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Each autumn, the Foundation hosts an Annual Meeting of Foundation Members (key stakeholders) and other constituents. Beginning in 2002, I've been charged with creating an event theme idea, to serve as the message platform for the event. Part of this concept development is drafting content for the event invitation booklet. This upload represents the content that I wrote and edited for the 72nd Annual Meeting in 2007. The graphic design was developed by a vendor.

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72nd annmt 07invite

  2. 2. CREATING STUDENT ACCESS AND EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE Seventy-Second Annual Meeting UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS FOUNDATION “The purpose of this Campaign is to support students so that education is accessible and affordable, and it is to support faculty so that we can ensure that education is excellent, period.” University President B. Joseph White Campaign Public Launch, Chicago, June 1, 2007
  3. 3. BRILLIANT FUTURES The University’s Brilliant Futures Campaign reminds all of us about“We take your interests, the importance of mission.your concerns and the In a very real sense, this University belongs to the world...to every person who benefits in some way as a result of the learning, work and accomplishmentsneeds of society and that proceed from the University of Illinois. Interested in biofuels or wetlands restoration? The U of I is as well. Concerned about the future of the family?turn them into the future.” So are we. Want to make sure that transplant patients have the greatest chance for survival? We do, too. We take your interests, your concerns and the needs of society and turn them into the future. The aura of Illinois innovation is everywhere, from the MRI used by your hospital to the city revitalization ideas used by your community to the sustainable energy practices used by your state. At the core of such innovations lie two vital elements: students and faculty. They are the heart of the University’s educational enterprise, the heart of its mission.
  4. 4. CREATING STUDENT ACCESS…University-level academic work is full of When you talk to them, students say that a own business, curing diseases such as cancerchallenges. As a student, you need to figure scholarship or fellowship is the opportunity or healing pediatric heart defects, discoveringout how to afford college, how to adapt to of a lifetime. It’s an adventure. A chance to solutions to the world’s energy problems,college life and, often, get used to an entirely grow. It’s a chance to do research, real research finding new construction methods to with-new community or even a new country. that influences you to start to think beyond stand hurricane winds or even building aIllinois students undergo a personal and yourself and how you might use your educa- state-of-the-art rocket for the next generationsocial transformation. Their education shapes tion to make life better not just for you, but of space exploration.our students into lifelong learners, permits also for others. It’s the freedom to discoverthem to engage the knowledge and experience and explore, and it’s a chance to acquire But many students say that receiving a scholar-of others and asks them to fully develop their knowledge that might one day transform not ship is not entirely about you. When someoneown powers of empathy, critical thinking only your own life but the life of the commu- helps you to earn a world-class education, itand communication. nity where you live, maybe even the world. makes you realize, maybe for the first time, how much we need each other to thrive.Student support can lessen a lot of challenges Some say a scholarship is a real incentive, thefor students, giving them the chance to focus motivation to do your very best, because even And often, students say, you feel so gratefulmore fully on the real reason that they’re here on days when you have your doubts, someone for receiving such amazing support, it makes learning and personal growth. For students else really believes in you. you realize that maybe the only way you cansystem-wide, scholarships and fellowships ever really show your appreciation is to onehave made a quality University of Illinois And it makes it possible for you to begin to day help someone else down the line, anothereducation possible. fulfill your dreams whether it’s starting your student who might benefit from your support.
