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  1. 1. Sacraments
  2. 2. Gospel passages: Matthew 9:35-38 and Mt. Luke 12:8-12 and John 28:16-20 16:5-16 John 6:46-58 and Luke Luke 7:36-50 and John 22:14-20 20:19-23 John 2:1-11 Mark 8:22-26 and Mark 1:40-45 Matthew 3:13-17 and John 3:3-8
  3. 3. Sacraments = instituted by Christ  The sacraments are based on Scripture  Without scripture, no sacraments  Center = Jesus – The same Jesus who healed the woman with the hemorrage, whose words forgave sinners, who fed the multitudes with bread and his own words, is present today in the Church and the seven sacraments
  4. 4. Sacraments: Put us in touch with Christ The Sacraments intimately connect us with Jesus personally Think of the body and blood of Christ; the Eucharist 3 Sacraments are always present: Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders -- “confer a sacramental character or seal that relates the person to a share in Christ‟s priesthood.” The Sacraments, then, united us in
  5. 5. Sacraments: “Entrusted to the Church” Following the death of Jesus, and then the disciples, the Church was left to „care for‟ Jesus‟ message (and sacraments) The Apostles first, then bishops, then priests/deacons It‟s the job of the priests/deacons to tie the sacraments into the presence of Christ Sacraments “make the Church” and are “for the Church” -- communion/community
  6. 6. Early Church vs. Modern Church
  7. 7. Grace & Sacraments Sacraments: “efficacious signs of grace” and each one has a particular part of grace associated with it. So then, what is grace? CCC: “a participation in the life of God” Then, the physical sacrament, and us practicing the sacrament, is that participation in God.
  8. 8. Grace is also: “first and foremost the gift of the H.S., but that grace also includes the ability which God gives us to participate in and collaborate with his work.”
  9. 9. God & the Sacraments Each sacrament, unites us or brings us closer to God in one sense or another… The sacramental grace of the sacrament Grace makes us: Holy & pleasing to God Adopted children of God Temples of the H.S. Heirs of eternal life