                                      ...
Nestled deep in the woods of                Connecticut stands a school called                Avon Old Farms School for Bo...
Avon Old Farms SchoolThe decision to become a student here was something that had been sitting                men of avon....
After graduating from prep school,Boston became my new home. It wasnow college and I enrolled in a smallfine arts school o...
Nesad @ suffolk university                     monoprint #3                         (above)                               ...
monoprint #3                                                                      (above)                                 ...
Untitled                                                                                    2012.                         ...
After Boston, I made the decision                 to move to New York City in the                 fall of 2010. This was a...
It is what it is                                                 (top left) The store                                     ...
PArsons the new school for designThe New School was indeed what it sounded like, a new school. This was asecond chance at ...
Grinding The stone                                                    (top left) Original                                 ...
Matthew 27:29                                                                      (top left)                             ...
My path started to finally make sensewith the introduction of ServiceDesign. Here, design could beseen as a way to positiv...
Service Design                                                                                 The User JourneyAll through...
The TeamMe                                           caitlin webb                                                         ...
Moving Down                                                                                                               ...
The Team                                                                                 Me                               ...
Failed prototype                                                                                                         (...
This  is my story for now. As I travel on this road of                         uncertainty, there is one thing that is cer...
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Michael C. Mangan Portfolio


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Michael C. Mangan Portfolio

  1. 1. Michael C. Mangan ARTIST. DESIGNER. LEADER. michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860-670-7755
  2. 2. My journey in life speaks to the opportunities thatI have been fortunate to receive. Before you is mystory of the people and experiences that have trulymade me the person I am today. Born into a family thatprovided constant support, I was able to explore a rangeof paths to figure out what my interests in life were. Itraveled down paths that brought me to different schools,different cities, new jobs, new people, life changingevents and currently a path that is just starting to benavigated. I have experienced events that have cultivatedmy need for giving back, something that I have been ableto incorporate and project through my work as an artistand a designer. More than anything, I can truly affirmthat my story is one that speaks to the person I havebecome and the person I strive to be. 01
  3. 3. My parents purchased this home inFarmington, Connecticut in 1997.They took what was a small DutchColonial style house and turned it intoa whole new home. This is how myparents showed me the power ofcreativity. They took a house & turned Home, Sweet Home.it into a home of great possibility.
  4. 4. family The Twin (top left) Steph is my twin sister. We have spent our whole lives Born into a family of a unconditional love, I was raised with every fortune together. She is a strong & determined possible. My parents, Anne Marie and Stephen, were destined to be parents, woman. She is a constant inspiration. for they set the bar for everything a parent can be. Steph, my twin sister, The Artist and I were brought up in an environment that fostered opportunity to explore (top right) Kevin is considered the cool Uncle. To me, he is what life had to offer. an artist that did what made him happy. Having an artist in My parents became the type of people they are through the way in which they the family made it seem all the more possible to pursue a were raised. Both sides are a testament to the reasons why I have become the career in that field. person I am. My grandparents from both sides of the family taught my parents A family Portrait (left) To me, this to strive for greatness in every aspect of life, a lesson that they continued photo taken in the early 1990’s shows to teach me. my parent’s love, a love that continues to guide me in my daily pursuits in life. Raised with most of my family close by me, I had the fortunate opportunity to be taught and loved by my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Each member of my family has given me a value that I use in my everyday commitment to live life to the greatest degree.04 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755 05
  5. 5. Nestled deep in the woods of Connecticut stands a school called Avon Old Farms School for Boys. It was here I spent the four most difficult, yet life changing years of my life. It was the men and women around me that taught me to growAspirando et perseverando intellectually, emotionally & creatively.
