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The Key to Meaningful Use


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Putting your institution on the path toward demonstrating meaningful use by the Stage 1 deadline of July 1, 2013

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The Key to Meaningful Use

  1. 1. Customer TestimonialMedWest Health SystemNorth Carolina • Paragon HIS Dale Chernich Chief Information OfficerUser Satisfaction: The Key to Meaningful Use“I have been working with best-of-breed systems for most of mycareer, but when I first started out, there wasn’t anything that couldbe considered a complete system. I was quite happily surprised whenI first started working with the Paragon® hospital information system(HIS) from McKesson because it’s probably the most complete systemI’ve seen for the number of dollars that you spend to get it.” - Dale Chernich
  2. 2. User Satisfaction: The Key to Meaningful Use By Dale Chernich MedWest Health SystemAt a Glance I first started out working in Explore Your Options information technology nearly Keeping up with new demandsOrganization 45 years ago when most of the being placed on information work was done behind the scenes technology management meansMedWest Health System: with the primary focus being you cannot just rely on system on system operations and data upgrades or even established vendor- MedWest-Swain, Bryson, N.C. collection. Times have changed. relationships. You have to rethink Now healthcare IT is more about where you are, where you must • 48 beds getting information to those on the go, the needs of your users and front line of healthcare delivery in the capabilities of vendors in an- MedWest-Harris, Sylva, N.C. a way that is most useful to them. effort to identify the best fit to meet • 86 beds That has never been as true as those increasing demands … with it is in today’s age of ARRA and the meaningful use deadline clock- MedWest-Haywood, Clyde, N.C. “meaningful use.“ all the while ticking in your head. • 189 beds I have been working with best- Meaningful use itself is a relatively of-breed systems for most of my simple concept: demonstrate that career, but when I first started out,Critical Issues caregivers are utilizing the system in there wasn’t anything that could be a meaningful way. Like most things considered a complete system. I was- Satisfying frontline users though, especially in information quite happily surprised when I first technology, the devil is in the started working with the Paragon®- Achieving ARRA meaningful use details. I feel that we in IT have an hospital information system (HIS) objectives obligation to provide information from McKesson because it’s to people who need it, when they probably the most complete system- Consolidating health system onto need it and in the way they need I’ve seen for the number of dollars a single platform it. It’s a lot more difficult to get to that you spend to get it. meaningful use if your users cannot (or will not) easily engage and Two of our hospitals that make embrace the system as part of the up the recently formed MedWestResults way that they deliver care. Health System, MedWest-Harris and MedWest-Swain, have been- Innovative system design frees So first and foremost it’s about successfully running the Paragon users to create their own reports making the frontline users happy. system for nearly six years. The It’s my belief, therefore, that system experience at these facilities has- Trusted vendor that delivers on attributes like user-friendliness, been so good that the third hospital commitments ease of access to information and in the MedWest Health System is ability to adapt to clinical workflows now in the process of converting to- Paragon selected for all should all be key elements in Paragon from a different legacy HIS MedWest facilities selecting a healthcare information vendor. system. In addition, selecting a vendor with whom your team can We anticipate being completely up establish a constructive working and demonstrating meaningful use relationship is a critical factor to stage 1 with Paragon in all three of putting your institution on the path our facilities by July 2012, well in toward demonstrating meaningful advance of the July 2013 deadline. use by the Stage 1 deadline of Importantly, when we went live at July 1, 2013. Harris and Swain, we didn’t pull everyone off their jobs and have them do nothing but build Paragon.
  3. 3. I’m not saying it was easy, but we I don’t have to have someone,had them working with Paragon somewhere else run that reportwhile doing their day jobs and for me. I can go right into theit still worked. To me, that’s the system and immediately get thathallmark of a great system … one information in a timely manner.”that makes it possible for users toembrace it and incorporate it into On the clinical side, the flexibilitytheir normal workflow despite the built into the Paragon system shinesheavy demands they face every day. by allowing the staff to work withBased on the feedback I continue the system to make it function into receive from our staff, I’m not the way that the staff needs it tosurprised it has been selected as function, not the other way around.Best in KLAS1 for Community HIS Our clinical analyst, Angie Baldwin,every single year since 2006. once told me something that stuck MedWest-Haywood with me. She said, “We weren’tValue the Opinion of Frontline just handed a system and told toUsers adapt; we were able to take ourFrom the beginning, our staff current method of how we