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Adobe gaming flash gamm michael

  1. 1. Adobe Gaming NOW!Michaël CHAIZE - Adobe Evangelist@mchaize
  2. 2. Michaël Chaize@mchaizeCreativeDroplets.comRIAgora.comApplinessSmart Aliens
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Gaming is HUGE!3B hours per week spent playinggames globally!98M Americans (1 in 3 online) playgames.Tablet owners spend 2/3 of theirtablet time playing games.Mobile games makes up 80% of appstore revenues.Gaming is 2x bigger than the musicindustry!
  5. 5. Biggest GamingPlatform isBrowser + MobileMore than 600M people have alreadyopted into using the silent autoupdate feature.600M  is  more  than  2  #mes  the  number  of  Xbox360,  PS3  and  Wii  ever  sold.We can update these 600 millionpeople to new versions of theruntime within 30 days.
  6. 6. High Revenueand HighPerformanceGamers are playing HTML5 games ondevices - ZombieJombie has 2+million users.70% growth in 2012 in social gamerevenue at Kabam!$70M monthly revenue from top 9Chinese games using FlashSongPop is #1 of FB in 201240M users a month play GPUaccelerated Farmville 2.GPU accelerated gaming with Flashtechnologies can reach 1.7B desktopsand mobile device.
  7. 7. The audienceMore than 600M people havealready opted into using the silentauto update feature.600M  is  more  than  2  #mes  the  number  of  Xbox360,  PS3  and  Wii  ever  sold.We can update these 600 millionpeople to new versions of theruntime in less than 48
  8. 8. 9 of the top 10games* This list was compiled by lookingat the top games on Facebookwith more than 100,000 monthlyactive users and giving priority tothose games with the highest usersatisfaction
  9. 9. This is a greattime to be agame developer!
  10. 10. No frictionReuse ActionScript 3 code betweendesktop and mobile targets.No shared runtime is required whenpackaged on mobile devices.Flash Player forDesktop browsersAdobe AIR forStandalone appsSame code (AS3)No friction** Chrome only
  11. 11. No frictionReuse ActionScript 3 code betweendesktop and mobile targets.No shared runtime is required whenpackaged on mobile devices.Zynga ruby blastSongPOPCandy Rush
  12. 12. Powered by Stage3D
  13. 13. Over 23k AIR apps on the iOS App Store and Google Play
  14. 14. • Quarterly release cadence. Every 3 months, new features!• Beta program (• Test your games and provide us feedback• Roadmap: PLAYER / AIR
  15. 15. • Concurrency (ActionScript workers)• Support for more hardware-accelerated video cards• Compressed texture with alpha support• StageVideo.attachCamera• LZMA runtime compression/decompression on ByteArray• AIR iOS Push Notifications• AIR direct deployment (without iTunes)• Shared memory support for Concurrency (ActionScript workers)• Query Graphics Data• Multiple SWF support for iOS• Fullscreen UI permission dialog improvementRECENT FLASH PLAYER AND AIR UPDATES
  16. 16. • Android Captive Runtime Debugging• OUYA Controller Support• AIR iOS remote SWF hosting of secondary SWFs• Preventing backup of shared objects on iOS for better iCloudsupport• 16 bit texture supportRECENT FLASH PLAYER AND AIR UPDATES
  17. 17. • MovieClip.isPlaying• DisplayObjectContainer.removeChildren• FrameLabel events• No BitmapData size limitation• ApplicationDomain.getQualifiedDefinitionNames()• BitmapData.drawWithQuality• Native JPEG/PNG/JPEG-XR Compression• MouseEvent.RELEASE_OUTSIDE• Cubic bezierJDI: TINY APIS BIG IMPACT
  18. 18. RECENT NEWS
  19. 19. • Win 8 Modern CV• Win 8 Modern CV• Now a blacklist, not a whitelist!• All your content will just work on Win8 IE 10 - no hoops!• XC API’s (combination of domain memory and Stage3D)RECENT NEWS
  20. 20. • Recursive stop API on MovieClips• GamePad support on desktop browsers and Android• Increase max texture size to 4096x4096• Rectangular textures• LZMA support for iOS• Datagram and server socket support on mobile• AND MORE! Watch the Flash Player Roadmap Whitepaperfor updatesNEXT UP!
  21. 21. It’s been a busy year! That’s not all...
  22. 22. On December 3rd, we introduced...