  6. 6. Avon Old Farms SchoolThe decision to become a student here was something that had been sitting men of avon. This room of men taught me to be strong and dedicated. This was a community of support and honor where everything we did was done with a sense of pride. The spirit of this school cultivated within me the desire to lead and be one who works to find the best for the people around me.with me my whole life. There was something about this school that alwaysattracted me. It might have been the architecture that look liked a trip The Order (left) The school’s most prestigious award “Thethrough J.K. Rowling’s mind, the prestigious reputation the school carried, Order of Old Farms” is given to a select groupor simply the chance for a new beginning. of graduates who have “most generously served the welfare of the school with a sense of honor.” IEducated in an all male environment, it was not always easy to make it was fortunate to be one of the recipients.through four years. Fortunately, my mentors, Christine, Michelle, Tim & Gail, NAtional winnertaught me to strive for success and to always be true to myself. (right) The yearbook I designed won four national awards. TwoIn the end, the experience was life altering. In four years, I saw myself first place prizes by the Scholastic Foundation, and two gold metals forbecome a leader who felt it was important to find ways to give back and help design & photography.the people around me. It was also here that my talent in the arts flourished.I knew my future would be fulfilled through art & design. Most importantlyit was here that I became a man of integrity.08 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755 09
  7. 7. After graduating from prep school,Boston became my new home. It wasnow college and I enrolled in a smallfine arts school on Arlington Street.Before attending, I knew that I didnot want to graduate from here. Theyear here transitioned me towards an Boston Bound.unexpected future.
  8. 8. Nesad @ suffolk university monoprint #3 (above) After not being accepted to RISD, the usual first choice for any artist, I 2009. 12” x12” considered smaller New England schools in the middle of nowhere. The idea (each square) Ink and oil pastel of living in a city was something that always fascinated me, which is why I on paper. chose New England School of Art & Design. Fruit on paper (right) Although the school was small, the talent was great. Professors & students 2010. 24” x 36” were passionate about art and knew that the fine arts was destiny for them. Pastel on Canson . Everyday was spent in the studio painting, drawing, carving and ultimately, creating. My work This was fulfilling to some degree, but I knew something was missing. While I loved my time here, the intense passion of others made me realize that my life and future needed to be more than oil painting and figure drawing. I soon left this school, but my experiences through fine art and in a community filled with passionate people remained with me.12 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755 13
  9. 9. monoprint #3 (above) 2009. 12” x12” (each square) Ink and oil pastel on paper. Greed (left) 2009. 11” x 17” Mixed Media. Self Portrait (opposite page) 2010 8.5” x 6” Oil paint on masonite.14 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755 15
  10. 10. Untitled 2012. 5’ x 5’ Acrylic & oil.COmmissioned workMid summer of 2010, the fiancée of a Professor at my prep school expressedinterest in owning a few pieces of my work. At this point in my life, I had Untitled 2010.never truly sold a piece of my art. Instead of letting this potential 5’ x 5’ Acrylic & oil.buyer browse work already created, we discussed possibly commissioning newwork. Having never been commissioned before, I eagerly accepted the offer.Inspired by the gestural work of Franz Kline and the color usage ofJean-Michel Basquiat, two works came to fruition. Having no restrictions, Istretched two 5’ x 5’ canvases and used house paint as my medium. The processinvolved pouring, staining, removing and adding repeatedly.After being compensated for my work, the commissioner unfortunately neverfollowed through in taking the work after completion. In the two years tofollow, I found myself inspired to add to Untitled #1, officially completingthe piece. The opportunity of having free artistic range to create works for aperson willing to compensate was an exciting look into the careers of artists.16 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755 17
  11. 11. After Boston, I made the decision to move to New York City in the fall of 2010. This was always a place I assumed I would move to, butMoving on down never this early. My years here have been eye opening. The city aided in cultivating the most to the East Side invigorating years of my life.
