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Tsg Signature Care Core Network Server Offering


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Presentation given by Eric Stoltz at our TSG Wine Mixer

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Tsg Signature Care Core Network Server Offering

  1. 1. SignatureCare Managed Services Portfolio Overview INFRASTRUCTURE, & APPLICATION MONITORING & MANAGEMENT
  2. 2. Business Objectives • Decrease down time - All offerings include 24x7 monitoring and remediation • Fixed IT support budget - Can scale are your business scales without costly bench or hiring challenges • Reduce Operational Expenses & Burden - TSG staff is kept trained on current technologies - No unplanned coverage (sick days, emergencies) or planned coverage (vacation) to worry about – that is our issue to handle • IT staff to focus on strategic goals, not fire fighting
  3. 3. Core Offering • 24 x 7 Monitoring, Management and problem resolution • Complete problem ownership through resolution & comprehensive incident tracking • Detailed performance and fault monitoring - Servers - Voice & Data - Applications Circuits - Switches - Storage/SAN - Routers - VoIP/ IP - Security Telephony - Wireless - UPS - VPN - Printers
  4. 4. Full Ticketing Lifecycle Tracking • Robust ticket management system - Tickets opened by Phone call, Email, customized web portal or traps/alerts • Client has full access to your tickets • You receive hourly and daily updates on all tickets based on Service Level Agreements(SLA)
  5. 5. Performance Monitoring • Network Performance Statistics - Bandwidth utilization, Network latency - Packet loss, Interface errors - Device availability, Circuit status • Device & Application Performance Statistics - Network device CPU and memory utilization - Network device buffer and queue performance - Server OS CPU, storage, and memory utilization Windows, Linux, Unix Variants - Detailed Application performance statistics Exchange, Active Directory, Apache, MSSQL, MYSQL, Oracle, SharePoint, Web sites, etc. - VoIP / IP Telephony - Gateway utilization - Circuit state - HVAC and Environmental Controls - Any SNMP compliant device can be configured and monitored, we will customize to meet your needs!
  6. 6. Network Administration • Server and application administration - Active Directory, VMWare, Exchange, Apache, SQL, file & print, telephony, and much more - Backup management - Patch management - Moves, Adds, Changes, Deletes (MACD) • Asset management of systems being monitored
  7. 7. Vendor Case Management • Manufacturer contract management and tracking - Ensure contracts are valid, serial numbers tracked • Incident Case Management - ** Telco ** don’t worry about sitting on hold for 2 hrs again trying to get a carrier to fix a circuit - Cisco, HP, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Citrix, etc. • We Manage the Vendors: • Replacement parts dispatch • On-site technician dispatch • Vendor tickets • We keep YOU up to date! - TSG owns pushing the vendor for RFO – Reason for Outage, takes a huge burden off you and holds them accountable to their SLAs
  8. 8. Additional Value • Client has full access to all monitoring, management, and ticketing systems • History maintained for two years for regression analysis and trending • Custom Branding
  9. 9. Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) & Historical Trending and Strategic IT Planning • Planning - Quarterly business and technology reviews - Quarterly network health checks - Disaster recovery and business continuity planning - Development of IT strategic plans & budgets • Trending - Data trending analysis and recommendations - Uptime and availability reports - Regular event and ticket summary reporting
  10. 10. QBR Statistic Examples
  11. 11. Demo & Walk Through
  12. 12. Questions & Open Discussion
  13. 13. The Signature Group, Inc. 8229 Boone Boulevard Suite 820 Vienna, Virginia 22182 Phone: 703.734.8720 / 800.953.3692 Fax: 703.734.9477 Email: A Culture of Excellence