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Ais presentation 9.23.12

  1. 1. AIS TMAutomated Information Services (AIS™)Routine Jail Calls Handled in the CloudTed RadeyCEOTelerus, Inc.Direct: 303.928.1015Cell:
  2. 2. Today’s Routine Citizen Phone Calls How do I pay her/his bond? What are his What’s her charges? court date? Is he there? How can I talk to him by phone? Can I pay the Can I bond with a drop off credit card? Where is the jail? Can you give me How her directions? much is When will she meds? his be released? bond? How do I send When can I money? What pick up her about mail? How do I property? make a Where is When can deposit? court held? I visit him?1
  3. 3. Today’s U.S. Local Jail Realities  Average of ½ citizen phone call per inmate per day  100 ADP = 50 calls per day  500 ADP = 250 calls per day  2,000 ADP = 1,000 calls per day  Most facilities answer routine phone calls manually – one after another  Staff members stressed, overloaded – peak hours and spikes are problematic  Citizens experience long holds, busy signals, no answers during ordeals that are already stressful  Multitasking…booking/release errors: bad press  Budget cuts: understaffing typical, headcounts being reduced or kept static2
  4. 4. Are These Necessary Realities? Times may be tough all over, but NO! The AIS™ Solution: work WITH citizens, not FOR citizens AIS™: IVR platform “in the Cloud” and specifically designed for local jails Citizens independently obtain routine inmate and facility information while staff members are free for other tasks Surprisingly affordable - simplifies procurements so facilities can deploy quickly3
  5. 5. Today’s Citizen Call Management Jail Management Teams are resourceful and creative with what they have Human resources: front desk, central control, booking, civilians, officers, captains, wardens, sheriffs Phone Systems: intelligent call routing, queuing, phone “trees,” voicemails Operations: business hours, after hours, rollover, round robin, ring all Manually answering all calls has clear limitations: particularly along with responsibilities for safety, security, accuracy4
  6. 6. Citizen Call Management with AISTM Routine citizen phone calls from friends, family, bondsmen, attorneys dialing the Off Site Server Farm same published number(s) as always. “In the Cloud” 80% automation rate Remaining Citizen Calls JAIL AIS (Non-automated) PUBLIC TM FTP – Flat Files FTP – Flat Files Internet Jail Mgmt System (JMS)Notes: Citizens dial the same number as always, but are routed to the AIS Data Center “in the Cloud,” which automates an average of 80% of all calls.Citizens hear each facility’s greeting and configured features based on the number dialed. Citizens access inmate specific case information referenced fromimport “flat files” or current population reports exported out of the jail’s host JMS and transmitted to the AIS data center via FTP in predetermined intervals(15 minutes is default). The remaining non-automated calls averaging 20% are routed to a number specified by the jail and can come in just as phone calls dotoday… only in much smaller quantities.5
  7. 7. AISTM: Smarter Call Management All calls during peak hours are answered quickly and AIS TM consistently 80% automation – 4 out of 5 calls vanish! VERY substantial and measurable man hour savings Computers handle “mindless” questions, expensive staff members saved for the complex Less stress, better job satisfaction Improved focus, accuracy, safety, security6
  8. 8. AISTM: Smarter Call Management Feature Rich  English and Spanish  Speech Recognition  Inmate Case Info: IE: Charges, Bond Amount, Bond Type, Warrants/Holds, Visitation Times, Court Dates, Projected Release Dates.  General Facility Info: IE: Location/Directions, Policies for Sending Money, Sending Mail, Visitation, Prescription/Meds, Inmate Phone Accounts, Court Information, Commonly Requested Phone Numbers. Configurable Scalable and Robust7
  9. 9. Today’s Citizen Service Issues Fact: Most citizen phone calls are not getting answered on a timely basis Citizens get frustrated – Long holds are bad – Busy signals are worse – No answers are the worst Citizens complain – “My son is in jail and you won’t even pick up the phone!” – “I’m a taxpayer and am entitled to information - now.” – “Who’s running this facility?” – “The Sheriff doesn’t have my vote in the next election.” – “This is ridiculous – I’m going to write a letter.” Citizens argue: “That bond amount can’t be right.” Citizens appeal: “He’s really not a bad kid, it was the crowd…”8
