Stn Event Presentation 1.12.10 Microsoft


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Stn Event Presentation 1.12.10 Microsoft

  1. 1. “We’re All Facing an Economic ‘Reset’ …Businesses are responding by emphasizing efficiency as companies look to trim anything that isn’t strategic or doesn’t contribute to the bottom line.” — Steve Ballmer What is the right spending level on IT? How do you justify new IT investments?
  2. 2. Security & Compliance “Consumerization” of IT Mobile & Distributed Workforce Gartner research head Peter Sondergaard: 2009 to usher in the age of “digital natives”
  3. 3. Get more out of your Capture & create new revenue—unlocking people and organization people’s creativity and imagination …Do more With less… Pull costs out of operations The New Efficiency is where: Cost savings, innovation and productivity come together through IT to deliver operational improvements while amplifying the impact of your people
  4. 4. Standardized Rationalized Basic Standardized Rationalized Dynamic IT is a IT is an efficient IT is a IT is a cost center cost center business enabler strategic asset …is most familiar and supported …simplifies management and compliance …securely connects people and information …is integrated and interoperable
  5. 5. Key dates around the coming retirement of Windows XP Retail and OEM partners: July 30, 2008 System builders: May 30, 2009 Technical support will continue to be available through… Mainstream: through June 31, 2010 Extended: through April 22, 2014 Customers will still be able to get XP as part of downgrade rights, both via OEM Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Professional (for 18 months or until SP1) Volume license agreements (companies can get with as few as 5 licenses)
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  12. 12. • Volume License SKU • Advanced Security & Access • Technical Enthusiast SKU • Advanced Security & Access • Standard Business SKU • Added Security & Management • Standard Consumer SKU • Visually Rich Environment • Internet & Email Access • Productivity Applications • Price Sensitive Customers • Small Form Factor PCs
  13. 13. Bitlocker / Applocker Multi-Lingual User Interface + Unix Subsystem Software Assurance Direct Access Branch Cache 4 Virtual OS Licenses 1
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  15. 15. Helping customers enhance manageability while reducing the complexity and cost of their IT infrastructures. Licensing MDOP Why deploy MDOP? You must have SA on your Reduce application management Windows licenses to be costs eligible to purchase MDOP Enable roaming and hot desking MDOP tools may then be Accelerate OS migrations installed and used on Build business continuity for Windows desktops with applications active SA Reduce help desk calls
  16. 16. What the Customer Has Product Recommended Install Recommendation Windows 7 PC without Windows Clean Install Full Version Windows 7 Windows XP Clean Install Upgrade Windows Windows 7 In-Place Upgrade Vista SP1 Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows In-Place Upgrade higher edition Anytime Upgrade Any 32bit to 64bit Included Clean Install
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  19. 19. Virtualization Management Web Hyper-V™ with Live Migration Power Management IIS 7.5 Hot Add/Remove VM Storage Windows PowerShell ASP .NET on Server Core Remote Desktop Services AD Administrative Center Enhanced FTP and WebDAV Best Practices Analyzer Administration Modules & Cmdlets Solid Foundation for Enterprise Workloads Scalability and Reliability Better Together with Windows 7 256 Core Support DirectAccess™ Componentization BranchCache™ Boot from SAN or VHD Enhanced Group Policies Support for Solid-state Devices RemoteApp & Desktop Connections File Classification Infrastructure
  20. 20. Server Manager Initial Configuration Product Installation
  21. 21. Command-line shell & Scripting Language Improves productivity & control Accelerates automation of system admin Easy-to-use Works with existing scripts Resources Community Support TechNet Script Center MS MVPs PowerShell Team Blog Manning Publications PowerShell Newsgroup O’Reilly Media Channel 9 Sapien Press & others
