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Cyberbullying w fakebook


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Cyberbullying w fakebook

  1. 1. CyberbullyingHow can YOU avoid cyberbullying on socialnetworks? See whathappens when Pikachusets up his Facebook page.
  2. 2. This is Pikachu. He is just another underagekid with a Fakebook. While you arewatching this PowerPoint, you should keepin mind that what happened to him couldhappen to you, too.
  3. 3. Richu’s singleharmless commentto cheer on hisfriends (otherelectric types)started all of thebullying. It wasmisinterpreted byothers (whothought they werebeing insulted).They startednegative commentsin their attempt toexpress their anger,as most bullies do.
  4. 4. Pikachu does another harmless thing, asking aquestion, and the bullies start to get meaner asthey get madder. This anger could have beencaused by many things, such as jealousy or stress.
  5. 5. The victims tried to standup to the bullies multipletimes, but each time thebullies found some wayto counteract theirstatements.The bullies were blind tothe fact that all of whatthe victims were sayingcould happen at any timeand that they could get inbig trouble forcyberbullying.
  6. 6. Saving the evidence was a great idea so that nowthe victims have proof of the cyberbullying.The victims’ replies started to convince thecyberbullies that bullying is wrong and that theyshould stop doing it.
  7. 7. The victims pointed out why they felt it waswrong, and the bullies started to backdown and stop cyberbullying them.
  8. 8. The bullies realized what they had gottenthemselves into once their anger started to fade.They apologized for being mean and decided thatthey would never cyberbully anyone again.
  9. 9. Review : What We Learned• Cyberbullying can happen to anyone, even you.• Misinterpreted comments can be very bad.• Cyberbullies often respond to others in anger.• Anger can be caused by many things, including jealousy andstress.• Cyberbullying can get you in huge trouble.• If you are being cyberbullied, save the evidence so that youhave proof of the bullying.• Standing up to a bully can get rid of their confidence andmake them stop. If you can’t handle the situation on yourown, you should get a trusted adult to help.
  10. 10. Remember, we’re out to stop bullying!