  23. 23. Gaming SDK Adobe ScoutFlasCCAdobe Game Developer ToolsCreate Extend your reach Profile
  24. 24. The Gaming SDK makes it easy to get started
  25. 25. FlashDevelop + Starling + Air 3.2 + Stage3D + Android = Love!1. Download and install the Android SDK ( Install AIR 3.2 Release Candidate on windows ( Install AIR 3.2 Release Candidate on android device ( Download AIR 3.2 SDK ( Overwrite AIR 3.2 SDK over the flex folder of FlashDevelop (C:FlashDevelopToolsflexsdk)6. Download, install and start FlashDevelop ( Create a new Air Mobile As3 App8. Change aplication.xmla. <application xmlns="">a. <fullScreen>true</fullScreen>b. <visible>true</visible>c. <renderMode>direct</renderMode>d. <aspectRatio>landscape</aspectRatio>e. <autoOrients>false</autoOrients>9. Project → Propertiesa. Output (tab)i. Platform → Air Mobileii. Version → 3.2iii. Dimensions → 1280x800 (This affects only the swf version for desktop)iv. Framerate → 60b. Sdk (tab)1. Choose the path where you copied the AIR 3.2 SDKc. Compiler Options1. Additional Compiler Options → -swf-version=13 (-swf-version=15 works too)10. Change Run.bata. Target → choose your target typeb. Desktop → choose your target resolution11. Create a certificate for Android using /bat/CreateCertificate.bat and wait a minute12. Download and copy last Starling library ( to your project folder13. Write your 3D game / appFriction
  26. 26. 14. In your Android device be sure to check on your USB debugging and allow Unknown sourcesa. Menu → Settings → Applications → Unknown sourcesb. Menu → Settings → Applications → Development → USB debugging15. Connect your Android to your computer and let the computer install the necessary drivers16. Publish (ctrl + enter)17. If you get a“Fatal error: The application lost the device context!”just putStarling.handleLostContext = true; before you create an instance of Starling.18. Enjoy it!Sweet!It just compiles anempty SWF!Friction
  27. 27. From 18 steps to 3:1. Download Flash Builder2. Open a sample provided3. Compile and testFrictionless, easy to get started
  28. 28. AIR SDK Frameworks Extensions DocsFreeMacOS (.dmg) Windows (.exe)}ATF
  29. 29. The StackAway3D (3D) Starling (2D)Open-source, free and vibrant communityFeathers (2D)Integrationhttp://dragonbones.github.comAll of these frameworks aresupported by Adobe.By supporting these, we also wantto make sure they integratebetween each other beautifully.
  30. 30. StarlingStarling is an open-source, 2Dframework that makes it easy tocreate GPU-accelerated games andapplications.starling-framework.orgExample: AngryBirds Star Warsvar hero:Sprite = new Sprite();hero.x = 200;hero.y = 200;hero.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, loop);addChild(hero);Free eBook available for download at O’Reilly:
  31. 31. FeathersCreate 2D UI on the GPU with Feathers.A lightweight open-source 2D UIcomponent extension for
  32. 32. Away3DLightweight open-source 3Dframework. Huge communitycontribution.away3d.comExample: Kings Road
  33. 33. DragonBones 2.0DragonBones is a free, open-source,skeletal animation system.dragonbones.github.comDragonBones integrates withFlashPro and Starling, convertinganimation to texture atlas.Save on resource and memoryusage and boost performance!555kb47kb
  34. 34. COMING SOON!Gaming SDK 1.2Updating all frameworksUpdating AIR SDK to 3.8Adding Away3D 4.1Adding new tool: AwayBuilderAdding GamePad support for XBOX360 ControllerOpen-source, free and vibrant community
  35. 35. FlasCCBring your native C/C++ gamesto the browser to reach a billionpeople.C/C++(llvm-gcc)LLVM bitcodeAS3 Bytecode(.abc)on AVM2
  36. 36. FlasCCNative code runs securely and cross-platform in the ActionScript 3 VirtualMachine.C/C++(llvm-gcc)LLVMbitcodeAS3 Bytecode(.abc)on AVM2
  37. 37. ProfilingLimitations today with FlashPlayer and AIR
  38. 38. ProfilingLimitations today with FlashPlayer and AIRVM onlyToday, using the profiler in Flash Builder only exposes VM relatedinformation.Debugger builds onlyThe existing Flash Builder profiler relies on debugger builds(performing slower than release builds).Not stableComplex content can also crash your profilingNo in-context testingBeing able to use release builds allows easy in-context testing.No visualizationThere is no existing tool allowing developers to easily spotissues in their content.No mobile profilingThere is no out of the box solution to profile mobile content(AIR) today.
  39. 39. Adobe ScoutRevolutionize the way you profileFlash content across desktop andmobile devices.Scout exposes granularinformation never exposedbefore to Flash developers.No code instrumentationneeded.Works with the release FlashPlayer and AIR runtime.
  40. 40. Configure withCompanion App(App Store/Google Play)Test ProfileSeamless profiling
  41. 41. Great!How do I get this?
  42. 42. What aboutstandards?
  43. 43. CreateJSFree extension for Flash Pro!/arcade/combat/playCheck out: “Getting Started withCreateJS” on YouTube.Publish assets to HTML5 fromFlash Pro CS6 with animation,images, vector graphics, sound &interactionCreate & export animated assetsto HTML5 in one clickOpen source CreateJS frameworkprovides a comprehensive set ofJavaScript libraries to work withthe Canvas element of HTML5EaselJS TweenJS SoundJS PreloadJS
  44. 44. Where to go formore?
  45. 45. I feel that thereis more...
  46. 46. one more thing...17June
  47. 47. Creative Cloud17June
  48. 48. Flash CC17June
  49. 49.