Nahsl 2009


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Nahsl 2009

  1. 1. What’s Cooking? A Taste of the Future NAHSL Rockport, Maine October 25-27, 2009
  2. 2. Ah the coast of Maine…
  3. 3. Known for its rocky shores…
  4. 4. And brilliant breakwaters…
  5. 5. And Fine Dining!
  6. 6. Ah Yes!
  7. 7. Now Mainers are resourceful…
  8. 8. And we know how to cooperate to get the job done.
  9. 9. Which reminds me of a bedtime story. Once upon a time, there was much work to be done preparing for …
  10. 10. a Great Big Conference.
  11. 11. Patty Kahn, Local Arrangements Patty is ALL SMILES! Patty Kahn said, “Let’s all get together in my kitchen and we’ll make Stone Soup.”
  12. 12. NAHSL 2009 Conference Planning Committee This is Patty’s Kitchen!
  13. 13. Dina McKelvy, Conference Chair Dina apple picking in CT. “But Patty”, Dina McKelvy cried, “I’m flipping out. There’s too much to do! And you want to make soup?”
  14. 14. And Patty answered, “Cool it, chica. We’ll start with our stone - a great location – the rocky coast of Maine,
  15. 15. and the lovely Samoset Resort in Rockport.
  16. 16. Lovely!
  17. 17. Kathy Brunjes, Program Chair Kathy doing the horse thing in Malaysia! Kathy Brunjes added, “And I have some great ideas for speakers and programs, like
  18. 18. Stuart Weibel, Noted Futurist! Stuart Weibel, noted futurist, meta-data specialist and a senior research scientist at OCLC!
  19. 19. And we’ll pack it with some tasty break-out sessions on web 3.0 and innovative programs to get everyone talking!”
  20. 20. Cynthia Arnold, Conference CE Chair Cynthia’s at home in the Midcoast Library And Cynthia Arnold agreed, “We have excellent courses that we can add to the conference to make our soup good and hearty.”
  21. 21. Doug Macbeth & Gary Pelletier, AV Chairs Doug “Kewl Kid” Macbeth Gary “Party at the VA” Pelletier Gary Pelletier & Doug Macbeth offered to help with audio-visual to make it all go down smoothly!
  22. 22. Happy Copley & Cadence Atchinson, Hospitality Chairs Cadence is happy in chicken suit Happy is happy in Mauritius Happy Copley and Cadence Atchinson said, “We’ve got to spice it up with some fun too. How about an opening reception at the
  23. 23. Owls Head Transportation Museum?
  24. 24. “And for our secret ingredient - we’ll book some fabulous entertainment at the Banquet!
  25. 25. Marj Anderson, Finance Chair Marj in Rome “Fabulous, AND fiscally responsible!” countered Marj Anderson.
  26. 26. Cora Damon & Barbara Harness, Scholarship Chairs Barbara Cora Team MaineGeneral! Team MaineGeneral! Barbara Harness and Cora Damon joined in – “The Scholarship table’s great prizes always add a heaping cup of fun !”
  27. 27. Dina McKelvy, Worry Wart “But who will tell everyone about our Great Big Conference? And who will register the hundreds of attendees?” whimpered Dina
  28. 28. Cindy White, Webmaster Cindy in the “Parrot” Library “I’ll set up a fantastic website with information and pictures to tempt the appetite!” declared Cindy White.
  29. 29. Tammera Race & Susan Bloomfield, Publicity Chairs Susan at the loom with Tammera with her favorite a Mona Lisa smile! mag - NEJM! And Tammera Race & Susan Bloomfield said, “Postcards and email invitations from us will get everyone excited for our Stone Soup!”
  30. 30. Janet Cowen, Sponsorship Chair Janet al fresco! “Folks will definitely hear from me!” agreed Janet Cowen. “Who wouldn’t want to sponsor our scrumptious Conference events?”
  31. 31. Deborah Clark, Exhibit Chair Deb takes you to the edge on the Presidential Range And Deb Clark assured us, “I’ll take care of our vendors and exhibitors – we’ll have a great set up for them too!”
  32. 32. Patty Williams, Registration Chair The always classy Patty with a W. Patty Williams spoke up, “I’m ready to register our attendees and welcome them when they arrive! I’m the conference Maitre d’!”
  33. 33. Ann Jordan & Doug Macbeth, Evaluations Doug Ann Team Jackson Lab! Team Jackson Lab! Ann & Doug said at last, “We’ll handle the evaluations so the next helping of our Great Big Conference with be as good as this one!”
  34. 34. “See”, said Patty – “we can put all of these ingredients together to make a great Stone Soup of a Conference”
  35. 35. Web Tools we are using…  Wiki: (private)  Blog:  Social Bookmarking:  Freeware: nVU HTML editor  Presentations: “I know!”, cried Dina, “Let’s stir it up with some web tools like wikis and blogs to mix all our ideas together”
  36. 36. See you in Maine in ’09! So it’s back to the kitchen for NAHSL 2009.
  37. 37. What’s Cooking? A Taste of the Future… Rockport, Maine October 25-27, 2009 Come see “What’s Cooking!”