Anesthesia Professional Coding for McKesson Anesthesia Care™


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Discover a sophisticated coding tool that assists with the anesthesiologist’s documentation of a patient’s medical history, including pre-existing physiologic conditions.

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Anesthesia Professional Coding for McKesson Anesthesia Care™

  1. 1. Anesthesia Professional Coding for McKesson Anesthesia Care™Benefits While surgeons focus exclusively on co-morbidities brings in $7,301.081.1 the surgical procedure at hand, Failure to charge patients for– Maximize revenue with anesthesiologists are charged with increased levels of severity and accurate comorbid condition assembling a detailed portrait of changes to their diagnostic documentation the patients’ overall health. As they related group stature is create each patient’s anesthesia plan effectively giving away care —– Support documentation of of care from pre-op to post-op, a proposition healthcare procedures and diagnoses anesthesiologists are uniquely organizations can’t afford. positioned to recoup the– Increase revenue by improving considerable revenue routinely lost professional fee capture to limited comorbid documentation. Improved Professional Fee Capture– Save labor hours spent doing McKesson’s Anesthesia Professional time-consuming medical By permitting the start of Coding module is a sophisticated continuous and discontinuous record coding coding tool that assists with the anesthesia time in pre-op and anesthesiologist’s documentation of sign-off in PACU, the McKesson– Improve anesthesiologists’ a patient’s medical history, including financial health and Anesthesia Care™ application pre-existing physiologic conditions. provides an accurate record of an satisfaction with healthcare Anesthesia Professional Coding organization anesthesiologist’s beginning and utilizes five-digit codes to specify end time. The Anesthesia comorbid conditions requiring a Professional Coding module– Save time spent dealing higher level of care — such as with rejected claims prevents the routine loss of billable hypertension, atrial fibrillation, time on the front and back end of congestive heart failure and gastric every case, increasing the anesthesia reflux disease. The resulting provider’s reimbursement as well as digital documentation provides the employing hospital’s revenue. a more accurate and thorough Electronic data transfer of charge capture for quality professional fee billing information professional care. dramatically reduces the time spent transcribing data and cuts the costs of paper storage and transmittal. Accurate Comorbid Documentation Inadequately documented comorbid Increased Labor Savings conditions cost hospitals more than Accurate billing always begins three times the dollars, per surgical at the point of care. Anesthesia case, lost to medication errors. Professional Coding improves For any given surgery, the financial the speed of the collection cycle disparity between an event with by sending outbound charge documented comorbidities and an capture directly to the healthcare event without is significant. For organization’s billing system at example, an appendectomy with case closure. Without digital documented comorbidities might documentation, certified coders result in a hospital reimbursement in Medical Records spend of $13,556.57, while the same approximately three hours appendectomy without documented interpreting each chart.
  2. 2. Features Anesthesia Professional Coding Maximum Return on Investment reduces that time by more than a In an independent study conducted– Five-digit codes to specify third, resulting in considerable comorbid conditions with the records of Medicare labor savings and decreased inpatients at an academic medical overtime for both the Medical center, use of McKesson’s Anesthesia– An accurate record of Records department and the an anesthesiologist’s Professional Coding module in anesthesiology group’s billing staff. anesthesiologists’ pre-op assessment beginning and end times increased revenues by $21.23– Electronic data transfer of per surgical case — resulting in Protected Legal Record projected annual revenue of more professional fee billing information Due to the unquestionable than $248,000. In addition, immediacy of information captured providing coders with a legible, within the electronic health record organized summary of surgical (EHR), the Anesthesia Professional patients’ comorbid conditions Coding module also reduces legal amounted to $13.45 in labor savings risk. In court, the EHR protects per surgical case — an annual anesthesiologists from those savings of more than $157,000.2 who might seek to impugn a handwritten medical record. 1 Jerry Stonemetz, MD, “A Key Opportunity for Return on Value: Capturing Comorbid Condition Documentation,” HCT Project, Volume 2, 7/17/2004. 2 Ibid. For More Information For more information on the Anesthesia Professional Coding module and McKesson Anesthesia Care, contact your client executive or call McKessonMcKesson Provider Technologies at 800-981-8601.5995 Windward ParkwayAlpharetta, GA 30005 Copyright © 2007 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. McKesson Anesthesia Care is a trademark of McKesson Information Solutions LLC. All other product or company names mentioned may be trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.1.800.981.8601 RMG103-09/07