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  1. 1. 1.HealthFind HealthFind is using Google Custom searchMedical Search Engines to look up in selection of medical and health sites. 2. PogoFrog A medical research engine for physicians, using Google custom search. 3. SearchMedica It is a series of free medical search engines built by doctors for doctors and other medical professionals. This search engine searches in selected recommended medical sites or the entire web. The user can refine his search by category for more specific information, also he can narrow or broader the search. 4. (Semantic Search Technology) It provides more personalization for search results. (Galleries Source:
  2. 2. wgea [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Exploring Web 2 Tools to Develop a Collaborative E-Learning Environment My PBworks Workspaces wgea Upgrade Now! Michal J. Cidon MD account log out help Wiki Pages & Files Users Settings Search this workspace Create a page VIEW EDIT Upload files Exploring Web 2 Tools to Develop a Collaborative E-     Invite more people Learning Environment   Share this page last edited by Michal J. Cidon MD 1 minute ago Page history Put this page in a folder WHAT MAKES A GOOD INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGY? Add Tags Control access to this page When we think of instructional strategies in medical education, we need to understand the psychology of Copy this page the adult learner: 1. Adults learn best in a nonthreatening environment when they are recognized respectfully as individuals. 2. Adults need to know why they need to learn something. They prefer to assess their needs and Navigator   partcipate in developing learning objectives. Starred Pages and Files 3. Adults want to use what they learn and perceive learning as a means to meeting a new need Activity Tracking now or in the future. 4. Adults are interested in concepts, principles, and application of knowledge, rather than just Assignments learning facts. Blank Page 5.Learning is enhanced by problem solving approach (case reviews or case studies) focusing Course learning on a common point and providing a problem situation where the learner’s past experience and knowledge contribute to the discussions. Exploring Web 2 Tools to Develop a Collabo 6. Adults like feedback on how they are progressing, but dislike formal evaluation. Measures of self Meeting Agenda progress are prefered over competition with others. Pages Files options   The Educator Corner provides teaching transparency by highlighting important instructional components SideBar   within the teaching process, such as (1) the assessment of learner needs and interests in order to formulate learning goals and objectives,     (2) the recognition of curricular goals and objectives linked to ACGME competencies,   (3) the evaluation of the learning experience of the residents, hello  (4) and the identification of the learners needs for further learning, Edit the sidebar (5) the design of sequential activities to achieve curricular objectives based on the selection of new resources, Share this workspace   (6) Lastly, educators learn to create a cooperative learning climate through learner centered interactions. Add a new writer to the workspace. Add WIDE-ANGLE CURRICULUM PROVIDES A User settings LONGITUDINAL, LEARNER CENTERED, REFLECTIVE CLINICAL EXPERIENCE Recent Activity   EACH CASE OUTLINES CURRICULAR GOALS AND Medicalsearchengines.pdf OBJECTIVES uploaded by Michal J. Cidon MD EACH CASE HIGHLIGHTS ACGME COMPETENCIES Exploring Web 2 Tools to Develop a Colla… EACH CASE DEFINES JUNCTURES WITHIN edited by Michal J. Cidon MD CURRICULUM TO STRATEGICALLY EMBED FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT Medicalsearchengines.html EACH CASE ENGAGES THE EDUCATOR TO SHAPE uploaded by Michal J. Cidon MD THE CURRICULUM BASED ON FORMATIVE Exploring Web 2 Tools to Develop a Colla… ASSESSMENTS edited by Michal J. Cidon MD   Exploring Web 2 Tools to Develop a Colla… Content Management edited by Michal J. Cidon MD Medical search engines,  Open source resources, contentmanagement1.jpg  Aggregation Tools, uploaded by Michal J. Cidon MD  RSS feeders. article8_5.jpg uploaded by Michal J. Cidon MD[3/23/2012 9:43:58 PM]
  3. 3. wgea [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Exploring Web 2 Tools to Develop a Collaborative E-Learning Environment … More activity...   MY RED HANDS! Residents learn to use a musculoskeletal exam as well as a diagnostic tests to clarify non-specific findings related to a rheumatological illness . IT LOOKS LIKE A NEUROMUSCULAR PROBLEM BUT ITS NOT... Residents learn to identify rheumatological diseases which mimick a neuromuscular disease process. They learn to select imaging and diagnostic modalities to diagnose a rheumatological puzzle. Share Twitter Facebook Welcome to Pediatric Rheumatology Sign Up or Sign In A site that supports an online curriculum about Pediatric Rheumatology © 2012   Created by Michal J. Cidon.   Powered by . Badges  |  Report an Issue  |  Terms of Service Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use Pediatric Rheumatology. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. Comments (0) Add a comment Add comment 0/2000 0/2000 PDF version PBworks Release #588 / Help About this workspace Terms of use / Privacy policy Contact the owner / RSS feed / This workspace is private[3/23/2012 9:43:58 PM]