Nashville - Heaven's Light


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Nashville - Heaven's Light

  1. 1. Mon December 8, 2003 - 7:42 PM[/b][/size] Michael, First, on behalf of the staff of, let me welcome you the site and the message board. You should also have received (or will be receiving) a Welcome Letter in a private message from our junior moderator team. We are always pleased to see "older" fans join our community, as they often bring a tremendous depth of experiences and maturity. As you spend more time with us, you'll notice there are quite a few such members on the board. With regard to the post you made this afternoon: [quote][b]Quote from mcipoletti at 2:00 PM on December 8, 2003 :[/b] http://Writing.Com/authors/mcipoletti HEAVEN'S LIGHT I hope that someday Billy reads this! In October 2003, I had the pleasure of seeing Billy performing at Foxwoods, in CT. Usually when I visit CT, I stop at the border in Hope Valley RI (another song and story) because my favorite store in the world "Hack and Livery", carries candy that I enjoyed when I was a kid myself. I was recently told that Billy, his mom, and brother Colin often visit the same store for the candy and crafts :) I had to drive back to get more since the candy I bought my children for Christmas stocking stuffers didn't make the trip, I ate it. Prior to this discovery, which I did not know was Billy's hometown until I turned around in the next door fire station parking lot where a dedication sign was for Billy, I could only get that candy in Rockport MA, close to where I live. At Billy's concert, he dedicated a song to his grandfather who has been diagnosed with cancer. Recently, I lost an aunt who was in fact a mother to me and was a grandmother to my two young children. I could barely sit through the performance because I was about to cry my eyes out, actually I was, remembering my aunt. I took off to the restroom where I cried to myself. I believe he was crying as well, and understandably so. She was loved by adults and all children. I wrote the lyrics for a song named HEAVEN'S LIGHT (see link). I have two songs being recorded for demo's CD's in Nashville as of the date of this post. Nothing I have ever wrote, has had the feeling of this dedication song. It's that special to me but I think we can all relate to somebody once in their lives.
  2. 2. I am an older fan and a part time lyric writer. I have a daytime job so I can eat. Both my four year old son and eight year old daughter are fans too. Nothing would do my aunt's memory more if Billy would use it for charity purposes in his work with Sunburst Projects or other as he see fits for children. I write from my heart and my pain. I write from what I believe is important in life. These lyrics are an expression of that. The song has a copyright, but I state it was written only for the memory of an aunt who died from cancer, nothing more. My children miss her so much. Billy, if you get this. I hope the song offers your comfort as you stand by your grandfather. Your music, sang in both your younger and now older voice are just the same. It's what you sing from the heart and do that makes who you are and makes you special and a star. I pray for your grandfather and hope for an extended life in his battle with cancer. I hate cancer so much, it has taken so much from me. Just another fan, even if I am not a teenager. The Lyrics... Heaven's Light What do you see when you look up into the sky? I see smiling faces shining bright in the night. Are these God's children in Heaven's Light? I see an angel named Mary by their sides. Chorus An angel named Mary was taken into Heaven's Light. I will always remember how she touched so many lives. She brought happiness and laughter to all those left behind. And although she is not here, I believe that her spirit will always be alive. What do you see when you look up into the sky? I see an angel named Mary in Heaven's Light. Are these God's children standing by her side? And if it is, I need not to worry because I know that they have an angel named Mary who loves them in their new lives. Chorus On her last day she told us that she was very sorry for leaving us behind. And I believe that God told had her that she was needed in Heaven and that it was her time. I remember her last hug as I started to cry.
  3. 3. And I fell on my knees asking God to give Mary my life. And oh yes I believe, I do believe, that God had a purpose for an angel like Mary in Heaven's Light. Chorus And if you should see a smiling reflection in the night, please don't be afraid of an angel named Mary in Heaven's Light. And oh yes I believe, you must believe, that God had a purpose for an angel like Mary in Heaven's Light. © Copyright 2003 Michael Cipoletti (UN: mcipoletti at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. Michael Cipoletti has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and its syndicates non- exclusive rights to display this work. Sincerely, Michael -mc- p.s. My daughter says you rock. I think this means your cool which has been translated into my generation's lingo. I am taking them to the Nutcraker at Mohegan Sun soon. We plan to stop by Hack and Livery for a candy run! [size=1](Edited by mcipoletti %1070910526%.)[/size] [/quote] ...the post causes a number of difficulties for us, as, despite the fact that it has been made with heartfelt sincerity as well as clarity, nevertheless it is in violation of several of our Board Rules and accepted practices -- which we admit will take time for a new member to get used to. It is no secret that Billy is a regular visitor to the board. He has personally conveyed the pleasure he feels as he browses the posts, comfortable in a setting of friends. For this reason, we insist that our members not attempt to use the board as a means for direct contact with Billy. As is, your post is a very personal, very direct letter to Billy. The only acceptable means for communicating with him in this fashion, as stated in our FAQs, is through his management: Billy Gilman c/o RPM Management LLC. 209 10th Avenue South,
  4. 4. Suite 229 Nashville, TN 37203 Certain aspects of your post are certainly welcome on the board, though in truth you have included many facets that cross the boundaries of several of our forums. Introducing yourself to the community would take place in the "Other" forum. Your thoughts and feelings about Billy's performance(s) at recent concerts would go in the "Concert Reviews" forum. The lyrics of your song, if you wished to share them with the general membership, would belong in "Fan Contributions." Observations about Billy in general would indeed be posted in "Billy Chat." Personal information about Billy and his family, such as where they like to shop, is generally not permitted on the board unless Billy himself posts it or it has been released in a public interview. One of the reasons that Billy does feel comfortable about visiting this site is that we are rather serious about ensuring his privacy. There was [i]one[/i] [url= forum=1&topic=53663]topic[/url] in "Billy Chat" that someone started prior to his shows last month in Indiana and Illinois that featured fairly short messages to Billy, which I permitted as I thought he'd appreciate seeing them as he got ready to go on the road again. (He did.) This is one of the few exceptions I've allowed, and the thread has remained active though the shows, of course, are over. An older [url= forum=1&topic=52955]topic[/url] was started by Billy himself and many members had the opportunity to respond to Billy, which he also enjoyed. However, these threads are not the norm and, by and large, attempts at direct communication on the board are discouraged. Your post, taken as an entire offering, is rather special. We most sincerely recommend that you retain its structure intact and send it to Billy through the US Mail, and hope you will feel free to share your viewpoints with the entire community in our various forums. Again, welcome to the board. We hope you enjoy your time here. Please let us know if we may help you in any way that is within our power to do so. Regards, Mike Reiner [size=1][color=blue][i][b]Moderator[/b][/i][/color][/size] cc: sr staff [/quote]