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Tri county tourism

  1. 1. Tri-County Tourism Potential Gallia County, Ohio Meigs County, Ohio Mason County, West Virginia
  2. 2. Tri-County Current Industry Profile The majority of the Tri-County’s current job market are manufacturing/industrial jobs Remainder are health care, small business, retail, telemarketing, mining, agri culture and government
  3. 3. Poverty on the Rise U.S. Census study shows rising poverty for 2005* Gallia County – 22.8% in 2005  Up from 17.4% in 2004 Meigs County – 19.9% in 2005  Up from 18.1% in 2004 *Sunday Times Sentinel, January 13, 2008
  4. 4. Manufacturing jobs lost Between 1994 and 2004, the United States lost nearly 3 million manufacturing jobs.* What caused the loss is somewhat controversial Regardless of the cause, the facts are we cannot rely on manufacturing jobs in the Tri-County area any longer * 4/news13_NAFTA.htm
  6. 6. Project Goals Turn the Tri-County into a tourism mecca Start with family entertainment complex as first stepping stone Have tourism as major industry in 10 years or less
  7. 7. Description We plan to turn the Tri-County area into a major tourism center similar to the Branson/Lakes area in Missouri with an emphasis on the Ohio River and river recreational activities
  8. 8. Branson Tourism
  9. 9. Branson Tourism The Branson, Missouri area was host to an estimated 8.4 million tourists in 2007* This generated 1.8 billion dollars in revenue *
  10. 10. Branson Tourism Demographics* 41% of visitors are families 59% of visitors are adults/seniors 83.5% travel to Branson via personal vehicle 10.3% are groups Average visitor age is 56.7 Average length of stay is 4.3 nights Average amount spent is $827 per trip On a 1 to 5 rating scale, visitor satisfaction measures 4.6 *
  11. 11. Branson Tourism Demographics* 83% - Shopping 78% - Shows 35% - Theme Parks 41% - Lake/Outdoor Activities 5.4% - Golf 3.7% - Fishing *
  12. 12. Comparison to Branson, Missouri Myth #1 – The Branson/Lakes area is much larger than the Tri-County area Fact – Demographics and population similar to Branson
  13. 13. Branson/Lakes Population Statistics According to 2000 Census*, there are 6050 citizens for Branson, Missouri Two counties (Taney and Stone) combine for 68,361 citizens *
  14. 14. Tri-County Population Statistics According to 2000 Census*, there are 4180 citizens for Gallipolis, Ohio Tri-County area includes Gallia and Meigs counties in Ohio and Mason county in West Virginia Tri-County population is 79,917 *
  15. 15. Population Comparison – City Level 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 Branson Gallipolis
  16. 16. Population Comparison – Multi-County Level 80,000 70,000 60,000 50,000 40,000 30,000 20,000 10,000 0 Taney-Stone Gallia-Meigs-Mason
  17. 17. Myth #2 – Branson has always been there The majority of Branson’s growth has taken place since 1983 This is referred to in the tourism industry as the “25 year miracle.”
  18. 18. Population Growth Comparison* *
  19. 19. Competitive Analysis Competitors We are in a unique position being in the heart of Appalachia to not have many major competitors in our 300 mile market area Strengths Location in a region that needs jobs Already have a strong Chamber of Commerce, Visitor’s Bureau, Community Improvement Corporation and City and County Government in place State money available for marketing
  20. 20. Current Gallia County Tourism Courtesy of
  21. 21. Current Mason County Tourism Courtesy of
  22. 22. Current Meigs County Tourism Courtesy of
  23. 23. Current Tri-County Tourism The French Art Colony Chester Courthouse Our House Museum Tu-Endie-Wei State Park Bob Evans Farm Point Pleasant River Museum The Ariel Theater Forked Run State Park Kanauga Drive-In Theater There are currently only 397 Drive-In Theaters left nationwide This is a decline from 7,000 to 8,000 during the 1960’s Many other attractions across the Tri-County area
  24. 24. Attraction Comparison Tri-County Area1 Branson Lakes Area2Movie Screens 8 3 (1 is Imax theater)Restaurants 135 458 Branson, Missouri hasConcert Theaters 3(1060 seats) 53(59,757 seats) more theater seatingMuseumsTheme Parks 14 0 17 3 than the BroadwayFamily Entertainment Centers 0 10 District of New York CityGolf CoursesWineries 4 1 13 3 1Gallia County CVB, Meigs County Tourism, Mason County CVB
  25. 25. Concerts Held for MarketResearch From 2005 to Short list of 2007, 30+ concerts performers held in Gallipolis Merle Haggard Concert goers from 28 Trace Adkins states came to see our Charlie Daniels shows Dierks Bentley Merle Haggard Ricky Skaggs attendance was the largest at any single day event ever held in the Tri-County
  26. 26. Lines started forming at 8:30 amGates opened at 5:00 pm Merle Haggard18 acre lot filled quicklyMerle Haggard performance at 9:00 pm
  27. 27. Concerts Held for MarketResearch The success rate of these shows on a 10 point scale was 9.5 Lack of accommodations was the only reason it was not a perfect 10 score* *
  28. 28. Concerts Held for MarketResearch Our concerts have already shown our ability to pull tourists from our 400 to 500 mile market area 85% of Concert goers came from outside the Tri- County area* We had concert goers from as far away as*: New York Virginia Missouri Pennsylvania Michigan *