  5. 5. GIVING STUDENTS THE CHANCE TO LEAD, INNOVATE AND SUCCEED How Your Gifts Help U of I Students There are many ways to give to the University of Illinois whether specifically directed to your favorite college, department or program, or to the University as aSTUDENT SUPPORT whole. But regardless of how or how much you choose to give, your contribution to the University has an impact on students’ lives by:Motivation. Inspiration. New careeravenues. Above all, student support ■ Providing scholarships and other financial assistancechanges lives. Maybe even yours or for hardworking, talented studentsyour family’s. ■ Enabling students to take part in research■ Scholarships ■ Making sure that students have the best classrooms, labs, studios,■ Student research support study spaces, libraries, clinics and athletic and recreation facilities■ Graduate fellowships ■ Funding innovative educational, service and research programs■ Graduate assistantships that prepare students to think critically and solve problems creatively ■ Helping faculty to be the best educators they can be, in the classrooms and by conducting important research that keeps the U of I at the forefront of inquiry and imagination
  6. 6. …AND EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCEComputer science, agricultural economics, not making it about us, but rather about the chief goals is to be an educational leader inhealth informatics, medicine, pharmacology, students and about the work that they will do today’s evolving global society. The creationhomeland security, e-government, public in the future. One life, one career brightens and support of endowed chairs and professor-affairs… They have a wide variety of interests. another, and another, leading to generations ships can attract and retain exceptional faculty.But what they all share is a passion for teaching of impact. With your faculty support, you’re making a a commitment to the intellectual, professional powerful commitment to fostering researchand personal progress of each and every student While University of Illinois students live the and scholarship in a given discipline and toat the University of Illinois. connection between faculty research and building outstanding academic programs at learning every day, many of us are not that both the graduate and undergraduate level.Because professional growth can be a challenging aware of the role that academic scholarship andprocess when undertaken single-handedly, research plays in our daily lives. Most Our University not only transmits knowledge,mentor relationships are significant sources people never think about where the diagnostic it also advances knowledge, and outstandingof guidance and support for students. Mentors criteria used in healthcare, medications or student and faculty scholarship is critical toplay a vital role in developing organizational counseling intervention methods actually both endeavors. Research shapes educationand societal leaders by passing on valuable come from or why they change and improve and education shapes society around theinsights, in addition to knowledge. Our over time. Many of us don’t question where world. We all need as many brilliant futureseducators distinguished scholars, widely advances in the understanding of aging comes as this University has the potential to produce.respected researchers, published authors and from, or why practices in e-commerce or Our students and their professors have thesuccessful industry professionals from around government alter from year-to-year. power to change the world we have thethe world try to speak directly to the hearts power to help them do it.of our students. They ask: ‘Who will you Smart, talented people are the epicenter of ourbecome?’ turning the dialogue around by knowledge economy, and one of the University’s
  7. 7. FACULTY SUPPORTU of I students are challenged by faculty whose research and scholarshipinvigorate their teaching. Help us discover the next frontiers in newknowledge and revolutionize the world’s future one student at a timewith your faculty support. “U of I students areCHAIRS, PROFESSORSHIPS & VISITING SCHOLARS challenged by faculty■ Endowed chairs■ Endowed professorships whose research and■ Visiting faculty and exchanges■ Scholars-in-residence scholarship invigorate their teaching.”FACULTY DEVELOPMENT AND RESEARCH■ Faculty research support■ Career development awards■ Endowed funds for specific academic units or areas
  8. 8. Join us at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the U of I Foundation and learnmore about how you can help and what’s in store next. Our Campaigngoal is nothing less than making sure that the University of Illinois is wellrecognized both around the nation and around the world as the top publicuniversity in the U.S. When you come together with the passionate teachers,talented researchers and gifted students of the University of IllinoisBRILLIANT FUTURES HAPPEN.
  10. 10. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 286:00 P.M. FOUNDATION COCKTAIL BUFFET RECEPTION 8:00 A.M. REGISTRATION AND CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST Alice Campbell Alumni Center Krannert Center, Lobby 601 S. Lincoln Ave., Urbana 500 S. Goodwin Ave., Urbana Until 9:00 p.m. 9:00 A.M. 72ND ANNUAL Hosted by U OF I FOUNDATION BUSINESS MEETING Foundation Chairman and Mrs. Steven L. Miller; Krannert Center, Tryon Festival Theatre Foundation President and Mrs. Sidney S. Micek; and, University President and Mrs. B. Joseph White. WELCOME Steven L. Miller and Sidney S. Micek Business Casual THE UNIVERSITY’S YEAR-IN-REVIEW PRESENTATION OF FOUNDATION MEMBERS AND ELECTION OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jane Phillips Donaldson, Chair, Membership and Governance Committee ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT OF PRIVATE GIVING Walter K. Knorr, Chief Financial Officer, University of Illinois, and Treasurer, U of I Foundation SPECIAL GIFT ANNOUNCEMENTS University President B. Joseph White
