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Baculit implementation romania-iasi


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Published in: Education
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Baculit implementation romania-iasi

  1. 1. Trainers: Liliana RomaniucBrandusa Chelariu As
  2. 2. Specific conditions and Romaniancontext related to the Baculitimplementation The concept of “literacy” is quite new and difficult to define in the Romanian context There is an ongoing educational reform which tries to improve the quality of education and the quality of in- service training for teachers The political environment is not stable at the moment and a lot of “unexpected” decisions are to be expected.
  3. 3. What worked well? The idea of an international project that offers a solution for the Romanian educational crisis was well received by the community of teachers from Iasi The structure of the Baculit team in Iasi (a powerful team that involved teachers, principals, inspectors-the mixture of perspectives was highly beneficial for everybody involved) Mina Maria Rusu (General Inspector in the Ministry of Education) offered an important input in the first two seminars. Liliana Romaniuc had the opportunity to disseminate the idea at the Ministry of Education and to disseminate Baculit principles very intensively in Iasi community The people were enthusiastic from the beginning of the project to its end-one of the greatest achievement-everybody discovers that literacy concerns the teachers of all subjects!
  4. 4. What worked well? We could provide a full time translation when we had external experts (Christine Garbe, Ragner Solheim, Carol Santa)
  5. 5. What worked well? We had the chance to observe the Swedish experience on Baculit (we could compare the problems that teachers have and we noticed that many of them are quite similar)
  6. 6. What did not work?(I) A crowded schedule for everybody-Sometimes it was difficult to find a date when almost everybody was available for attending the course Resistence to new approaches-Several teachers considered some of the Baculit “ideas” difficult to be implemented (lack of time, a very loaded syllabus, too many children in a classroom etc.)
  7. 7. What did not work?(II) Homework- for some teachers it was difficult to fulfill their assignments.(lack of time)
  8. 8. Has the content of the modulesproven to be useful? Each module has a powerful thread to be followed and our teachers have noticed it!(It was not as if Romanian teachers didn’t know many of the things that Baculit proposes, but it was a different approach of some well known things to be considered!) Some of the most powerful things: COME model, metacognition, a new model of teacher-student interraction, CARI model, reading strategies etc.
  9. 9. The effectivness of time structure It depends on the module (Module 2 probably needs 3 hours, Module 3 -6 or more hours, Module 4 –less than 6 hours and Module 5 is crowded too) The moments when teachers share their educational experiences always seem to be too short! And because some concepts are quite new, some clarifications may lead to a prolonged discussion-That’s why is difficult to stay between strict boundaries of time for different topics of the course.(Maybe we should foreseen 25% of the time at the trainers disposal)
  10. 10. Were the principles succesfullyimplemented?
  11. 11. The integration of theory andpractice
  12. 12. The communication amongteachers/between teachers andtrainers A friendly attitude, support, respect and courage to be critical towards some old patterns of thinking. The teachers appreciate the trainers support-together we were like a family for more than a half of the year!
  13. 13. One of our external expert had the chance to observethe quality of communication among teachers
  14. 14. The time for closure and celebration – Module 6 The inspectors, principals and teachers present in the seminar are eager to support the Baculit project in their institutions and schools
  15. 15. In the end… One of the Baculit members (Catalina Holic - a geography teacher and the principal of “Otilia Cazimir “Secondary School declared that Baculit project was the best thing that happened to her in the professional field for a long time!- words that we highly value as trainers!