  29. 29. Branson Area Market AreaPopulation* 70,000,000300 Mile Radius 60,000,000 18,538,472 50,000,000400 Mile Radius 40,000,000 34,619,160 30,000,000500 Mile Radius 20,000,000 10,000,000 68,082,521 0 300 mile 400 mile 500 mile *
  30. 30. Tri-County Market Area Population* 300 Mile Radius 140,000,000  50,550,367 120,000,000 400 Mile Radius 100,000,000 80,000,000  94,513,943 60,000,000 500 Mile Radius 40,000,000  130,107,959 20,000,000 0 300 400 500 mile mile mile *
  31. 31. Market Area Comparison Potential Tourist Comparison 68,082,521500 miles 130,107,959 34,619,160 Branson400 miles 94,513,943 Gallipolis 18,538,472300 miles 50,550,367 0 20,000,000 40,000,000 60,000,000 80,000,000 100,000,000 120,000,000 140,000,000
  32. 32. Potential Visitors Branson, Missouri gets nearly 38% of it’s 8.4 million per year visitors from a 300 mile radius* This equals 3.2 million from with 300 miles Roughly 17% of 300 mile market area Same percentage in Gallipolis 300 mile market is 8,593,562 yearly visitors from the 300 mile market area alone *
  33. 33. Potential RevenueBranson visitors spent an average of $214 per visitor.* If this average is spent per visitor in the Tri-County area after achieving a similar percentage of our 300 market area visiting, this would give the Tri-County area a potential of of revenue generated per year for new and existing businesses. *
  34. 34. Tourism Market ComparisonAlthough the characteristics of the two areas are remarkably similar, the market potential is greatly in the favor of the Tri- County area.
  35. 35. Myth #3 – Branson is easier to get to than Tri-county area Branson  Stretch of subpar roadway between Branson and Springfield  No other major highways leading into the area Tri-County  Major four lanes from several densely populated areas including US 35 which runs right through Gallia County
  36. 36. Branson/Lakes Area Tri-County Area
  37. 37. TrafficAccording to the Ohio Department ofTransportation*: In 2006, there was approximately 5,000 potential tourists’ vehicles that traveled through Gallia County on US 35 every 24 hours In 2006, there was approximately 15,000 vehicles that traveled past the proposed site for the Family Entertainment Center every 24 hours  These figures include passenger vehicles only  These figures nearly double when commercial vehicles are included *
  38. 38. Airports Gallia-Meigs Regional Airport The Tri-County area has a small airport, Gallia-Meigs Regional Airport, that can help support the tourism industry in this area Branson has a small airport similar in size to ours Branson is currently building a privately Taney County Airport funded airport to broaden there tourism base scheduled to open in May 2009* This is the first privately funded airport to be built in the US in 40 years *
  39. 39. Branson Airport
  40. 40. Hidden Valley AcresOne potential location for some attractions is at the State Route 850 exit of US 35. There are currently 142 acres of prime vacant land on the market in the middle of Gallia County. This location would provide excellent visibility and accessibility on a highly traveled four-lane highway.Other locations are possible, this is just one of many examples.
  41. 41. Central Location Photo Courtesy of Wiseman Real Estate Agency
  42. 42. Hidden Valley Acres Photo Courtesy of Wiseman Real Estate Agency
  43. 43. Lodging Branson/Lakes Area has 207 lodging facilities with a total of 18,808 rooms plus over twenty RV parks and campgrounds1 The Tri-County Area has only 23 lodging facilities with a total of 576 rooms and 15 campgrounds2 Our growth would have to include at least 18,000 rooms 2Gallia County CVB, Mason County CVB, Meigs County CVB
  44. 44. Jobs In order to attract more tourists, more attractions would have to be started and staffed In order to house more tourists, more lodging would have to be built and staffed This will have a trickle down effect on others jobs as well, one example is construction Although construction may be viewed as temporary, Branson has been building heavily since the early 1980’s with several major construction projects ongoing and no end in sight
  45. 45. How does this benefit The Tri-County residents? Increased revenue for current business owners Potential for new businesses Increase level of job availability Decreased taxes Tourism will be able to pay for all of our government agencies, public service departments and our kids’ educations
  46. 46. ScheduleAlthough the tourism for Branson has built over a few decades, the majority of the tourist growth has occurred since 1983.* We feel that with an aggressive development and marketing campaign, it can be mimicked in around 10 years. *
  47. 47. Current Status* Currently Southeast Ohio only gets 7.3% of Ohios tourists 34.0% 17.5% 23.0% 18.2% 7.3% Southwest Northwest Northeast Central Southeast *
  48. 48. Current Status (Cont.) The Southeast Ohio Region gets only 7.3% of Ohio’s tourists This region is made up of 29 counties This means roughly a 1/3 section of the state’s counties receives the least amount of tourists
  49. 49. Sources Gallia County Convention & Visitors’ Bureau