10-14-2010 STN Roundtable Presentation


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10-14-2010 STN Roundtable Presentation

  1. 1. www.tsginc.biz © 2009 Proprietary & Confidential Signature Technology Network 2010 IT Leadership Roundtable Thursday, October 14th, 2010
  2. 2. www.tsginc.biz © 2009 Proprietary & Confidential WHO IS THE SIGNATURE GROUP? Founded in 1997 as an IT Consulting, Strategy Management & Systems Integration Firm Three Primary Practice Areas Enterprise Small & Mid-Market Federal, State, Local Government SignatureCare Managed Services Turn Key Monitoring, Management & Remediation Help Desk Over-The-Wire Data Protection Real Time Disaster Avoidance/Recovery Business Program and Project Management Strategic Planning Mergers and Acquisitions Proof of Concept, R&D and Standards Technology Process and Change Management Regulatory Compliance Disaster Recovery Planning Design and Implementation Server Consolidation and Virtualization Storage Area Networks (SAN) Datacenter Design and Consolidation Local and Wide Area Networks Wireless Solutions & Networks Network Security and Audits Unified Communications / IP Telephony IP Call Centers Unified Messaging Corporate Messaging (Exchange) Global Directory Services (AD/NDS) Network operating system migrations Desktop migrations
  3. 3. www.tsginc.biz © 2009 Proprietary & Confidential ROUND TABLE • This Roundtable group serves as an informal "advisory board" to the STN Group • Currently over 80 members with a cross section of industries represented
  4. 4. www.tsginc.biz © 2009 Proprietary & Confidential WHAT IS STN? Signature Technology Network (STN) is a free membership based group* of Senior IT Executives in the DC Metro Area from a broad array of industries. Purpose: • Social and Peer Networking • Sharing of Best Practices • Discuss Technology & Business Solutions • Access to Independent Industry Experts • Forum for Ongoing Education Dedicated Learning Sessions Panel Discussions Roundtable Events Manufacturer and Vendor Presentations Looking to the Future of IT Benefits: • Learn from Success and Failures of Peers • Understand Do’s, Don’ts and Best Practices • Learn the Solutions that Your Peers are Using to Improve the Performance of Their Business • Hear What Independent Experts Say About Various Technologies and Business Solutions • Gain Direct Access to Manufacturers and Vendors to Understand their Long Term Road Maps and How These Will Help You Plan And Invest Wisely For The Future •NDA’s are required for all participating members Signature Technology Network #STNTSG
  5. 5. www.tsginc.biz © 2009 Proprietary & Confidential INTRODUCTIONS • Name & Company • Vertical Market • Your Role • A business challenge (or two) for next 12 month you need to solve for your organization • Something unique about you!
  6. 6. www.tsginc.biz © 2009 Proprietary & Confidential TOPICS FOR TODAY’S ROUND TABLE 1. IT Support / Helpdesk / Outsourcing Model / Staffing / Reorganization / Lack of Manpower / Keeping up with Growth / 24x7 support needs 2. Maximizing IT Dollars / Budget Constraints / Funding / Cost Savings 3. Security & Compliance 4. Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery / Co- Location 5. Server Consolidation / Virtualization / Infrastructure Migrations
  7. 7. www.tsginc.biz © 2009 Proprietary & Confidential Networking
  8. 8. www.tsginc.biz © 2009 Proprietary & Confidential A Culture of Excellence The Signature Group, Inc. 8229 Boone Boulevard Suite 820 Vienna, Virginia 22182 Phone: 703.734.8720 / 800.953.3692 Fax: 703.734.9477 Email: solutions@tsginc.biz www.tsginc.biz The Signature Group