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e-Commerce Strategy Webinar-March 25, 2009


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This is a Webinar that I delivered for PROFITconsulting and The Lively Merchant. It highlights 2 components of a web strategy: targeted email and web site efficiency. The theme is to provide meaningful information for new and existing customers.

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e-Commerce Strategy Webinar-March 25, 2009

  1. 1. E-Commerce Strategy
  2. 2. The number of text 77% of Web shoppers messages sent and received read product reviews. reviews each day exceed the —JupiterResearch, August 2007 population of Earth. —m-metrics, 2007 Mobile Commerce Landscape 97% of online 86 million social network researchers in the UK users in the U.S. are willing to trust online —eMarketer, 2008 customer reviews —JupiterResearch/Bazaarvoice, 2008 Over 2.8 million twitter users in the U.S. 1.4 blogs created every —Twitdir, 2008 second of every day. —Technorati 2007 More than 25% of the search results on Google for the world’s The average U.S. citizen 20 largest brands, are will spend 5.4 years per consumer generated content. lifetime online. —Nielsen Buzz Metrics —Nielsen Online Stats, 2007
  3. 3. Website Customer Relations Management System Social Networks (CRM) Blogs and Customer follow-up follow- mini-blogs mini- system for service, New and be-backs: be- Search Engine Management/ email, mobile Media Optimization (SEM/SEO) SEM/SEO) Email Software for newsletters and events Paid Search: Pay Per Click (PPC) (PPC) Integration of new media Traditional elements Media: Support Role
  4. 4. Complete Web Solutions Include: ü Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) ü Email Marketing (e-Marketing) ü Web site - e-Commerce ü Social Media & Social Networking ü Search engine management (SEO/SEM) ü Paid Search Marketing (PPC) ü Product Catalog & Inventory Management
  5. 5. Today’s 2Part Concept Website Email Design Marketing Development e-Marketing e-Commerce
  6. 6. How you can get started on the road to building your st business for the 21 Century Consumer.
  7. 7. source: Forrester 2008, Morgan Stanley
  8. 8. The quot;If you're not converting to experts commerce at your Web site, I don't think you'll are be around 10 years from now, said Ed Stevens, chief executive of Shopatron. His San Luis Obispo, Calif., firm Saying provides e-commerce applications. It is a growing business, especially within home furnishings.
  9. 9. The industry is currently selling $12.3 billion online, 9% representing of all category sales, according to research firm Forrester Research Inc. These numbers 11% this year and are expected to rise to $26.7 billion more than double to by 2012, the firm estimates.
  10. 10. The Once-familiar Consumer Journey 1. Few touch points, well-choreographed 2. Linear, store-dependent 3. Advertising-inspired View TV Choose Join/align Compare Go to Buy item or print best with brand options store ad option
  11. 11. Media used to look something like this. Slide from Michal Lorenc’s Oct. ’08 Highpoint , Google, Regional Sales Manager
  12. 12. But the consumer has changed Slide from Michal Lorenc’s Oct. ’08 Highpoint , Google, Regional Sales Manager
  13. 13. quot;One cannot afford to not be in e- commerce,quot; said Ethan Allen Chairman and Chief Executive Farooq Kathwari in an interview.
  14. 14. quot;We knew that the longer we waited on the Web, the more risk that someone else would be capturing that demand,quot; said Jason Camp, senior vice president of retail.
  15. 15. estimate between 60% and 70% of people spend some time “We on the Web before or during the purchase process,quot; said La-Z- Boy Chief Marketing Officer Doug Collier. With quot;more than a few millionquot; visitors to its site each year, Collier said, La-Z-Boy wants to convert as many of those to sales as possible.”
  16. 16. Who buys furniture online? Nielsen Claritas PRIZM® Profile Analysis ●●●●●●●●●
  17. 17. Age 35-54 PRIZM® Profile Analysis ●●●●●●●●● Age 45-64 Age 25-44
  18. 18. “When it comes to website look, feel, and functionality, many companies have let technology, development tools, and hunches do the ...” Meridith Levinson- Writer CIO
  19. 19. This is a huge mistake! 1. Define the problem. 2. Gather the data. 3. Develop the personas. 4. Meet and greet. 5. Begin design and copy writing.
