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10 Gifts of Branding Wisdom to Keep your Company on the Nice List

McKinney Capital & Advisory shares 10 marketing expert's tips on how to make the most of your brand in 2019.

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10 Gifts of Branding Wisdom to Keep your Company on the Nice List

  2. 2. ...not an entire audience. Make it personal and personable to build a real connection: Simple, accessible, relatable, even playful. Keep only ONE person and ONE goal in mind. Write as if you’re writing a letter to someone... MARKETING EXPERT SOURCE: ANN HANDLEY #1 | @mckinneycapital
  3. 3. Real trust is harder to earn today than ever before. With the rise of automation, people want more personal and authentic experiences. The more we humanize our brands, the more relatable they will be... ...and humans aren’t perfect. It’s okay better for your brand to be imperfect. MARKETING EXPERT SOURCE: ROHIT BHARGAVA #2 | @mckinneycapital
  4. 4. New is important, but new is not all. There’s a reason we go back to reading the same books or watching the same shows... We find comfort in nostalgia. What can you do to make your brand feel more familiar? bring on the nostalgia. MARKETING EXPERT SOURCE: CURT STEINHORST #3 | @mckinneycapital
  5. 5. Increase your website success rate by eliminating confusion. There should be a clear roadmap for your website visitors. How much content is on your website compared to the actions you want your visitors to make? The ratio should be 1:1. De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter. MARKETING EXPERT SOURCE: OLI GARDNER #4 | @mckinneycapital
  6. 6. Don’t blame the goldfish. Netflix binges are the new normal. Your audience is capable of paying attention as long as we grab and hold their attention. How? By creating CURIOSITY and SUSPENSE in your content. MARKETING EXPERT SOURCE: ANDREW DAVIS FALSE: “Our audience has the attention span of a goldfish (9 seconds).” | @mckinneycapital #5
  7. 7. People don’t buy things. They buy experiences. 86% of customers say they will pay more for a better experience. 75% of companies say customer experience is their #1 priority. Ask yourself: How will you make your customer’s experience easier and better? Customer experience is the new marketing. MARKETING EXPERT SOURCE: BLAKE MORGAN #6 | @mckinneycapital
  8. 8. The Golden Question is... “What’s in it for the customer?” MARKETING EXPERT SOURCE: MICHAEL BRENNER Ads ignored? Content unused? No leads from your campaigns? Reshift your thinking... Your buyers are looking for help. Try writing what problem each marketing effort will solve for your customers. Customer empathy delivers Marketing ROI. #7 | @mckinneycapital
  9. 9. Align brand building with culture building. MARKETING EXPERT SOURCE: DENISE LEE YOHN Brand building starts on the inside - with every employee. The stronger employee engagement, the stronger the customer experience. Every employee should be able to state what your company stands for... ...and deliver on it. #8 | @mckinneycapital
  10. 10. use the winning formula MARKETING EXPERT SOURCE: JEFFREY ROHRS How will brands survive in the future? Be creative + have a meaning worth keeping alive + build true engagement = brand longevity #9 | @mckinneycapital
  11. 11. Hey siri, voice is the future. MARKETING EXPERT SOURCE: ANDREW ESSEX Siri, Alexa, no matter who you turn to as your virtual assistant, one thing is clear: Voice is the future. You’ve fine-tuned the look and feel of your brand, but how about how about its sound? #10 | @mckinneycapital
  12. 12. We’re here to help your company become a better version of itself in 2019. Commercial Real Estate Leasing, Sales & Advisory Special thanks to Brand ManageCamp 2018 and its speakers for all the marketing wisdom!