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Discover the benefits of McKesson's anesthesia manager system with our detailed fact sheet.

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  1. 1. Anesthesia-Rx Key Benefits • Workflow specifically designed to match the operating room • Improves accountability, control and regulatory compliance • Provides industry-leading capacity • Improves charge capture • Syringe label printer available for improved regulatory compliance Improved Medication and Narcotic Control in the Operating Room Anesthesia-Rx™ is an anesthesia cart that monitors and controls the dispensing of medications, narcotics and supplies during surgical procedures. The workflow is specifically designed for the operating room and ensures that anesthesia providers have access to the medications and narcotics they need, when they need them. This fact sheet contains information for a product that is in development. Specifications and Automation Solutions information are subject to change without notice. Product availability is planned for mid 2009.
  2. 2. Anesthesia-Rx Product Specifications Anesthesia-Rx is designed to match the • 19” touch-screen monitor operating room workflow while meeting • Syringe label printer option • 19” touch screen monitor the medication management needs of • Locking feature to ensure cart does pharmacy. not lock during a case • Integral uninterruptible power supply (UPS) • Open cart alert to warn when cart is This advanced solution uses a left unlocked • 39” wide x 31.5” deep completely touch-screen driven medication dispensing process. Virtual • 40.8” work surface height* Workflow pocket technology provides a visual Anesthesia-Rx workflow is specifically roadmap for users, eliminating the need • 68.9” height to top of accessory rack* designed for rapid medication selection to type and search for medications. and dispensing before and during * Tall version also available providing additional Anesthesia-Rx operates on the surgical procedures. With only two drawer space Connect-Rx® software platform using touches, anesthesia providers have the formulary, filling and inventory quick access the their medications and functionality. The integration through narcotics in the operating room. Locked Pocket Configurations Connect-Rx gives the pharmacy To quickly and safely dispense • Top 1 - 4 drawers may be configured with visibility into the inventory and initiates medications and narcotics, anesthesia locking pockets restocking when inventory is low. This providers: system perfectly complements the • Single, double and quad pockets are AcuDose-Rx® medication dispensing • Securely log on with a user name and available cabinets with similar pharmacy related password – Single 3.2”w x 2.35”l x 1.65”h workflow. • Unlock the cart to ensure the cart will – Double 3.2”w x 6.05”l x 1.65”h not lock at any time during the case – Quad 6.65”w x 6.05”l x 1.65”h Anesthesia-Rx Features and Options • Select the patient at the beginning of Anesthesia-Rx has industry-leading the procedure features and options available to meet • Open the appropriate drawer the unique dispensing needs of any • Touch the medication name on the anesthesiology department, including: screen to open the corresponding pocket • Two-touch dispensing • Remove the medication from the • Virtual pocket technology pocket • Greatest capacity with standard and • Touch the screen to confirm quantity tall models available dispensed • Customizable cart configuration • Widest range of drawer and pocket options Anesthesia-Rx Two-Touch Dispensing System Anesthesia-Rx Two-Touch Dispensing System Remove the medication TOUCH 1: Select the medication. from the pocket. TOUCH 2: Confirm quantity dispensed. McKesson Automation Solutions 500 Cranberry Woods Drive Cranberry Township, PA 16066 © 2009 McKesson Corporation product and service names listed herein which bear the ® and ™ symbols are registered with the U.S. Patent (724) 741-8000 and Trademark Office. All other product and service names are protected by non-registered trademarks or service marks, respectively. AUTO180_7/09