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  1. 1. The flag The most favorite thing was this a flag flown over the birth place of Lyndon B. Johnson it was flown on May 27, 1990
  2. 2. Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn into office on Nov. 22, 1963; 2 hours after Kennedy’s assassination; aboard Air Force One. He was the first present to ever be sworn in there.
  3. 3. The 1964 Civil Rights Act made racialdiscrimination in public places; such as theaters,restaurants, and hotels; illegal. It also requiredemployers to provide equal employmentopportunities. Projects involving federal fundscould now be cut off if there was evidence ofdiscrimination based on color, race, or nationalorigin. It also attempted to deal with the African-American voting rights. LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act on July 2, 1964
  4. 4. The Great Society was a series of domestic initiativesannounced in 1964 by President Lyndon Johnson in AnnArbor, Michigan. A main focus of these social reforms to "endto poverty and racial injustice" was the Voting Rights Act of1965. The efforts also helped establish the Department ofHousing and Urban Development. Other programs included:VISTA, Job Corps, Upward Bound, Neighborhood YouthCorps, Head Start, and an unconditional war on poverty! LBJ calls for reforms to make his Great Society on Jan. 4, 1965
  5. 5. “MEDICARE begins tomorrow. Tomorrow, for the firsttime, nearly every older American will receive hospitalcare-not as an act of charity, but as the insured right of asenior citizen. Since I signed the historic Medicare actlast summer, we have made more extensive preparationto launch this program than for any other peacefulundertaking in our Nations history.” -LBJ Lyndon B. signed the Medicare act into law July 3, 1965
  6. 6. LBJ calls for funding to escalate the war inVietnam… A record $112.9 billion for fiscal 1967. He did this on Jan. 24, 1966
  7. 7. On June 13, 1967, LBJ appointed Thurmond Marshall to the SupremeCourt, replacing the retiring Justice Tom Clark of Texas. He was the firstblack to serve on the Court and was, in most reports, an almost larger-than-life figure there. He stepped down from the Court in July 1991 dueto failing health and died of heart failure on January 24, 1993 atBethesda Naval Medical Center in Maryland.
  8. 8. On April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s life wasended by an assassins s bullet while he was on thebalcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.
  9. 9. Robert Francis Kennedy was slain on June 5, 1968 at theAmbassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California shortly afterclaiming victory in that states crucial Democratic primary.He was 42 years old.
  10. 10. And so we said goodbye to LBJ. We remember him as honest, and willing to try. For bringing down poverty. And for just being a good guy. Lyndon Baines Johnson died of a heart attack in San Antonio, Texas, on January 22nd, 1973.
  11. 11. Here are some pictures of Lyndon B. Johnson