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  • Fast Track Facilitator Notes Session 2: Getting Started Weichert University October 2007
  • Fast Track Facilitator Notes Session 2: Getting Started Weichert University October 2007
  • BOOST YOUR BUSINESS: (5) FSBO's need you

    1. 1. Boost Your Business FSBOs Need You
    2. 2. Check In What did you do? What happened? What results did you get? What do you think you’ll do next time? Refer to your Sales Planner from last workshop
    3. 3. FSBOs Need YOU!The Sign says:“For Sale By Owner,” butwhat does it really mean . .
    4. 4. FSBOFrustratedSellersBecomeOpen . . .To Speaking with YOU.
    5. 5. FSBO Psychology Three stages of the Private Seller mindset: – Get lost! – Let’s talk . . . – Help! Every FSBO has a limit.
    6. 6. FSBO Follow Up is CriticalLet’s revisit the Follow Up Conversion Chart.
    7. 7. Tips for Converting FSBOs Do a quick drop by to give them the FSBO brochure and introduce yourself. Schedule a time to preview the home. Offer to hold an Open House - get agreement upfront that leads that day are yours. Follow up – offer support and guidance, let them get to know you and frequently refer them to the FSBO brochure.
    8. 8. An Important Beginning  Value the Owners’ feelings and concerns.  Show the Owners you put them first.  Demonstrate how you can help achieve their goals.
    9. 9. Using the FSBO BrochureStage 1: Get Lost Stage 2: Let’s Talk Designed as a how-to.  Poses some food for Gives helpful hints on thought. preparing and showing  Lists drawbacks to the house. consider. Leaves an impression you care.
    10. 10. Using the FSBO BrochureStage 3: Help! Introduces the benefits of working with a real estate agent. Paves the way for the listing appointment. Lets owners know you are a professional who is there for them!
    11. 11. This week’s Call Session Make a minimum of 50 calls from your prepared list - Do Call List, SOI, OH Guest Registers, FSBO or Expireds. Keep track and report progress on the board. Record all leads and appointments made. Utilize Prospect Follow Up sheet to set follow up call appointments.
    12. 12. Call Session Results How many calls were made in total? (Calculate on flipchart) How many appointments were made? (Calculate on flipchart) What worked well for you today when calling? What would you try differently next time?
    13. 13. Grow Your Skills and Business Review Guide to Getting FSBOs and FSBO brochure pages on the Weichert Toolkit. Call until you get 1 appointment – do this 3 times before next session. Goal is to secure 3 appointments. Attend 1 appointment – appointment can be a buyer consultation, listing appointment (1st or 2nd), FSBO, expired or price improvement. Come prepared to make 50 calls at next workshop. Preview homes and take notes on property features. Work an Open House. Follow up with all guests in 24 hours. Take online training – “Converting FSBOs and Expireds”.
    14. 14. “The path to success is totake massive, determinedaction.” - Anthony Robbins
    15. 15. Sales Planner1. Add the assignments we just reviewed to your new Sales Planner.2. Write down what you will commit to do by next session.3. You have five minutes to complete this.4. Ask me or a colleague for ideas and help. Distribute blank copies of Sales Planner
    16. 16. REMEMBER… Quickest Way to Boost Your Business Work an Open House every week. Aim for an Know the inventory! Appointment a Day! Get Price Improvements on listings 30+DOM. Make 100 iCalls every week. Work FSBO’s and Expireds every week. Follow up! 1=18% 2=34% 3=62% 4=78%
    17. 17. “Success is almost totally dependentupon drive and persistence. Theextra energy required to makeanother effort or try anotherapproach is the secret of winning.” – Denis Waitly Thank You