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Globex presentation january 2011


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GLOBEX is a Toronto Stock Exchange listed exploration company with a very large North American portfolio of advanced properties with gold, copper, nickel, rare earths, zinc, silver, uranium, platinum, palladium, magnesium, talc and molybdenum potential.

GLOBEX seeks to create shareholder value by acquiring mineral properties, enhancing them and either optioning or joint venturing them, developing them to production, or in some cases selling projects outright.

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Globex presentation january 2011

  1. 1. At Home in North America PRECIOUS METALS BASE METALS (POLYMETALLIC) Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium Copper, Zinc, Lead, Precious  Nickel, Gold, Silver Metals Recovery  Technology SPECIALTY WORLDWIDE METALS MAGNESIUM CORP.Rare Earths, Uranium, Talc, Magnesium Lithium Compounds INDUSTRIAL S ROYALTIES O S MINERALS & OPTIONS Manganese, Iron, Gold, Silver, Molybdenum Copper, Zinc Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.  |
  2. 2. Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.• Shares Issued 21,018,008  (after 24 years, no rollbacks)• Fully Diluted Fully Diluted 23,731,508 23 731 508• Funds available for exploration• No debt N d bt• Own 100% of its property interests• Works only in North America principally Quebec,  Works only in North America principally Quebec Ontario and Nova Scotia• Board of Directors – 4 senior geologists  and 1 mining accountant Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  3. 3. Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.LISTINGS:Toronto Stock ExchangeT t St k E h Canada C d GMXFrankfurt Stock Exchange Germany G1MBerlin Stock Exchange l k h Germany G1MStuttgart Stock Exchange Germany G1MMunich Stock Exchange Germany G1MXetra Stock Exchange Germany G1MOTCQX International U.S.A. GLBXF Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  4. 4. At Home in North America PRECIOUS BASE METALS METALS 108 Properties (POLYMETALLIC) 57 Gold, Silver, Platinum, PalladiumSPECIALTY WORLDWIDE 24 Polymetallic (Copper, Zinc, Lead, Nickel, Gold, Silver) METALS MAGNESIUM CORP. 4 Industrial minerals  (Manganese, Iron, Molybdenum) INDUSTRIAL MINERALS ROYALTIES & OPTIONS 7 Specialty metals  (Rare Earths, Lithium, Uranium) 16 Royalties 15 Active options Active options • Cash payments • Share payments • Exploration & development expenditures • Gross metal royalty 37 Historical or NI 43‐101 resources Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.  |
  5. 5. Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  6. 6. Realization of True Value – Spin‐offs? WORLDWIDEMAGNESIUM CORP. Talc, Magnesium Precious Metals Compounds Recovery Technology CHIBOUGAMAU MINING CAMP QUEBEC ? KIPAWA U3O8, Au, Rare Earths5 former Au/Cu Mines Large Land Position Large Land Position Multiple Zones Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.  |
  7. 7. Chibougamau Independent Mines Inc.CHIBOUGAMAU MINING CAMP MINING CAMP QUEBEC • Dominant position in the Dominant position in the  Chibougamau Mining Camp • 5 former copper gold mines 5 former copper‐gold mines • 2 unmined deposits (Au, Ag,  Cu, Zn) ) • Large exploration land package  with numerous targets Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  8. 8. Geological Map of Chibougamau Area Globex Properties Lemoine, Obalski,  McKenzie & Roy  Townships, Quebec Townships, Quebec 32 G/16 Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  9. 9. Doré Lake Complex (Copper‐Gold) • sjdkhkjsdhgfds Longitudinal Section – Chibougamau area, Quebec Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  10. 10. Timmins Talc‐Magnesite Project Resource Category ‐ Zone A Tonnage (t) Magnesite (%) Talc (%) Indicated 12,728,000 12 728 000 52.1 52 1 35.4 35 4 Inferred 18,778,000 53.1 31.7 • Magnesium Oxide (MgO)  > 19% Recoverable • Size Potential    +  100 M. Tonnes • Talc  > 23% Recoverable  • Life         + 30 years • Annual Mined Tonnage 1 Million tonnes • Mining Method     Open Pit   • Annual Gross Contained Value > $160,000,000 Cdn. • Start‐up +   3 years • Annual Gross Profit EBITDA >  $80,000,000 Cdn. • MgO Purity      + 98% ‐ 99% • Price (MgO) > $476/t Cdn. • Talc Brightness     +  90 • Price (Talc) > $305/t Cdn. • Financial Advisors KPMG Corp. FinanceProjections based upon Micon International Limited report Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. Resources : NI 43‐101 conformable
  11. 11. Magnesia‐Markets for Refractories • Refractories are used in linings for furnaces, kilns, incinerators, reactors  and are also used to make crucibles. Major applications for both acid and  basic refractories are in the steel, cement, chemical and ceramic  industries. Non‐ferrous  Chemicals Glass Other Metals 4% 4% 5% 5% World: Estimated Consumption  World: Estimated Consumption of Refractories by application,  Ceramics 2009 (%) 5% Cement &  Lime Steel 7% 70%Roskill Information Services Ltd. Magnesium Compounds and Chemicals: Global Industry Markets and Outlook Eleventh Edition, 2010 Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  12. 12. Magnesia Markets • Magnesia 2008 consumption – World  14,170,000 t – N.A.  900,000 t • Magnesia projected 2013 consumption  – World World  16,200,000 t 16 200 000 t – N.A.  935,000 t • CCM 90‐92% China FOB $370‐$480 US/t • DBM 97.5% China FOB  $560‐$640 US/t • FM 98% China FOB  $900‐$1,020 US/tRoskill Information Services Ltd. Magnesium Compounds and Chemicals: Global Industry Markets and Outlook Eleventh Edition, 2010 Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  13. 