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Just for Kids


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Just for Kids

  1. 1. Just for Kids Project CLIW Nechifor Doru-Adrian Ciocoiu Razvan
  2. 2. IntroductionO The study of this document refers to the developing of Web applications on client side. The application presented supports learning and knowledge testing in an attractive way.O To be made there were used technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
  3. 3. Creating a Web SiteO You have to consider a list of aspects, as follows: • basic computer skills • access to a personal computer • access to the Internet • a free HTML Editor (a web page construction tool) • a place on the world wide web to publish your page
  4. 4. HTMLO HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the main markup language for Web pages. HTML elements are the basic building-blocks of webpages. It uses a form of structural component called tags or HTML tags to define the structure of the information it contains as well as point to other documents over the Internet.O It also uses some other components set to define the presentation of the html document (CSS) and yet another set to define the behavior of the document in response to the user ( JavaScript). HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT are the major client- side components in web application/site development.
  5. 5. HTML Page Example
  6. 6. JavaScriptO JavaScript is an easy-to-use programming language that can be embedded in the header of your web pages. It can enhance the dynamics and interactive features of your page by allowing you to perform calculations, check forms, write interactive games, add special effects, customize graphics selections, create security passwords and more.O You can think of JavaScript as an extension to HTML; an add-on.
  7. 7. JavaScript Example
  8. 8. CSSO CSS is a style language that defines layout of HTML documents. For example, CSS covers fonts, colors, margins, lines, height, width, background images, advanced positions and many other things. HTML can be (mis-)used to add layout to websites. But CSS offers more options and is more accurate and sophisticated. CSS is supported by all browsers today.O HTML is used to structure content while CSS is used for formatting structured content.
  9. 9. CSS Example
  10. 10. Related WorkO “Just for Kids” Web Site is a serious learning Web game for kids in which they can learn and test – in an interactive way – their knowledge in a selected subject area such as Math, Geography or History.O Its structure contains an index page, with a menu, made with JavaScript and jQuery library. It sends the user to other 4 web pages, E-learning, Tests, Curiosity, About us.
  11. 11. E-learningO E-learning has a three structured menu, depending on the age of the kid that is accessing it. In first category, from 7 to 9 years, they can learn about Mathematics, exercise their skills, or even test their knowledge. Second category (10 to 12 years), has another subject of learning, Geography, where they can play an attractive game of finding a capital to a country. To the third one (13 to 15 years) it was added History.
  12. 12. TestsO The Tests Page from main menu let the user choose a subject about the quiz that he will take. Again, depending on the user age, he could choose the appropriate one.O After finishing the quiz, the user is asked to enter an e-mail address, where he will receive the result of the quiz.
  13. 13. Curiosity & About usO Curiosity page offers some interesting information for the user, to read while relaxing.O Last, but not least, it is the About us page, where the user may communicate with us, and maybe send some feedback.
  14. 14. ConclusionO Knowledge of web page development can help you in your career. Many businesses today have their own corporate Intranet sites, which are simply internal Internet systems used to share corporate information.O The ability to communicate electronically is a valuable skill to employers.