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Quality benchmarkscollaborative rmg606


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McKesson’s Quality Benchmarks Collaborative, a component of the McKesson Enterprise Intelligence portfolio, contains measures compiled as a by-product of the clinical quality measure reporting required by CMS under HITECH. Using McKesson Quality eMeasures as a foundation, the service enables subscribers to compare their results to other providers’ to understand their comparative performance. Learn more!

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Quality benchmarkscollaborative rmg606

  1. 1. Quality Benchmarks Collaborative™Benefits To receive Medicare and Medicaid a unique opportunity not only reimbursements under the to report measures, but also to– Uses comparative analysis Health Information Technology compare results, share best practices to establish meaningful, for Economic and Clinical Health and accelerate EHR adoption. achievable benchmark targets (HITECH) Act, hospitals must report on 15 hospital quality measures The Benchmarking Advantage– Accelerates EHR adoption by using certified electronic health McKesson’s Quality Benchmarks promoting accountability and record (EHR) technology to collect Collaborative contains measures driving behavior change and calculate data. McKesson’s compiled as a by-product of the– Updates benchmarks monthly certified EHR systems include a clinical quality measure reporting for timely comparisons component, McKesson Quality required by CMS under HITECH. eMeasures™, that calculates and Using McKesson Quality eMeasures– Includes consultations with submits the required measures to as a foundation, the service enables business advisors to facilitate the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid subscribers to compare their results result interpretation, root- Services (CMS) and the states. to other providers’ to understand cause analysis and adoption of their comparative performance. outcomes measures related to However, solely reporting on those meaningful use measures will not enact the cultural While traditional quality benchmark change necessary for health reform. services use manually collected data,– Provides a virtual network Organizations need actionable Quality Benchmarks Collaborative community to facilitate information – observed results electronically captures clinical data sharing of best practices and benchmarks – to establish and at the point of care for quality achieve meaningful targets. By metrics comparison. Comparative– Provides ability to link subscribing to McKesson’s Quality analyses translate into benchmark process measures to patient Benchmarks Collaborative™ service, targets, setting a new standard of demographic and diagnosis healthcare organizations have excellence for quality measurement. data for outcomes analysis 50th 75th Mean Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 Rolling 12 Percentile Percentile eMeasure Name / Short Description Benchmark Rate Rate Rate Rate MO Rate Benchmark Benchmark Rate Rate Rate eSTK2 Discharged w/Antithrombotic Med 91.5% 95.2% 97.3% 94.9% 94.7% 92.0% 90.8% 94.9% eSTK3 Discharged w/Anticoag Med for Afib 87.7% 95.0% 85.7% 93.0% 89.8% 88.0% 87.8% 88.4% eSTK4 Thrombolytic Therapy 85.7% 69.2% 80.0% 50.0% 71.1% 87.5% 87.5% 87.5% eSTK5 Antithrombotic Med by Hosp Day 2 70.2% 81.3% 90.8% 73.8% 79.7% 79.8% 78.8% 82.1% eSTK6 Discharged on Statin Med 97.5% 93.3% 90.5% 92.9% 93.5% 92.5% 92.4% 92.7% eSTK8 Stroke Education 63.1% 70.3% 75.5% 55.4% 66.9% 73.8% 72.6% 76.6% eSTK10 Assessed for Rehabilitation 59.4% 73.5% 69.1% 58.2% 65.1% 71.1% 69.7% 74.6% eVTE1 Prophylaxis All Inpatients 90.7% 92.2% 93.2% 94.0% 94.7% 92.0% 91.7% 92.6% eVTE2 Prophylaxis ICU Patients 98.8% 98.8% 98.8% 98.9% 98.9% 98.6% 98.6% 98.8% eVTE3 VTE Anticoag Overlap Therapy 100.0% 98.0% 89.7% 90.9% 95.3% 95.8% 95.6% 96.3% eVTE4 VTE UFH Monitored by Protocol 78.4% 89.5% 80.4% 90.9% 85.6% 79.1% 78.3% 81.2% eVTE5 VTE Discharge Instructions 97.4% 93.3% 87.5% 86.0% 90.3% 92.1% 92.2% 91.9% eVTE6 Hospital Acquired VTE 40.0% 11.1% 0.0% 33.3% 22.2% 10.3% 9.0% 1.2% eED1 Arrival to Departure-Overall 303 278 247 186 253 248 270 200 eED1.1 Arrival to Departure-Obs 502 457 407 305 418 400 430 330 eED1.2 Arrival to Departure-MH dx 287 261 232 174 239 201 273 180 eED1.3 Arrival to Departure-Non Obs/MH 320 291 259 194 266 240 296 222 eED2 Admit to Departure-Overall 179 163 145 109 149 90 75 62 eED2.1 Admit to Departure-Obs 120 109 97 73 100 100 80 78 eED2.2 Admit to Departure-MH dx 133 121 108 81 111 111 90 83 eED2.3 Admit to Departure-Non Obs/MH 189 172 153 115 157 158 140 132 Quality Benchmarks Collaborative captures clinical data at the point of care for quality metrics comparison.
