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  1. 1. Similes andMetaphors
  2. 2. Similes and metaphors are usedin writing to compare andcontrast. This means they tell howthings are the same or different.They make you think of picturesin your mind.
  3. 3. A metaphor also compares two things, but itdoes it more directly. It does not use thewords as or like.For example:The houses windows ARE open mouthsspeaking to the world.
  4. 4. The bull WAS a brick wall blocking our view.
  5. 5. A simile is when two thingsare compared becausethey have something incommon. The word AS orLIKE is used to compare thetwo words.
  6. 6. The cars stuck in traffic were AS straightAS an army of ants slowly marching.
  7. 7. The rivers dangerous current bent LIKE a curvedsnake.
  8. 8. Poem Activity
  9. 9. Saturday Morning Blues by c.safos I woke this morning with an aching head. My legs were hurting. I fell out of bed. My eyes were as red as two stop signs. The sun was so bright that I closed the blinds. My feet were tunas. My nose was a hosethat dripped and ran and could not be closed. I felt like a dragon with my sore throat. I just needed the wings and a scaly coat. Also my tonsils were as big as rocks. I was swimming in sweat down to my socks. Then I remembered the party was near. And just then, all of my aches disappeared. My face felt fine. My arms felt strong.The thermometer got my temperature wrong. So I put on my hat and party shoes and shook loose my Saturday morning blues.
  10. 10. Which of the lines from the poemis an example of a metaphor?"My face felt fine. My arms felt strong“"My feet were tunas. My nose was a hose“"I woke this morning with an aching head“"I felt like a dragon with my sore throat"
  11. 11. End
  12. 12. The Digby c.safosThe men on the construction site liftbeams and girders as easily as lifting pennies.The tubes from their tractors exhale steam when they sigh.The foremans voice croaks and roars like a bullfrog.One by one, their machines tear through the trees.They bully over the land like a bakers pin rolling out dough.In the absence of the trail, a skyscraper will be built.It will be large enough to touch the moon.The buildings teeth will withstand the sun and wind.Its guts will house people.The men are giants. Their footprints in the wet concretewill be seen by everyone. They will be known by their shoe sizes.The land is a ghost in a dirty sheet.It needs to be cleaned and cleared and clipped.The land is like a fugitive on the run.It needs a new name and a new face and a new home.Find examples of similes in this poem.
  13. 13. Victor worked hard throughout the season. He went to everypractice game and he gave it all that he could. He wasdetermined to score the most points for his team. CoachAdams knew Victor was a great football player, but he didn’tthink Victor was ready to play. During games, Victor wouldwait anxiously to be called to play on the field. Finally duringa Friday night game, Victor was unexpectedly called up toplay. He scored a touchdown for the team. Victor walked offthe field as proud as a peacock. Everyone was so excitedthat they were high-fiving him and cheering him on. Victorwas a rock star!