  22. 22. Fan-Out (1 to Many) Send the script Select properties – Allows you to specify which properties to bring back Throttling – limits number of concurrent operations Async support – Runs the command in background on client Fan-In (Many to 1) Hosting model Share static data between sessions (eg: cmdlet metadata from snap-in) Send progress information to client (eg: Connecting, Connected)
  23. 23. Out-GridView Graphical PowerShell Multi-tabbed interface Integrated development environment Syntax coloring
  24. 24. Advanced functions Call .NET APIs Improved debugging Event log subscription Write cmdlets in PowerShell script Script translation New cmdlets Community site
  25. 25. Active Directory server role enhancements New forest functional level Windows PowerShell management Microsoft System Center Management Pack Active Directory Administrative Center Recycle Bin Offline domain join Managed service accounts Active Directory Federated Services update Authentication assurance
  26. 26. Integrated Best Practice Analyzer Validates configuration information Enhances infrastructure reliability Improves compliance with service level agreements
  27. 27. 2.8 GHz Quad Core Processor Core Parking Adjusting P-State Percent Frequency P-states 0 1 100 90 2.800 GHz 2.520 GHz P-State=0 Centralized Processor 2 3 85 2.380 GHz Processor GHz 75 2.100 storage Core 1 Active Processor 4 Core 2 InactiveGHz Storage1.680 60 Area 5 50Network GHz 1.400 Core 1 P-State Percent Frequency 0 100 2.800 GHz Processor 1 Processor GHz 90 2.520 P-State=4 Core 3 Inactive 2 Core 4 InactiveGHz 85 2.380 3 75 2.100 GHz Processor 4 60 1.680 GHz 5 50 1.400 GHz Core 2
  28. 28. WS03 vs. WS08 RTM vs. WS08 R2 100% TPC-E workload Power (% of Max Watts) 90% 80% 70% Lower is better 60% WS2003 SP2 WS2008 RTM WS2008 R2 50% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Workload (% of Max tpsE)
  29. 29. More Reliable More Control More Secure More Choice Increased availability Simplified, distributed Improved security and Flexible platform with through dynamic request management through set server protection through enhanced support for handling, improved of customizable reduced server footprint multiple application caching and powerful administrative tools with and enhanced publishing development platforms troubleshooting tools easier application and request filtering and media content deployment for developers capabilities delivery ● Scalable Web ● Centralized Web ● Enhanced Server ● Built-in ASP.NET and PHP Infrastructure Management Protection Support ● Dynamic Caching and ● Delegated Remote ● Secure Content Publishing ● Modular & Extensible Web Compression Management Server ● Improved Access ● Powerful Diagnostic Tools ● Easy Application and Server Protection ● Integrated Media Platform Deployment
  30. 30. Enhanced IIS Manager Configuration Editor IIS Manager UI Extensions Request Filtering Windows PowerShell Provider .NET on Server Core
  31. 31. Supports New Web Standards FTP over SSL USC and UTF8 IPv6 Virtual Host Names
  32. 32. Scalability and Reliability
  33. 33. 64 Logical Cores 64 bit only High performance storage
  34. 34. Only a subset of the executable files and DLLs installed No GUI interface installed Can be managed with remote tools
  35. 35. Winsock User Mode Kernel Mode WSK Clients TDI Clients AFD TDI WSK TDX Next Generation TCP/IP Stack (tcpip.sys) Next Generation TCP/IP Stack (tcpip.sys) TCP UDP RAW TCP UDP RAW Inspection API IPv4 IPv6 IPv4 IPv6 Loop- Loop- IPv4 IPv4 IPv6 802.3 802.3 WLAN WLAN IPv6 back back Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel NDIS
  36. 36. Policy Servers such as: Patch, AV 3 1 2 Not policy compliant 4 Remediation Servers Windows DHCP, VPN Restricted Example: Patch Client Switch/Router NPS Network Policy compliant 5 Corporate Network If not policy compliant, client is put in a restricted 5 4 3 2 1 Client and given access network and access If policy Policy access tois granted full against Networkcompliant, client to fix up resources status DHCP, VPN or Server (NPS) validates presentsIT- VLAN requests Switch/Router relays health to to current health policy corporate patches, defined health state configurations, (RADIUS) to Microsoft Network Policy Server signatures download network (Repeat 1 - 4)
