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  • PRODUCTIVITYSmart phones are affecting productivity in a positive manner for both business and personal purpose as they find the smart phones more effective and more efficient to use.According to the recent report“70% of workers with smart phones regularly check their e-mails outside normal business hours.42% of workers log into business email while home sick which enables them to be more productive even when they not at work.43% of workers connect to email on smart phones to ease their workload for the following business day“. people find smart phones productive because you can connect to the internet in an instant from anywhere unlike computers where you have to be in an specific place to be able to connect to the internet. Smart phones are more can transmit and receive more data as well as being more reliable than the standard phones which enables the people to work quickly. E.g. smart phones can e-email large files with attachment and send data files from different website sources whereby standard phones can only send small e-mails without attachment.People use Smart phones to communicate with someone from overseas without having to spend money and time going their to see them. With smart phones you can take notes, check contacts and documents while going.A recent interview of 1 million people in 34 different countries believe that the improvement of technology such as smart phones has improved productivity in their lives and work. Smart phones are considered productive because everything thing you need to know is just a finger tip away and information is easily accessible.
  • Smart phones are starting to be used more often as a tool of communication and it is starting to replace computers and laptops in the work place.This is evident by the interview conducted by the Ring Central in order to find out.A recent report by Ring Central showns that:“79% of the people interviewed prefer using smart phones to conduct business rather than using office phone and home phones as its more efficient.34% of the responded use their smart phones more than computers for business and personal purposes.7% don't take their laptops when they travel for travel for business”. messaging is possible through smart phones without being in the work place. This allows employees and employer to communicate on a daily basis with having to conduct a meeting in an office.Companies uses smartphones to access the internet and advertising thier business. This helps the company to genarate income through the use of smartphones.
  • SOCIAL ENGAGMENTSmart phones are helping people communicate with one another. Its more easier to communicate with people from overseas through instant messaging and emails.Information sharing > smart phones helps people keep in touch with the latest current affairs, through social networks like facebook and twitter.Smart phones contains software's such as maps which enables people to go places using the smart phones maps and GPS.
  • EFFECT ON EDUCATIONThrough the use of smart phones students can download notes from the internet as a podcast. This will help students get all the information needed because a student might miss important notes, so they will be able to retrieve that information through the download.Smart phones has mobile educational software's which have had a big effect on our education. Smart phones have replaced the big page dictionary with a mobile dictionary which is easy, quick and less complicated to use. Students use Smartphone's as a dictionary instead of carrying heavy books everywhere you go.Smart phones have software’s which can do mathematics sums such as algebra etc. This helps people to become more educated and improving education.
  • Presentation1smart phones

    1. 1. Affecting our lifestyle <br />
    2. 2. Smartphone's are affecting: <br />Productivity<br />Communication in the work place<br />Social engagements<br />Has an effect on education<br />
    3. 3. PRODUCTIVITY<br />People connect to business e-mail while home sick<br />People use smart phones while on the go<br />Quick internet access and data transmitting<br />Required work can be done without having to go to work<br />
    4. 4. Information is easily accessible<br /> smart phones can multi task e.g., send invitation letters to many people in one message.<br />Can walk with it without being plugged to an electronic cables.<br />
    5. 5. Communication in the work place<br />Smart phones are starting to replace computers and laptops<br />Smart phones are mainly used for e-mail communication .<br />Smart phones are used as diaries for meetings and appointments<br />
    6. 6. Meetings held through telecom via smart phones.<br /> instant messaging is available.<br />
    7. 7. SOCIAL ENGAGMENT<br />Smart phones:<br />Helps people communicate with people from far away.<br />Awareness about last news has improved.<br />Families and friends keep in contact all the time<br />
    8. 8. EFFECT ON EDUCATION<br />Smart phones contains:<br />Educational applications such as dictionary<br />Information from lectures on the internet<br />Used as diaries to make and take notes <br />
    9. 9. FURTHER RESEARCH<br />Researchers should compare computers and smart phones on a daily basis in terms of productivity.<br />Predict the success or failure of smart phones in the future.<br />Research hoe many smart phones are sold per year and how many people use it for social engagement.<br />
    10. 10. OVERALL CONCLUSION<br />Smart phones are used as a communication tool at work place.<br />smart phones are improving education with educational software's.<br />Smart phones are more productive and efficient.<br />Smart phones are changing the way things operate.<br />
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