  10. 10. Citizen Service with AISTM AIS TM All calls are answered within three rings… even 100+ in the same minute! Citizens receive a quick and easy self service option to simply speak the name of an inmate or type of facility information desired in English or Spanish Citizen stress is relieved with information during a difficult process Information from the system sounds “official” and is less likely to be debated Fewer long winded appeals for leniency9
  11. 11. Today’s Local Budgets  Almost all budgets are tight  Some are in crisis  Detention facilities a large portion of most budgets and their expenses are under particular scrutiny  Adding to current headcounts is uncertain and challenging – at best10
  12. 12. Local Budgets with AIS Labor savings from 80% automation is clear and measurable Staff members can be redeployed, circumventing uncertain requests  Voice automation can be cited as a cost cutting measure to local administrators and commissioners  Voice automation can be publicized as a smarter government measure that cuts agency costs while improving citizen service11
  13. 13. Local Budgets with AISGross Annual Savings Quick Reference Chart “All-in” Hourly Labor Cost $12 $14 $16 $18 $20 $22 100 $14,454 $16,863 $19,272 $21,681 $24,090 $26,499 250 $36,135 $42,158 $48,180 $54,203 $60,225 $66,248 Average Daily Population 500 $72,270 $84,315 $96,360 $108,405 $120,450 $132,495 750 $108,405 $126,473 $144,540 $162,608 $180,675 $198,743 1000 $144,540 $168,630 $192,720 $216,810 $240,900 $264,990 1500 $216,810 $252,945 $289,080 $325,215 $361,350 $397,485 2000 $289,080 $337,260 $385,440 $433,620 $481,800 $529,980 2500 $361,350 $421,575 $481,800 $542,025 $602,250 $662,475 3000 $433,620 $505,890 $578,160 $650,430 $722,700 $794,970Notes: This chart assumes the average incoming call volume of ½ call per day per inmate. Some facilities receive twice that many and somehalf.12
  14. 14. Today’s Procurements and Implementations RFP’s take months and months, consuming staffing resources every step of the way. Complex software systems that create The public, co-workers, efficiencies, such as other agencies criticize JMS, take months, system expenses, even years, transitions, and defects. to configure. Software and hardware systems quickly become obsolete and the process starts all over again.13
  15. 15. The AIS Procurement No Long-Term RFP’s Rarely Easy to Get Simple Recourse Contract or Required Started …If anyone Setup Fees …the commitment …service can be questions the …month-to-month is well under the RFP initiated from a procurement, it service… pay as threshold for most five-page could easily be you go. facilities… service agreement cancelled, but we especially given the or P.O. from know that it will not payoff. Purchasing – your be pried away choice. once turned up.14
  16. 16. The AIS Implementation Expert project teams have Completed 100+ configurations down to a turn-ups, more than all science, can be completed competitors combined. in a few weeks.Hosted “in the Cloud” Software always keptwith no onsite hardware current through centralized,or software to install. offsite updates.15
  17. 17. After AIS Review usage summary reports during quarterly service reviews to fine tune call flow and improve performance.16
  18. 18. After AIS Join Established User Community “Borrow” features from other facilities. Suggest new features that may benefit other facilities…membership benefits increase with each new member.17
  19. 19. After AIS “Before AIS™, working at the booking desk was just terrible. The phones never stopped ringing and it was really hard for callers to get through.” - Bibb County, GA “If we had not had AIS™, we most certainly would have had to request additional staff to answer phone calls. AIS™ also helped reduce booking errors and citizen complaints.” - Elkhart County, IN “AIS™ has drastically reduced the need for staff to handle calls from the public. The automated system has streamlined inmate information access which has had a direct effect on our operational efficiency.” - Jefferson County, CO “Someone came back from vacation just after AIS was installed and reported that there was a problem with the phones because they weren’t ringing anymore.” - Lorain County, OH18
  20. 20. Next Steps Maintain a true win/win private- public partnership. We provide outstanding service so to earn our fee every month. You Give it two months - if provide feedback and tell other the differences are facilities that there is an easier not clear and way to manage citizen phone obvious, you may calls. opt to cancel, but don’t bet on it! Implement: tell us about your AIS operations and start TMSign five-page sending us currentservice agreement population reports.OR have Purchasingissue a PO. 19