Get off your ass and start your business!


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Guidelines for Cal Poly Entrepreneurs members to get started. Entrepreneurship basics.

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  • Tell my story about getting kicked out of Cal Poly. – I’m was kicked out of CP my sophomore year for having poor grades…kinda funny bc to this day I have never failed a class. I slept on a couch, etc etc etc.
  • Pic on the left is a cabin in Tahoe, one of my goals in life is to own this.
  • It’s important to know who you are if you want to be an entrepreneur. Without having a good grasp of who are you and where you want to go you have, it is tough to decide where to start. Maybe do pinwheel exercise?
  • My first idea was a tshirt brand. It was stupid. People told me that. My second idea was to make coffee tables for college students. I wanted to customize them for college parties, put bottle openers on the side and make them sturdy so girls could dance on them. I spent hours talking about this with people. It was also stupid.It’s a process to learn how to think the right way.
  • It’s value for value
  • Are people already paying for it or something similar to it?
  • When I did this for StrengthPortal I would ask for 15 min skype or phone calls with trainers. They ended up lasting an hour every single time and they would want to connect me to their friends!
  • This lined up with my needs and goals of starting a huge business.
  • Get off your ass and start your business!

    1. 1. Get off your ass and start your business!
    2. 2. Topics we will cover How to: – Find your idea. – Validate the idea. – Recruit a team
    3. 3. Question: Who the fuck am I and why should you listen to me?
    4. 4. Answer: You shouldn’t. *Most of this content is stolen from Dr. York, Steve Blank, Eric Reis, Noah Kagan, Ryan Holiday, and other entrepreneurial heroes of mine.
    5. 5. For those that are interested… • 2013 Cal Poly Grad – Econ (not for me, but interesting) – Entrepreneurship (more please) • Former President of Cal Poly Entrepreneurs • Avid reader and writer • Co-founder and CEO of StrengthPortal
    6. 6. More importantly… • Passions – Entrepreneurship – Strength and Fitness – Helping others • Needs – Self-improvement – Knowledge – Freedom
    7. 7. Why did I tell you that?
    8. 8. How to find your idea • Step 1 – Get rid of your fear of looking stupid.
    9. 9. Get started right now • If you really care, you should be writing down new ideas every day. • Focus on finding problems in areas that interest you. • Carry a notebook everywhere!
    10. 10. Q: To validate your idea what is the only thing you have to know?
    11. 11. A: That someone will pay for it!
    12. 12. Quick and Dirty Validation • Appsumo Validation Kit Bookmark
    13. 13. Use Google Trends
    14. 14. Get out and talk to the customer • Create ghetto mockups and products – Use Balsamiq or Lucidchart for tech products • Ask questions! – Is this a problem you have? – Would you pay for this solution? • If yes, think about the quickest and easiest solution to provide them.
    15. 15. Important! • Is your idea worth your time? • Basic Math I did for SP – Trainer paying around $50/month for competitors – I could immediately find communities with thousands of trainers – $50 x 100 customers = $5000 a month – 50 x 1000 customers = $50,000 a month – 50 x 5000 customers = $250,000 a month
    16. 16. When you find that idea…
    17. 17. Get a team together • Very few people can do this on their own. – Plus it’s a lot more fun with a team! • Be honest about your skillset. – What are you missing? Can it be learned or is it better to find someone who you can partner with? • My skills – Biz Dev, Sales, Leader • Missing – Dev, Design
    18. 18. How to recruit • Appeal to people’s interests – Ex. Are they passionate about startups and/or the industry? – Do they have similar goals as you? • Sell the dream, but follow it up with a solid plan. • Provide long-term value for them. • Recruit through friends.
    19. 19. My reputation • Biz dev dude who understands some code and the dev process. • This means that I am the guy that developers actually want to work with. • I earned this reputation and still have to work for it everyday!
    20. 20. In reality, here’s what I can actually do • Listen to developers and understand that software development takes time. • Understand the difference between coding languages. • Do some basic HTML and CSS thanks to Codeacademy.
    21. 21. This is all bullshit… You’re wrong. It can work! Here’s some proof.
    22. 22. Mockups
    23. 23. Where is StrengthPortal right now?
    24. 24. Beta coming soon!
    25. 25. Action Items
    26. 26. Follow up • Feel free to reach out to me anytime – 707-490-8181 – • Check out my personal blog to watch StrengthPortal and I as we continue to grow! – –