13. Magnesia Potential – Globex  • “We consider that there is potentially a very good opportunity  p y yg pp y for Globex to become a major player in the North American  refractory magnesia market.” • “…U.S. refractory producers, we interviewed are all very  interested in the possibility of  a new North American supplier,  p y pp , to provide an alternative to Chinese supply…”.Roskill Consulting Group Ltd. Analysis of the North American Market Outlook for Magnesium Compounds, November 2, 2010 Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  14. 14. Talc Production and Consumption Worldwide Production 6,000,000 t Consumption Europe 2,000,000 t Breakdown U.S.A. & Canada 900,000 t Markets Polymers (rubber, plastics)  y ( ,p ) ± $450 US/t FOB Technical Ceramics ± $600 US/t FOB Coatings (paints, shingles, glue, putty)  ± $210 US/t FOBRoskill Information Services Ltd. Analysis of the North American Market Outlook for Talc ‐ October 2010 Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  15. 15. Talc “The polymers market would appear to offer a good  opportunity for Globex, particularly in light of the fact that it  will be competing in this segment with bright Chinese talc.   ill b i i hi i h b i h Chi l Chinese suppliers of talc (and most other mineral products) are  becoming less popular in North America”. “The demand prospects look good.  Globally, the (Polymer)  demand is forecast to increase from 42MT in 2009 to nearly  d di f i f i l 56MT in 2014, with all regions seeing increased demand”.Roskill Information Services Ltd. Analysis of the North American Market Outlook for Talc ‐ October 2010 Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  16. 16. Talc Potential – Globex  “Concern over the supply of bright talc from China has been  mounting for some years and the degree of concern is growing.   One reason for this is that China’s reserves of bright  talc are  O f hi i h Chi ’ fb i h l declining;  many mines no longer have reserves of high‐quality  talc.  The price of Chinese talc is also on an upward trend”. “The TTM deposit, which contains talc comparable in  brightness to the Chinese material, is ideally located to supply  bi h h hi i l i id ll l d l the key North American markets for bright talc and is very  large”. gRoskill Information Services Ltd. Analysis of the North American Market Outlook for Talc ‐ October 2010 Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  17. 17. At Home in North America • Globex has 75 % interest and management • Worldwide application of hydrometallurgical  technology Precious Metals Precious Metals • Gold recoveries of up to 98% pRecovery Technology • Stabilizes arsenic residues • Oxidizes sulphides in residues • Low capital costs Low capital costs • Low operating costs – No fine grinding – Recyclable reagents l bl • Extremely environmentally friendly Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  18. 18. Business Model • Leasing of technology in exchange for cash  g gy g and royalty • Acquire and prove technology on inactive  Precious Metals Precious MetalsRecovery Technology gold/silver deposits ld/ il d it – Either place into production or sell • Acquire and reprocess gold/silver bearing  q p g / g tailings • Apply technology to correct environmental  problems related to leaching of arsenic and  bl l d l hi f i d acid drainage from gold mine tailings Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  19. 19. Client # 1:  Eco Refractory SolutionsMethod Benefits 94,3% 100% 85,1%• Lower Capital Cost 80%• Lower Operating Cost xtraction – No fine grind necessary 60% 28%• Lower Energy cost 40% % Ex – Does not require pressure  leach (autoclave) 20%• Better Recoveries 0%• Environmentally Friendly – Arsenic Stabilized Methods p – Sulphides Oxidized y Gravity – Faster Permitting Gravity, Flotation, Albion, Cyanidation Gravity, Flotation, Eco, Cyanidation Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  20. 20. Client # 2 – Eco Refractory Solutions• Large Tonnage, Low Grade, Open Pittable Gold Ore• Refractory Ore – Fine Gold in Pyrite Lattice +97.3% 90,0% Extraction % E Direct Cyanidation 38,2% 40,6% Fine Grinding, Direct Cyanidation Fine Grinding, *Roasting, Cyanidation Fine Grinding, Eco Refractory  Process, Cyanidation Methods*Roasting requires high capital costs and energy consumption while creating numerous potentially dangerous and expensive  environmental problems Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  21. 21. At Home in North America KIPAWA U308, AU AURARE EARTHS • Large land package Large land package • Rare Earths, Uranium, Gold • Numerous undrilled showings d ll d h • Exploration potential • High assays in Light and Heavy  , , Rare Earths, Zirconium, Yttrium Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 
  22. 22. At Home in North America PRECIOUS METALSThank you Merci BASE METALS (POLYMETALLIC) Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium Copper, Zinc, Lead, Precious  Nickel, Gold, Silver Metals Recovery  Technology SPECIALTY WORLDWIDE METALS MAGNESIUM CORP. Rare Earths, Uranium, Talc, Magnesium Lithium Compounds INDUSTRIAL S ROYALTIES O S MINERALS & OPTIONS Manganese, Iron, Gold, Silver, Molybdenum Copper, Zinc Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.  |