  12. 12. It is what it is (top left) The store J. Crew speaks to the goals and standards of the company. Beautiful merchandise is paired My first week of living in Manhattan, I was exploring my new neighborhood against aesthetic beauty and with a staff when I came across a familiar “Garamond” typeface paired with bright colors of people who are passionate about and rich textures. It was finally time to work with J. Crew. working for J. Crew. a beautiful service In September of 2010 my journey with J. Crew began. Hired as support staff, (top right) The J. Crew Style Guide is my role in the store was small, but it allowed me to see what I could become. known as a tool that has revolutionized the way people In time, my passion for providing great service transitioned me into becoming understand a brand’s identity. Distributed monthly, this guide is a Lead Cashier.As a Lead Cashier, it is your responsibility to manage the a service designed for customers to be a part of the J. Crew lifestyle. overall operations and client experience at the cash wrap, always allowing for the most efficient and superior service to be provided. 91 Fifth Avenue (right) The lower Manhattan address My career with this company has been curated by the incomparable people I gave me first hand experience in the world of service. This work with daily, but also by the message and passion of J. Crew’s CEO Mickey experience was made possible by some of Drexler and creative director, Jenna Lyons. The J. Crew family has given me the most brilliant, dedicated, passionate & hardworking groups the opportunity to first hand experience the power that a service can have on of individuals. a wide range of people.20 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755 21
  13. 13. PArsons the new school for designThe New School was indeed what it sounded like, a new school. This was asecond chance at college, the chance to figure out what road to travel down. making myselfParsons was always a school that lingered in the corners of my mind, but now (first row) 2011. Film A two-minute selfit was a reality. portrait film that explores daily routines in creatingIt was the first day of college all over again. I was placed into a sea of my appearance.freshman on E. 15th Street, which was not my first choice. The freshman year A study of Apple, Inc. (second row) 2010. This study analyzesexperience already happened to me, it was now my time to figure out the right Apple, Inc. as a service providerpath to travel on. That, however, was not easily achievable. using basic service concepts.My schedule was a completely unstructured and unfocused concentration of grassroots mapping (left) 2010 I dabbled in film, urban planning, printmaking, web design andcourses. Stitched aerial photos of streetwhat would ultimately become my focus, Service Design. In hindsight, life in NYC’s Union Square mapped using a DIYthis was the best way for me to start Parsons, for it allowed me to find a low-cost, balloon and camera tool.balance between my fine art and design.22 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755 23
  14. 14. Grinding The stone (top left) Original Printmaking lithography was first done on slabs of limestone. Here I grind a slab to a In the first year of The New School, there was still uncertainty in my perfectly smooth surface to create on. studies. It was clear to me that the fine arts would not be my full focus, however, it was still an important part of my curriculum. In the fall of print time (top right) Here, I remove asphaltum 2010, my first class was Printmaking Basics with a zany man named Bill. He from my “Elvis Presley” image in order to roll up and brought light to a foreign medium as he told these fabulous stories about print the stone. New York and the art scene of the Eighties. I was hooked. It’s about the process (right) This cabinet stores chemicals This class dove deep into the techniques and wonders of printmaking, a field and tools that are used to grind and prepare a stone for a that always intrigued me. It was an experience trying new processes and forms lithograph. This is a time consuming and to express my creative freedom. One printmaking process, Lithography, became arduous process. my new found passion. My first litho print was a minimalistic rendering of disco diva, Grace Jones. In a sole Lithography class with a print master, Lorenzo Clayton, my The visual style & process of capabilities were pushed to every limit. creating a lithograph print captivated me for years to follow.24 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755 25
  15. 15. Matthew 27:29 (top left) 2011. 16” x 20” Lithograph. Elvis Presley (top right) 2012. 22” x 30” Lithograph. Fiore Moire (left) 2010. 20” x 16” Screenprint. Grace Jones (opposite page) 2010 24” x 36” Lithograph26 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755 27
  16. 16. My path started to finally make sensewith the introduction of ServiceDesign. Here, design could beseen as a way to positively impacteveryday life in many forms. FinallyI found a field that seeks to create for Hello, Service Design.the greater good.
