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McKaig Chevrolet Buick April 2013 newsletter


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Our April newsletter for your enjoymnet!

Published in: Automotive
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McKaig Chevrolet Buick April 2013 newsletter

  1. 1. A Free Family Resource Courtesy Of McKaig Chevrolet Buick McKaig Chevrolet Buick | (903) 845-2132 | www.McKaig.Net This Month Why is April 1st a Day to Celebrate Foolishness? In History Author Unknown Holidays are celebrated for all sorts of have known about the shifting of dates for6 - 1896 - The 1st reasons. Some honor heroes, others months or years. These people also enduredOlympics of the modern commemorate religious events, but April 1 being made fun of for celebrating the new stands out as the only holiday that cele- year on the wrong day.era was held in Athens, brates foolishness. April Fools Day, or AllGreece Fools Day, is an odd celebration with a Today in France, people who are fooled on strange history. What other holiday asks us April 1 are called Poisson dAvril, which liter- to play tricks and dupe our unsuspecting ally means the "April Fish." One common14 - 1865 - President friends and acquaintances? joke is to hook a cardboard fish to the backLincoln was shot by of a person. What a fish has to do with April Theres some uncertainty about when and Fools Day is not clear. Some believe thatJohn Wilkes Booth where this bizarre tradition began, but the the fish is tied to Jesus Christ, who was most accepted explanation traces April often represented as a fish in early Christian14 - 2002 - Tiger Fools Day back to 16th century France. Up until 1564, the accepted calendar was the times. Others say the fish is related to the zodiac sign of Pisces, which is repre-Woods won his 3rd Julian calendar, sented by a fish, and falls near April.Masters Gold Tourna- which observed Its interesting to point out that Napo- the leon earned the Poisson dAvril mon-ment beginning of the icker when he married Marie-Louise New Year of Austria on April 1, 1810.15 - 1912 - The Titanic around April.sank at 2:27 am after According to Its probably no coincidence that April "The Oxfordstriking an iceberg just Companion to Fools Day is celebrated at the same time that two other similar holidaysbefore midnight the Year," King are celebrated. In ancient Rome, the Charles IX then festival of Hilaria was thrown to cele- declared that30 - 1939 - Television France would begin using the Gregorian brate the resurrection of the god Attis. Hilaria is probably the base word forfirst publicly broadcast calendar, which shifted New Years Day to hilarity and hilarious, which mean great January 1.from the Empire State merriment. Today, Hilaria is also known as Not everyone accepted this shifting of dates Roman Laughing Day. In India, the Holi festi-Building at the same time. Some believed that the val celebrates the arrival of spring. As a dates should not be shifted, and it was part of that festival, people play jokes and these people who became the butt of some smear colors on each other. April jokes and were mocked as fools. Peo- ple sent gifts and invited them to bogus Theres no clear connection between the parties. modern observance of April Fools Day and Citizens in the rural parts of France were these two ancient celebrations, which lends also victims of these jokes. In those days, most historians to accept the French news traveled slowly and they might not“Our Business Is Finding Solutions To The Everyday Problems That Keep Most People Stuck In A Car They Hate .”
  2. 2. 3 Stories to Prove That Most Limitations Are Interesting Facts Mind Created - Control Your Thoughts Control You Never Knew Your Life by Sasha ScheerFirst, is the story of the trained Where in life did you try as hard aselephant. When the elephant is you could continuously butyoung, he is chained with very heavysturdy chains to thick solid pole eventually give up and settle forstuck deeply in the ground. The less?chance of this baby elephant of es- Did you know . . . Duringcaping, is inevitable. The baby ele- The last story is not about an the 1st two years of a ba-phant does try though, with all of its animal nor an insect, this story ismight, it fights and fights about a man; this story is about the by’s life, new parents willuntil finally it grows tired and famous Houdini. There was a time miss six months of sleep onweary and gives up trying for good. when Houdini would advertise thatNow, when that elephant grows up, he could break out of any jail cell in only needs a simple chain attached order to attract people to come seeto a wimpy pole in order to keep it his show. He would request he be Did you know . . . A grouprestrained. Although that grown ele- let in with his street clothes on and of jellyfish is called aphant could easily break the chain be given full privacy. One time Hou- dini was put into a cell and started bloom, swarm, or smack.and or pole, it no longer tries. Everytime it feels the slightest bit of re- picking the lock with his lock pickingsistance, it remembers the time as a tools hidden in his belt. Houdini Did you know . . . The av-baby when it tried with all of its tried and he tried to pick this lock, erage millionaire goes bank-might and could not break free. The but hour after hour passed and heonly thing keeping that elephant still hadnt snapped the lock. Houdi- rupt at least 3.5 times.restrained is its thoughts; if it tried, nis spirit and energy was growingit could easily break free. weary because he had never taken Did you know . . . Standing this long to pick a lock and he was on a cliff in a dream canWhere in life are you afraid to try exhausting himself out. Finallybecause you are thinking of a time after countless hours of picking this represent that the dreamerwhen you tried but failed? lock, Houdini collapsed