  37. 37. Better Together
  38. 38. IPv6 Devices IPv4 Devices Support IPv4 via 6to4 transition IT desktop services or NAT-PT management Native IPv6 DirectAccess provides Allows desktop with IPSec transparent, secured management of AD Group Policy, access to intranet DirectAccess clients NAP, software IPv6 Transition updates resources without a VPN Services Supports direct connectivity to IPv6- DirectAccess Internet based intranet resources Server Supports variety of Allows IPSec encryption and remote network Windows 7 authentication protocols Client
  39. 39. 3. Changes to cache are synchronized to Main Office Client Main Office 1. Branch server Client Branch Office downloads data from Main Office server 2. Client accesses and changes local cached copy of data
  40. 40. 2. Second client downloads identifiers from main office server Client 1 Main Office 1. First client downloads Branch Office Client 2 data from main office server 3. Second client searches local network for data and downloads from first client
  41. 41. 4. Second client downloads from 2. Content pushed to hosted hosted cache cache from first client Client 1 Main Office 1. First client downloads Client 2 Branch Office data from main office server 3. Second client downloads identifiers from main office server
  42. 42. Regional Datacenter Support for read-only DFS Read-only Replica of DFS Read/Write Replica of DFS Branch Office Provides a read-only, replica copy of read/write DFS resources Deletions are not allowed Prevents modifications within branch office
  43. 43. Encrypt data on removable drives Provided by BitLocker to Go Drive Encryption Store encryption keys in Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory
  44. 44. Storage Virtualization Document Redirection and Offline Files Server Virtualization Presentation Virtualization Management Application Desktop Virtualization Virtualization Enterprise Desktop Windows XP Mode
  45. 45. Interoperability agreements with Novell, Citrix (Xen), and Red Hat to support Linux on Hyper-V SVVP (Server Virtualization Validation Program) to certify non-Microsoft Hypervisors for Microsoft Support System Center Operations Manager supports monitoring of non-Windows, including Linux System Center Virtual Machine Manager manages VMware ESX servers Microsoft released the source code for Hyper-V drivers under the GPL
  46. 46. Remote App Servers Hyper-V-based Remote Desktops Authentication Client Remote Desktop RemoteApp & Remote Desktop Desktop Web Access Gateway Server Connection Server Broker
  47. 47. • Only supportedlike they Remote programs Programs look by RemoteApp console integrated with local Remote make application are running locally used to Desktop client computer 6.0, or newer available • Centrally configure a Also used to make terminal server with via programs available the Terminal Access TS Web Server Configuration console Remote Desktop client required Terminal Services Gateway Server
  48. 48. *Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise or Datacenter Editions
  49. 49. VM 1 VM 1 VM 2 VM 3 VM 2 VM 3 (Parent) (Admin) Virtual- VM 2 VM 3 ization (Child) (Child) Hypervisor Stack Hypervisor Drivers Drivers Drivers Drivers Drivers Drivers Drivers Drivers Drivers Host OS Drivers Drivers Drivers Drivers Drivers Drivers Hypervisor Hardware Hardware Hardware
  50. 50. Virtual Virtual Machine Machine Configuration Data Memory Content Memory Sync Cluster Cluster User Node 1 Node 2 VHD Network Storage
  51. 51. Concurrent SAN access to a single file system VHD VHD VHD Single Volume
  52. 52. Comparison of Virtualizing 5 hosts $58.5K VMware Multi-Hypervisor Management App Management Physical Management $9.4K Virtual Included! Management System Center $9.4 K Hypervisor Windows Server Windows Server VMware
  53. 53. © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.