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DVD Cover Analyse


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DVD Cover Analyse

  1. 1. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Funky Monks [DVD] cover DVD cover analyse
  2. 2. Front Cover Has the bands name clearly presented on the front. Colour in Red, band can be easily associated with this colour due to the name of the band. Title of the DVD is written like hand writing. The writing is very ‘fancy’ and so the title ‘Funky’ being represented here. The background is plain white, allows the hand and titles to seen and be the main focus. Colours don’t clash because of the backing. DVD video and parental advisory are clearly places on the front of the cover at the bottom. Symbols such as these are normally required to be placed along the bottom line and to certain sizes.
  3. 3. Back Cover Back cover is a swap between the backing and the band name while the DVD name is still the same. The list of the songs on the DVD are listed with numbers. All text apart from the band names is in white, this links it all to the band name also written in white font. Record labels and copy write information is clearly written at the bottom. Any partners and other artistes involved in the production of any songs are highlighted next to the song name and at the bottom with copy writes. The use of red in the cover is a clear indication of the band as no images of them are present.
  4. 4. Spine The spine has no information on it. Most covers would have a DVD video symbol on it, no parental advisory would be placed on the side normally. Band name and DVD title would also be something that would be placed on the spine, but is not necessary as you see here. This would have been a good place to have a picture of the band members.