workedappreciated the thinking that went and Paragon adapted to that.into the design of Paragon to make As we continue to make processit user-friendly, able to provide ready improvements, Paragon has beenaccess to information and adapt to able to adapt to those, too.” That’sthe needs of users. a pretty tall order for any system, but Paragon seems to take it all inOur director of pharmacy services, stride.Mark Brudenell, has said that thesimple Microsoft® structure of I think Debbie Jefferies, our ISParagon means necessary data clinical coordinator, summarized theis just “one click away.” It also feelings of the staff best when sheallows his staff of pharmacists said, “We were very happy whenand technicians to set up reports the entire MedWest organization MedWest-Harrisin the way that they need to see decided to go with Paragon. At thatthem, often saving them five to 10 point, we knew we would have aminutes in report preparation for system that would work well for useach report. Considering the volume and that would allow us to meetof reporting required in Pharmacy, meaningful use stage 1.”those minutes can add up to a lotof time over the course of each day Consider the Importance of thethat his staff can now redirect to Working Relationshippatient care or clinician support. A successful hospital has a lot of moving parts and most of them areClaire Dills, our medical record people. They are the big variablesdirector, sees it this way: “If the in making it all work. Once theCEO walks into my department, he decision of an HIS vendor is made,doesn’t want to know how many it’s one that you and your team willcharts have been coded. He wants have to live with for several know the dollars on hold and You therefore need a vendor that isdoesn’t have two hours to wait not stuck in only one prescribed way MedWest-Swainfor the information. With Paragon, of doing things. The vendor
  4. 4. “We didn’t pull everyone off relationship and the system have to next month. That kind of reliabilitytheir jobs and have them do grow and adapt to the needs of the is very important to me and ournothing but build Paragon. I’m people using it. administration.not saying it was easy, but wehad them working with Paragon Nathan Boniface, our manager of I have worked with a lot of systemswhile doing their day jobs and technical operations, has described over the course of my career, and the Paragon team as one that is “… I think that the way Paragon isit still worked. To me, that’s the open-minded to different solutions, designed is ideal. It starts with ahallmark of a great system.” listens to feedback, thinks outside focus on the end-user experience the box and cares about what’s and collects the data all in one - Dale Chernich important to us as the customer.” central database, making it easier to access and operate. Also important, One thing Nathan has also said Paragon isn’t static. There is a that made me laugh is: “Selecting steady build of the system based a software vendor is like selecting on ongoing input from users which a spouse … there are a lot of continually improves and enhances“We were very happy when the things promised up front, but you the system. This approach keeps itentire MedWest organization have no idea what’s going to be in good shape and enhances buydecided to go with Paragon. At delivered until you’ve spent some in from the users ... and if Paragonthat point, we knew we would time together.” Truer words were stays in good shape, it meanshave a system that would work never spoken, and I think it’s safe the institutions that are part ofwell for us and that would to say that in our experience, after MedWest are going to stay in goodallow us to meet meaningful spending nearly six years with shape, too.use stage 1.” Paragon, we have a very happy marriage. Paragon was the right decision for Harris and Swain, and I think it will - Debbie Jefferies Roger Parris, our applications be the right decision for all 300- Information Systems manager, has worked with several plus beds of the MedWest Health Clinical Coordinator support teams in his role and System as we go forward. Anyone has gone on record as rating the who is considering an HIS selection Paragon team as one of the top to get them to meaningful use and ones he has ever dealt with from beyond is welcome to visit me and the time of implementation right on I’ll show you what we do. You’ll through to the ongoing support we see the Paragon system in operation receive today. — it’s one system, it’s integrated and it does what you need to That’s a pretty bold statement from do to run a community hospital. Roger, but I know that anytime Most importantly, whether they’re we have asked for data or for an experienced user or someone something to be done, the team new to the system, everyone has at Paragon gets it done in the time been thrilled with the selection of frame we’ve requested. If they say Paragon. That’s something thatParagon HIS it’s going to be next month, we always brings a smile to my face. can anticipate that it’s going to beMcKesson Provider Technologies5995 Windward Parkway Source: 2006-2010 ‘Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Professional Services’, 1 © 2010 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.Alpharettta, GA 30005 Copyright © 2011 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. Paragon is a registered trademark of McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other product or company names mentioned may trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. PRT466-06/11