  17. 17. Service Design The User JourneyAll throughout my life, there has always been a sense of leadership in me (top left) Mapping a ser- vice through the experience of thethat has driven me to find ways to give back to the community around me. When user analyzes the touch-points,the concept of designing for services started being passed around throughout faults, strength and emotions triggered a user goes through,my classes, I quickly found a connection through the design work it seeks to to name a few.do and the work I enjoy. Service Design fulfilled what I had been looking for, Idea Generator (top right)design that means something. Here an idea generation session of limitless possibility shows ways toPeople use services everyday. Service Design uses a unique multi-disciplinary redesign the how children understand Theapproach to the development of new groundbreaking service innovations. and associate the term “kid food”.role of design is explored in shaping people’s experiences in everyday Food prototypelife, focusing on key interactions between people, environments, (left) Fellow designers set up a prototype lunchcommunication systems and products. system for our design collaborators, The Fortune Society.This field has cultivated the common goal to innovate beneficial new servicesand to improve existing ones that will meet the demanding needs of the 21stcentury and the future.30 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755 31
  18. 18. The TeamMe caitlin webb the new school: housing services In the fall of 2011, The New School tasked six of its service design students to use service design as a method to redesign three departments of Student Services: Financial Services, Social Services and Housing Services. It was our job to immerse The guidelines, however, were not defined. The Student Journey ourselves with the departments to test the service efficiency and range (above) Through a journey map, we walked a student through the of offerings the departments offer in order to understand potential average year in relation to Housing Services. Identifying different areas of opportunity for innovation. HIGH STRESS PERIOD touch-points, emotions, WITH EXAMS issues and benefits of In order to design for housing, partner Caitlin Webb and I experienced UNREALISTIC TIME the user journey, we EXPECTATIONS distinguished the “Move Out” & “ Move In” periods the services provided by Housing Services. By researching and mapping the as key intervention areas. customer’s journey, two major areas of opportunity for design arose: the move moody move out (right) A mood board LEAVING FRIENDS in & move out periods. looks at the user’s AND THE CITY emotions throughout the “Move Out” period at the end of the school year. With months of research, innovation, prototyping & critiquing, we designed a INABILITY TO MOVE OUT OF DORMS IN TIME ALLOWED toolkit that provided a systematic and enjoyable approach to the move in and move out periods that focus on the needs and realistic capabilities of students and the The New School.32 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755 33
  19. 19. Moving Down (top left) A snapshot from theMove Out Toolkit. Our final deliverable is a prototype of a toolkit that seeks to offer a new way students and staff approach moving out of a dorm. The “Move Out Day Playtoolkit contains a specifically designed guidebook and schedule for move out, informational materials, and moving related tools to assist in packing. by Play” shows the user that a staff member will directly move it’s belongings to the lobby, avoidingThe Proposal elevator congestion. Finishing (top right)As a specific response to the necessity of designing for the “move out” A snapshot of the last page in theperiod at the end of the New School’s academic year, the service proposal looks at providing guidebook illustratessimple and efficient solutions for both students and staff during this period. finishing packing and offers “Quick Tips” toToolkits would be delivered to each resident in February, an ideal time to transition into prepare for the last“spring cleaning”, a period that is integral to preparing for move out period. Inside the 12 days of schooltoolkit is a double sided guidebook, moving related media and moving themed objects like leading up to movescissors, tape and labels. out day.The guidebook on one side outlines key periods and suggestions for the move out process,transitioning into spring with suggestions of ways to reduce through donating or disposing,up to the final days of being prepared to move. These periods are complemented by studentinsight and quick tips tailored towards the lives and interests of The New School students.On the reverse side, a specifically designed schedule for the University’s move out days, move out day play by play. The lead in pages outline the key points that students will need to know about move outoutlines a systematic approach to move residents out of a dorm in designated time slots, day, as well as a dorm schedule where students can clearly distinguish what time they will move out.floor by floor. This tentative schedule is created around the student/staff to floor rationand the infrastructural capabilities of the specific dorm.This service proposal seeks to approach the move out period, a time regarding as overlystressful and unorganized, in a simple, systematic, enjoyable and efficient way tailored tothe lives and capabilities of students and staff within The New School’s Housing Services.34 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755 35