on the gate feels like they’re living on of the jail cell. Miraculously the door the edge or afraid of failure.Another story is about a flea. A flung open; it was never locked insimple, small creature. All a flea the first place! The only thing keep-does is jump, so you can train that ing Houdini locked in that jail cellflea if you put it in a jar with a lid. was his belief that he was actuallyThat flea will jump as high as it can, locked inside.hit the lid, and fall to the ground. FAMOUS WORDSThe flea will continue to jump with Where in your life do you have aall of its might hitting the lid and fall- false belief that you are trapped? “Excellence is to do a commoning back down for a long time, buteventually the flea will begin to The essence of all of these stories is thing in an uncommon way.”jump less high preventing it from mainly you just need to try! Try to Booker T. Washingtonhitting the lid. After this, the flea will do something you failed at before;no longer jump any higher even never give up; and the more youwhen you take the lid off the jar. think you can, the more you
  3. 3. IF YOU READ NOTHING actually can. ELSE . . . READ THIS! Do you know of someone who is lookingfor a quality pre-owned vehicle or wants toupgrade their current vehicle? SUDOKU Puzzle Even if they have little money to put down Quick SUDOKU rules . . .or they’ve had trouble qualifying in thepast… I can help them! Send them my way. To solve a SUDOKU puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must ap-They’ll be glad you did and so will you! pear in:Here’s why…  Each of the nine vertical columns If you refer someone to me this month,  Each of the nine horizontal rowswhen we finish the paperwork for their nicer,  Each of the nine 3 x 3 boxesnewer car - I will give them a $25 gift certifi-cate and give you one too! Remember no number can occur more than once in any row, column or box. Kent Abernathy: Believes everyone deserves a nicer, newer car or truck and wants his team to provide solutions to your transporta- tion needs.“My goal is to be your TRUSTED advisor.”Kent AbernathyA Dealer FOR The PeopleMcKaig Chevrolet Buick1110 E Broadway AveGladewater, TX 75647(903) 845-2132 THANK YOU! Brian and Josh made my firstcar buying experience GREAT! They worked with me to make my payments exactly the way Iwanted it to and they stayed way later than what the hours were to help me. ~ Kristin Calvert “Minds are like parachutes...they only function when they are open.” Prize Winner Thomas DewarSearch This Newsletter For The Answer To The GPS Question and Submit Your Answer Online.
  4. 4. B ecause I’m A DEALER FOR THE PEOPLE I can do things that most other car dealers can’t. I’ve been help- ing individuals like you and families like yours for years and you know I’ll do it for you. So here’s my promise…If I can’t get you into a nicer, newer car or truck, I will give you a $25 gift certificate! Get Expert Automotive Financing Answers & Solutions For Free. Call Me Now At (903) 845-2132INSIDE THIS ISSUE  This Month In History  Why Is April 1st A Day To Celebrate Foolishness?  3 Stories To Prove That Most Limitations Are Mind Created - Control Your Thoughts Control Your Life  Interesting Facts  Sudoku Puzzle CONSUMER ALERT! WIN A FREE GPS Player W hy am I giving away a GPS? Because everyone likes to win stuff. It’s fun.And I want this newsletter to be fun for you. I Don’t Get Ripped Off The Next Time You Buy A Car. FREE REPORT Reveals The 10 Most Notorious and Common Car Scams Dealersalso want you to read it. Ahhh . . . now you’ll Use To Rob You Of Your Cash & Sanity and How You Can Avoid Being A Victim!see my selfish motivation. T In order to win the GPS you have to answer here are dastardly scams being pulled on report explains the ten most notorious andthe question below. In order to answer the innocent car buyers every day. It’s really common car scams that go on at dealershipsquestion, you have to read this newsletter. I’ve tough to tell where these shyster lots are and all over the country. Some right here in ourhidden the answer somewhere in the contents whether or not you’re on one. Remember own town.of these four pages. these people are very well trained and may be This report will show you how to spot taking advantage of you without you ever these scams and how to avoid being a victim. If you read the whole newsletter, I think knowing it. This is insider information you won’t getyou’ll like it and you’ll look forward to gettingit every month. You know this to be true because of the from any other car dealer. In fact, I’m sure I’ll stereotypes we all hear about how shady and get some heat from the industry just for writ- Then when you are looking to buy a vehicle ing this. But I don’t care. I’m here for you. unscrupulous car dealers and used car sales-or know someone who is, you’ll remember this man are. It’s true. There are some bad apples If you are in the market for a car younewsletter and hopefully you’ll give me the out there that spoil it for the bunch. are entitled to this information. It is availa-chance to earn their business. That’s my masterplan. So answer the question and you could be So what can you do about it? Arm your- ble to you absolutely FREE with no cost orthe winner. There’s a new winner every month. self with the insider information you need obligation. to recognize a common car scam when you To request your free copy of this Here’s The Question: see it. This information can save you big money, lots of time and an enormous amount special industry expose’ visit my report What is a group of jellyfish called? of pain, heartache and frustration. request web site at: Submit Your Answer And Win Go to I’ve prepared a FREE REPORT especial- ly for people who are thinking about making aCONTEST CODE MCKAIG CHEVROLET BUICK vehicle purchase in the next few months. This Submit Your Answer By: April 30, 2013