  20. 20. © Lisa: Persona-fied “Thank you! I could use a hand,” Lisa hand,” thanked the Talbot’s salesperson for Talbot’ Shops at stores like Talbot’s, Ann Taylor and J. Talbot’ 1. taking her armload of shopping bags. Crew “I’m trying to cram a week’s worth of week’ 2. Big spenders who like to shop errands into a single lunch break, and 3. Employed outside the home 4. Enjoys country club sports like it’s exhausting!” it’ exhausting!” golf, tennis, swimming as well as Lisa bought a new sweater that would skiing, boating and hiking go perfectly with the golf pants she 5. Plays golf on vacation 6. Foreign travel by air bought at the resort in Cabo last 7. Flies First Class month. That had been a first class 8. Large families with children vacation all the way, from the flight to 9. Travels frequently by air the food to the freedom from the kids. 10. Takes skiing vacations 11. Visits Disneyland They usually redeemed their frequent 12. Married couples flier miles on trips for the whole family 13. Age range: 35-54 35- to the slopes or Disneyland, but not 14. Emotional trigger: safety, this time: Mike had insisted that her tranquility, relaxation, pampering 40th birthday celebration be nothing but R&R. Lisa practically swooned just R&R. thinking about the relaxing mornings on the beach and the afternoon siestas! siestas!
  21. 21. Digital is the centerpiece of a broader campaign. I think that’s become a real integral part of how we use the web, moving beyond just promoting web addresses in TV spots or print ads to really making them a critical part of the storytelling for the brands.” Source: Advertising Age - Rob Master, Media Director, North America Unilever-March 2008
  22. 22. Furniture care tips must always sound human. Vendor copy don’t writers don’t get it.
  23. 23. Does your copy sound human? “Just say the thing!” Chris Maddox
  24. 24. …or “buy now” converts to straight checkout Keep selling until she Add-on leaves. Add-on with single clicks at every turn
  25. 25. Tell them what they’ll get wherever you can. Stay policies. Make Tell her about your them clear. Don’t mess around Don’t human.
  26. 26. Keep your life simple Don’t Don’t let a rocket scientist on the backend… Stay design your backend. focused on the furniture focused on the furniture business.
  27. 27. What matters - gets Manage your online business just like the store. Don’t waste time on information that Don’t doesn’t produce sales! doesn’t analyzed
  28. 28. Track everything…. How would you feel about spending $83.74 to make 5794 impressions on your customers and then have them visit your store 75 times?
  29. 29. Visits, views, pages & bounces… Total ups Be- Be- Backs?
  30. 30. Which page is being shopped? What changed on the page? Are things getting better Why is one page better than an or worse? other? Why is she leaving?
  31. 31. Where? Is anybody helping drive traffic your way? (social networking & paid) The effects of Geo- Targeting. (PPC adv.)
  32. 32. Integrate your customer database with email publishing software Why? 1 This allows you to maintain one database versus two. two 2 Keeps thousands of customers organized properly 3 Up to date information 4 Faster processing
  33. 33. Integrate your customer database with email publishing software Why? This allows you to send more targeted campaigns.. campaigns. 5 It makes your email more relevant to the customer. 6 7 More customers will read the email. 8 Example – results: “e-blast” vs. targeted email
  34. 34. Integration !
  35. 35. “e-blast” result – Average Results
  36. 36. Targeted email result – GREAT RESULTS!
  37. 37. Target your customer’s to improve your level of customer service, create positive word-of-mouth and be better than your competition. How? Thank you emails for sales and coming in to the store 1 (Opportunity follow ups) 2 Quote follow ups 3 Thank you for your purchase 4 Delivery reminders
  38. 38. Also, target email your customers to increase be-backs and create brand loyalty How? 5 Delivery follow ups Surveys – Do you what to know what your customers 6 think? 7 Next Purchase follow-up 8 Birthday and anniversary
  39. 39. Strive to offer top notch content Why? Readers opt-out when value is not given 1 and interests are not piqued 2 Results will be maximized, over time Use value driven newsletters; “e-blasts” are 3 old school marketing Don’t abuse your best customer! Wisely send 4 general campaigns
  40. 40. “How do I get more email addresses? I don’t think I have enough customers to make this new media worth while.” You need to consider how targeted email contact (not e- blasts) is ideal for developing the relationships with your new customers. You know, a majority of customers don’t buy on their 1st visit to your store or web site. However, we all know that when customer’s come back, they are likely to buy. If you get their email addresses, on the first visit, and follow up with them properly, you will greatly improve the chances that they will come back and… you will increase your traffic and increase your sales! Today’s consumer expect email driven loyalty services.
  41. 41. The Once-familiar Consumer Journey 1. Few touch points, well-choreographed 2. Linear, store-dependent 3. Advertising-inspired View TV Choose Join/align Compare Go to Buy item or print best with brand options store ad option
  42. 42. New Customer Journey 1. A proliferation of engaging digital touch points 2. Non-linear, cross-channel 3. Web-first for many consumer buying decisions View designer Research video product Read a Upload review or pics of blog purchase Search Visit a for brand store Send Order mobile outfit Interact pic w/ rich Media ad
  43. 43. Next Steps 2 3 4 1