Egk 2012 kifya


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Egk 2012 kifya

  1. 1. OUR ROOTS OUR VISION OUR JOURNEY KFT @ A GLANCEGCS Established in 1995 by To enable, financial & non- Engaged Experts: Established: 2010taking over the NCR branch financial, transactions: Risk Frontiersoffice. Wipro Consulting 140 + Employees • Made Simple Bankable Frontiers 70 + ProfessionalsA few references: • Affordable Micro-save 9 + Expatriates- RevenueNET • Within reach- CBE 1st ATM Network Gained Experience and 390 + Employees by Jan 13- EtherNET Exposure:- WoredaNET South Africa Investment: Birr 85 M- IP MPLS Network Kenya India
  2. 2. Single Window Service Platform Mobile Financial Services Platform Mobile Value Added ServicesTechnologies OurChannels Our Savings Payments RemittancesProducts G2C Our Electronic Bill Payments E-Voucher …. Airtime
  3. 3. G2C Services: Changing the way citizens transact A PPP with MCIT on a BOT model First Services to go live are Utility Bills in 56 locations Reduce time to settle bills from 6 – 8 hours to less than 2 hours Reduce place to pay from 3 to 1 | Anyplace | Longer Hours …. to Grow to 32 G2C services in the next 18 months
  4. 4. Building an Alternative Delivery Channel Mobile Money Branchless Banking Building a Mobile Services Network to Enable Building an ADC Enabling access to Financial Services • Bill Payments • Pilot 24 ASP 2012 • Domestic Transfer (P2P, B2B, P2B) • Scale up 320 ASP in 2013 • Electronic Airtime Top Up • Roll out up to 8000 ASP by 2017 5
  5. 5. Enabling access to financial servicesEnrolment day Staff upload & clean data, open saving accounts & print cards Couples waiting for Agent captures clients’ Agent registers clients’ Agent captures clients’ enrolment info and signature on data on the finger prints on EPD hardcopy form EPD, including photo Back office The major steps from enrolment to transaction Clients complete Clients’ fingerprints Agent inserts card to EDP & Client receives transaction with the authenticated vs. card unique customer ID is read or passbook and or a cashier and collect (carded) or memory inputs customer ID to EDP for card printed receipt (cardless) cardless clientsTransaction day ACSI submits enrolees’ data to WoFED for payroll creation, receives funds & credits to saving accounts 6
  6. 6. Enabling financial services to Agricultural Value Chains Back–end solutions Front–end solutions in woredas Output buyer’s bank KFT’s Technology Platform Satellite branch at market Input Supplier’s bank Card/e-voucher Insurance company Farmer’s MFI or cooperative Bank/MFI Sub-branch
  7. 7. At The Heart of KFT Our Technology Our People Our IP Technology Platform Payments Over 4 years of learnings with SWSD KFT Mobile Money renowned consultants and extensive operational exchanges combined Data Center | Disaster Recovery | NOC Core Banking Rural Banking with over 17 years of technology IT Infrastructure infrastructure integration Call Center | Service Desk KFT Card | Mobile KFT Rural Banking Financial Services Platform Platform Continuous experience gain on Domain Expertise current project execution Banking Operations MFI Operations Products and Services Development Access to Knowledge in Product Development KFT – VAS Platform Agent Development Strong Management Technology Operations
  8. 8. THANK YOU!