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Meet Me Scheduler


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Allows scheduling, intimation adn authentication of Meetme conferencing.

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Meet Me Scheduler

  1. 1. Introduction Office MARS Meetme Scheduler allows the use of the default Meetme conferencing feature of the Communication Manager in a more secure way. Meetme Scheduler makes a clear distinction between a conference owner, those who schedule conferences and intimate Communication others and the conference participants. Once this is done the conference owners will be able to schedule Meetme conferences, intimate participants and authenticate them. Infotainment Features The Meetme Scheduler allows conference owners to schedule Meetme conferences in the MARS administration portal. Once the conference Utility is scheduled the administrator can send the intimation about the conference to participants from the same portal itself. The intimation are either sent through using the IP Phones messaging, email Broadcast messaging or as a Short Message Service (SMS). If the SMS option is chosen than the system will require the service of either a GSM modem or that of a SMS gateway. The users will than have to dial in the specific number, which will initiate the authentication interactive voice response service. The users are asked about the authentication pass code before allowed login into the conference. The Meetme number is never shown to any participant except the owner and the owner can only initiate the conference. Benefits By putting in scheduling and authentication on the default Meetme conferencing features of the Unified Communication Manager, the user organization can have authenticated secured conferencing from their PBX. The only requirement to be met before rolling out this application to the user community is to differentiate between a conference moderator and the conference participants. H/W & Other Requirements Application is deployed on the CISCO Unified Application Server running in a MCS machine. Application Server Licenses are required depending on the number of usage. Actual BOM depends upon the mix and matches of application & no of user licenses. 1. Application Server 2. Application Instances 3. Media Server 4. Media Instances PARSEC Telesystems Pvt . Lt d., 348 Udyog Vihar Phase – II, Gurgaon, Haryana –122016 (INDIA), Ph: +91-124-4502000, ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS PRESENTATION IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. PARSEC SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO CLIENT OR TO ANY OTHER ENTITY OR INDIVIDUAL FOR ANY LOSS OF PROFITS, REVENUES, TRADES, DATA OR FOR ANY info@parsec -tech. com DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, PUNITIVE, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY NATURE ARISING FROM ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER, EVEN IF PARSEC HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. PARSEC AND ITS AFFILIATES SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY IN TORT, CONTRACT OR OTHERWISE TO CLIENT AND/OR ANY THIRD PARTY.