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  1. 1. Contact Information Twitter Profile:!/DonnyMcIlmoyle Facebook Profile: Email:
  2. 2. • Graduated Sutton District High School in 2009• Currently studying Sports Management at Durham College(2009-present)•My interests include; sports, music, video games, and socialmedia.• The following resume will include how I use social media,and how I could improve your business!
  3. 3. FACEBOOK! Been a user since 2008 400 Friends Daily User Upload pictures, discuss topics. Included in many groups, and discuss future/past events I am an “expert” at Facebook. This is my strongest social media tool.
  4. 4. My Facebook Profile!
  5. 5. I ALSO BLOG!!! Have been blogging since 2007 Topics include, world news, common interest, sports, social media Once had one of the most viewed blogs on A lot of my blogs are funny, but I also do write many serious blogs.
  6. 6. Here’s an example of my Blog! I believe that through social media, news can spread faster, and the initial quality is much higher. With that said however, you always have to remember "never believe everything you read on the internet", which is why I believe it has decreased. Over the past few year, social media has really taken off. People now walk around holding their cell phone in their hands at almost all times. That cell phone that an individual is holding has the ability to connect to the internet almost everywhere around the world. No longer are people waiting until the 6pm news to see what is going on around the world, instead they just click an app that is downloaded on their device. In years prior the social media breakout, news would often come to the world a little slow, however it would be accurate. Now, it seems as though a story will break, and almost everybody finds out instantly. However, with that said, the story seems to always change until it can officially be confirmed what actually happened. That is why I believe it has decreased. People are seeing the instant news and reacting and putting their own story behind it. They are not watching the 6 oclock news, and instead doing other things because "they already know the story".As seen on! The link to my blog: 039426016#overview
  7. 7. DON’T FORGET PODCASTS!!! I have subscribed to many on Itunes. Listen to a podcast daily. No commercials, often constant talking. I listen to sports, comedy, and news.Here are the Podcasts that I have subscribed to!
  8. 8. Social Media Through My CellPhone! Often upload pictures to Facebook. Pictures include, where I am, something interesting, etc. I also read the news.. FROM MY PHONE! I also watch sports, chat with friends, ALL THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA! The following slide will show some of the pictures that I have posted!
  9. 9. SOME OF MY PICS!I also posted some videos! Here is a link toone of them
  10. 10. Thank You For Viewing MyResume. I have a very strong knowledge of social media, and believe I would be suitable for a position within an organization. References are available upon request.