  2. 2. McKesson augments this Customers may choose from Seamless Delivery benchmark cohorts based on bed McKesson Quality eMeasures is thetechnology with services size, region, organization type and only prerequisite to participateprovided by business scope. A web-based dashboard in the Quality Benchmarks allows users to view immediate Collaborative service. For currentadvisors with unique training results, monitor performance trends McKesson Quality eMeasures and conduct in-depth, diagnostic customers, access to the servicein benchmarking clinical analyses in minutes through begins with a simple subscriptionprocesses and outcomes. comparisons to benchmarks of their form. Your account manager will choosing. help you set up a benchmarking Accelerated Adoption account, and business advisors will help you establish appropriate Achieving meaningful use is more comparison populations. than a technology initiative. Adopting EHR technology requires For McKesson Performance organizational and individual Analytics™ users, an outcomes- behavior change. The Quality based scorecard is deployed using Benchmarks Collaborative service the benchmarks data. McKesson uses statistical tools to measure and will provide consultative services to compare results across caregivers, facilitate the use of the benchmarks populations and time segments — and the outcomes analysis delivered providing an impetus to change. in the McKesson Performance McKesson augments this technology Analytics solution. with services provided by business advisors with unique training in For customers not using the benchmarking clinical processes and McKesson Quality eMeasures outcomes. These advisors help forge solution, our services team will help a powerful partnership among your you establish data access so that stakeholders as you plan for other your measures can be submitted health reform initiatives. Services to the Collaborative. Contact include: your account executive for more information on Quality Benchmarks – Selection of benchmarks Collaborative and other services. – Intensive education and The Outcomes Imperative interpretation of results Stage 1 meaningful use – Stakeholder-centric education on measurement focuses on processes root-cause analysis related to evidence-based practice. As meaningful use measurement – Virtual network communities evolves, the integration of data from the Quality Benchmarks – Adoption of outcomes measures Collaborative registry with the related to meaningful use McKesson Performance Analtyics solution will also provide the measurement of outcomes. This advanced analytics solution
  3. 3. Features incorporates the financial and For More Information– Point-of-care quality metrics operational dimensions of care and For more information on for quick, accurate comparison establishes a baseline for health McKesson Performance Analytics, reform metrics. contact your account executive– Statistical tools measure or visit results across caregivers, Linking process measures (such as the timely administration of enterpriseintelligence. populations and time segments thrombolitics in stroke patients) to other patient demographic and– Peer group selection based on diagnosis data answers a critical bed size, region, organization question: “Does EHR use make a type and scope difference in patient outcomes?” The ability to measure length of– Web-based dashboard for stay, mortality, readmissions and viewing results, monitoring other indicators of effective EHR performance trends and use provides a comprehensive view conducting diagnostic analyses of your clinical performance and insight into cause and effect — the– Incorporation of the financial first step to shared accountability and operational dimensions of for optimum results. care establishes a baseline for health reform metrics Preparing for the Future– Outcomes-based scorecard Quality Benchmarks Collaborative using benchmarks data is a component of the McKesson Enterprise Intelligence portfolio, which is designed to drive transparency and shared accountability across the healthcare enterprise. As health reform triggers additional changes to existing processes of payment and care delivery, McKesson’s advanced analytics and benchmarking solutions will lay the foundation needed to survive in a rapidly changing environment.McKesson Provider Technologies5995 Windward ParkwayAlpharetta, GA 30005 Copyright © 2011 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. McKesson Performance Analytics, McKesson Quality eMeasures and Quality Benchmarks Collaborative are trademarks of McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All other product or company names mentioned may be trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. RMG606-06/11