EGK 2011: Construction 04 AEE


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  • - The tallest building in Switzerland with basement+ground+36 floors, to be finished in 2012 - Six cast in place core walls-construction of a storey in 4 days Thousands of precast columns with C100 concrete-Heavily loaded façade column with about 570 Mercedes Benz-connection between slab and column was very interesting to study Wind loads from wind tunnel tests are applied Ceilings only 25cm thick to span 7m free space
  • Waste of Bern, the capital of Switzerland Used to generate electric power and heat houses in the region Combined with power generation from gas and timber Very effective air cleaning – virtually no dust particles in the air leaving the chimney Production start 2012 1 price with Graber Pulver in international architectural competition with Trucks can unload waste under roof without any columns waste bunker 55m high, 70m wide and 25m thick In the energy generation part the machinery including the waste burning furnace will be put together before shell is being put in place 70m high chimney, 45m high fassade and the roof all prefab concrete
  • Luko -Inclined steel columns to change basic grid of underlying reinforced concrete structure 30m of façade with wind load needs resistance from inclined steel columns Deformation criteria for cooling fans is extremely stringent(small) and hence a stiffer system of inclined columns was preferred Challenging connection details had to be developed, calculated and detailed for execution
  • -Residence Building in Addis Ababa No columns but structural walls that are also architecturally significant. Flat slab system Feasibility study showed that life time costing method proves this system is suitable for the particular project in terms of economy, durability and quality Coordination with services engineers was interesting Façade and some interior partitions in reinforced concrete Recess joints to have a visually appealing surface Saw toothed stair Serviceablity limit state for crack for the walls
  • -General Hospital requiring the highest safety standard, more than 50 beds, some of which are VIP Latest earthquake maps used Flat slab with lateral force resisting shear walls, minimum torsion on storey Regularity in plan afforded through introduction of expansion joint, the dimension of which was designed so that seismic vibrations do not cause destructive banging of the two wings of the structure Use of punching reinforcement(using international codes) to have thinner slabs making the building lighter
  • Twin towers connected at podium level Minimized column dimensions of 25cm x 25cm Core walls resisting earthquake and wind Flat slab system with post-tensioned beams at locations Piled raft system-settlement calculations extending to rail tracks and adjacent buildings. The raft is only 70cm not to block ground water flow.
  • Extension and seismic retrofitting for a regional school in Heerbrugg. Aesthetics and function guaranteed Pretensioned-precast deck system with span ranging from as low as 6m to 19m A suspending wall system at the center of the new building-very interesting for our study Connections between vertical support and decks very interesting Connections to resist latteral forces so that we don’t have ‘a house made of deck of cards’
  • Timber structure for the roof, blending in with the scenic mountains as background Filigran Deck system for the parking under the top tennis courts Plan dimensions of 150m by 70m Deck, ramps, foundation,…
  • EGK 2011: Construction 04 AEE

    1. 1. Introducing AEE Dawit Kebede 10.11.11 10.11.11 AEE Addis Ababa
    2. 2. <ul><li>Introduction </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Name: Afro-European Engineers </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Establishment: Since September 2007 </li></ul></ul>10.11.11 AEE Addis Ababa
    3. 3. <ul><li>AEE Team and Organization </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Vision, Mission and Values </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Coopetition </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Resources </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Competence: international practice and codes </li></ul></ul>10.11.11 AEE Addis Ababa
    4. 4. Prime Tower, Zurich 06.11.09 AEE Addis Ababa PRIME TOWER ZURICH
    5. 5. 10.11.11 AEE Addis Ababa
    6. 6. 10.11.11 AEE Addis Ababa
    7. 7. 10.11.11 AEE Addis Ababa
    8. 8. 10.11.11 AEE Addis Ababa
    9. 9. 10.11.11 AEE Addis Ababa 1. Eigenform: f 1 = 0.19Hz 2. Eigenform: f 2 = 0.23Hz 3. Eigenform: f 3 = 0.34Hz
    10. 10. Head deformation 50 year wind: 350mm 10 year wind: 210mm Dynamic head acceleration 50 year wind: 90mm/s2
    11. 11. Waste Treatment Plant - KVA, Bern
    12. 12. 10.11.11 AEE Addis Ababa
    13. 16. 10.11.11 AEE Addis Ababa Lem Residence, Addis Ababa
    14. 17. 10.11.11 AEE Addis Ababa
    15. 18. 10.11.11 AEE Addis Ababa
    16. 19. 10.11.11 AEE Addis Ababa CMC Hospital, Addis Ababa
    17. 20. Ground Floor Layout-Right Wing
    18. 21. Ground Floor Layout-Left Wing
    19. 22. Europaallee_Baufeld G., Zurich
    20. 25. Canton School, Heerbrugg
    21. 28. Ski School and Parking Garage, Arosa
    22. 34. <ul><li>I thank you for your kind attention! </li></ul><ul><li>Your questions are most welcome. </li></ul>10.11.11 AEE Addis Ababa