Zasqr for Real Estate Agencies, Marco Cimino 2013


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How Zasqr can add value to Real Estate Marketing?

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Zasqr for Real Estate Agencies, Marco Cimino 2013

  1. 1. Zasqr Mobile Promotion“Promote, engage, retain in a effective and direct way”Real State Business, April 2013
  2. 2. 19/04/2013 2The 56% of Spanish Internetusers accessed the Internetvia smartphone, in 2012.This figurerepresents40% of thepopulation
  3. 3. Mobile Marketing• Internet users are increasinglyusing smartphones to access theInternet: email, social media, etc ...• Nowadays, smartphones providesreal-time interaction (shops,press, outdoor advertising)
  4. 4. What is Zasqr?• An mPromotion platform designed togenerate traffic to point of sale.• Reading a QR code with Zasqr ispossible to get discounts, participatein contests, promote products andservices… engage customers.
  5. 5. It is quite common to find QR codes on sale sign thatadvertise properties for sale or rent.Real Estate agencies increasingly use this technologyto provide the contact phone number or provide moreinformation through a link to a website with photosand property details.But, in the best case the functionality will be savingto type the phone number or the URL of the page. Inthis way we are forcing the consumer to use theinformation on the spot, on the street and withcellphone in hand, with the limitations of the phonedisplay.
  6. 6. Really would be much more useful to receiveinformation in a reusable format, so we can accessit when we get home and to "work on it" for ourneeds. (Forward it by email, print it, comparing it,etc.).That´s why Zasqr extends the functionality of atraditional QR code, by adding the ability to sendemail automatically attaching the dossier of theproperty, with any additional information, as well inthe language of the one who scans the QR code
  7. 7. How it works?(scan this code with ZasQR)
  8. 8. Scanning the QR code we receive allproperty information by email
  9. 9. More options• The same QRcode can be used in• The showcase of the agency, to request informationfrom a property during non working hours/days• In print ads, transforming the limited and expensivespace of a newspaper in virtually unlimited space.• In outdoor advertising, giving interactivity, joining on-line and off-line environments.
  10. 10. More Information• The message received by our potentialcustomer can contain any type ofinformation• The maximum number of Property details, photos,building specifications, drawings, etc.• Offer similar properties or other products on thesame area.• A complete list of our current product portfolio andupgradeable at any time.
  11. 11. http://zasqr.com for real estate business, QR codewith automated email + trackingMore information and hiring tellme@zasqr.comNumber of active codes Monthly feeFrom 1 to 50 50€ per monthFrom 51 to 100 100€ per monthFrom 101 to 150 150€ per monthFrom 151 to 200 200€ per month
  12. 12. http://zasqr.com