  20. 20. The Team Me caitlin webb Ivett Cser jim chenNYC Department of housingpreservation and developmentAfter working on my first significant service project, my interest continuedto peak at the idea of designing to aid in the daily efficiency of people’slives. In the spring of 2012, fellow designers and I were provided theopportunity to work with the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and The Tenant Night (center left)Development in conjunction with Public Policy Lab. In order to visualize Tenant Nights, a monthly HPD event, we used Playmobil®My group of four phenomenally dedicated and brilliant designers, were tasked characters to simulate interactions by both the service providerat assessing the current offerings of HPD and to generate potential and customer.improvements for points of service specifically related to Tenant Services and Tenant journeyfiling code violations, services that all NYC residents are entitled to. (center right) Here we flush out a number of scenarios that a tenant canThrough in depth research, meetings, field visits, constant drafting and experience so that we can see HPD’s role inprototyping, we designed a service proposal that proposed simple design relieving the situation.changes towards HPD’s identity as well as ways in which we could empowertenants to make positive change towards quality of life. Map the User experience (above) Here we map out the sections of a potential new website that focus on efficient and simple user experience.36 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755 37
  21. 21. Failed prototype (top left) Team members Caitlin, Jim and I play the A New Website. Part of our proposal looks at envisioning a new user friendly and efficient website for NYC Tenants. Here, the website is broken down into failed prototype of a distinct categories that outline the different platforms where the user can navigate. The website contains key information related to violations, rights and game designed as the overall services, but it also reintroduces HPD as a user friendly service provider. a teaching material for Tenant Nights. Although the idea of an interactive game failed, the concept behind it stayed. The Proposal file a complaint (top right) Here With the task of designing for “Tenant Services”, a complicated and broad area of HPD’s we focus on the service offerings, we first looked into every step that a user would go through for a vast specific interactions range of potential scenarios. Our service proposal approaches “Tenant Services” from the view between the user and 311 in order to of the tenant the way HPD’s service are most efficient and educational for the user. file a complaint to Divided into separate services, each falls under the umbrella of providing efficiency and HPD. educational support both for HPD and the user. Research of HPD’s services and the experience of users who interact with HPD gave great insight to the abilities and inabilities of both. Our proposal speaks greatly to tenant rights in New York City, especially the right to report violations that eliminate positive quality of life. The proposal also speaks to the overwhelming information that HPD provides to tenants, specifically what the information is, seeks to do and the way it is distributed to people. We propose service channels that provide HPD’s identity and the information it seeks to provide tenants in a clear, efficient and educational way. We first propose the redesigning of aspects of the HPD website, specifically a portion that specifically is designed for theTHE HOUSING GAMESThe goal that the concept of an interactive game seeks to accomplish continued through a game themed user. The redesign heavily focuses on the process of understanding, reporting and followingposter. This “game” would be used as an educational material for HPD to looks at the user’s steps from through on violations, but, it also looks at ways to empower tenants to strive for positiveidentifying and reporting violations, through HPD’s role in resolving the violation. quality of life. Departing from the digital, we propose change to HPD’s educational and informational materials, using the concept of “games” to be an interactive source of information that speaks to HPD and it’s offerings as a public service.38 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755 39
  22. 22. This is my story for now. As I travel on this road of uncertainty, there is one thing that is certain. No matter where life takes me I know that when I am there, the people and experiences in my life will guide me in doing the things that I feel passionate for.40 Michael C. Mangan michael.mangan424@gmail.com 860 670 7755