  11. 11. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 CONTINUED11:30 A.M. FOUNDATION LUNCHEON visit the Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI) and glimpse Illini Union, Illini Rooms A-B-C and South Lounge our renewable energy future.The EBI is the largest university- Until 1:00 p.m. corporate partnership in U.S. history; PRESENTATION OF THE WILLIAM E. WINTER see one of the world’s most powerful mass spectrometers, AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING ADVOCATE used for identifying new antibiotics to treat and prevent LEADERSHIP human diseases; George J. Kottemann, Chair, explore the origins and the complexity of life on earth The Presidents Council through the prism of nature’s most extreme environments; CREATING STUDENT ACCESS AND learn how IGB has integrated law, economics and business EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE into its research enterprise, spurring economic development University President B. Joseph White in the state and the nation;1:30 P.M. SHAPING THE LIFE SCIENCES REVOLUTION: stroll through “Darwin’s Playground” and learn how IGB is PRESENTATION AND TOUR OF THE INSTITUTE reaching across campus to bring together the fine arts and the FOR GENOMIC BIOLOGY humanities to share in the excitement of genomic exploration. Until 2:30 p.m. The Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB) is the University 1:30 P.M. INNOVATIVE INITIATIVE: of Illinois’s newest center for interdisciplinary research in the A PRESENTATION ON THE CENTER FOR life sciences. Its mission is to create solutions for improving EDUCATION IN SMALL URBAN COMMUNITIES healthcare, energy efficiency, agriculture, and the environ- Until 2:30 p.m. ment, using knowledge gained from genomics. To fulfill its promise as an engine of economic development for the state No longer is a “college of education” simply a physical and the nation, the IGB has developed and implemented location for research, scholarship and training. It’s about peerless programs to accelerate technology transfer and innovation, and the College of Education must lead the commercialization. You will be among the first to preview way in building local and global collaborative relationships. the IGB’s spectacular facilities and path-breaking research In this presentation, hear about one of the College’s emerging programs. During your visit you can: continued on next page
  12. 12. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 CONTINUED initiatives that will facilitate breakthrough knowledge and and future librarians and teachers who learn to reach children innovation from community leaders and senior faculty through reading aloud, storytelling, book-talking, community members, including President Emeritus Stanley O. Ikenberry. projects, and other creative ways to “do literature.” The Center for Education in Small Urban Communities is The Center is also home to The Bulletin, an authoritative positioned as the premiere center for educational scholarship review journal that identifies the best in children’s literature and practice in small urban communities, like Champaign annually and is available by subscription. During this session and Urbana, which comprise 10,000 of the nation’s 14,000 we will talk about how those reviews are conducted, share a school districts. A panel will discuss the strategies involved story and a reading. This session will inform and demonstrate in tackling community-wide concerns involving families, how The Center for Children’s Books works to inspire and community organizations, businesses, civic groups, and inform adults who connect with young people in public educators at every level, and the promising outcomes libraries and schools with resources in person, in print, achieved by working collaboratively. and online.3:00 P.M. A VISIT TO THE CENTER FOR CHILDREN’S BOOKS 3:00 P.M. TOUR OF THE THOMAS M. SIEBEL CENTER Until 4:00 p.m. FOR COMPUTER SCIENCE Literacy begins at birth! Children need books they can Until 4:00 p.m. drool over, chew on, hug, drop in the sand, listen to, laugh at, The Department of Computer Science at Urbana-Champaign and love. The Center for Children’s Books at the Graduate is recognized throughout the world as a leader in both educa- School of Library and Information Sciences has the best and tion and research. The department and its graduates have long the latest, from picture books to fiction and nonfiction for been at the forefront of modern computing and are now on teenagers. Do you know how to select the best in children’s the threshold of new implicit computing that will change literature for your children, grandchildren, or students? computing as profoundly as it did in the earlier eras. We would like to share some of these books with you. The department has a long and rich history of computing Ranked as the “Number One” program in Library and research. The faculty has designed and built the world’s fastest Information Science and Youth Services in U.S. News and computers, co-founded the field of computer arithmetic World Report, the Center serves as a vital resource for current continued on next page
  13. 13. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 CONTINUED SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 and explored the operating system and processor architecture models that underlie modern computer systems. Current 10:30 A.M. PRE-GAME SOCIAL HOUR AND BRUNCH research into areas such as smart spaces, multimedia operating The President’s House, Gardens systems, vision and robotics, and computer security will be 711 W. Florida Ave., Urbana no less influential. Hosted by University President The home of the department is the Thomas M. Siebel Center and Mrs. B. Joseph White for Computer Science, that opened its doors in 2004. Siebel and Urbana-Champaign Chancellor Center is an interactive computing habitat. Advanced wireless and Mrs. Richard Herman and wired communications networks, sensors, actuators, video capture and display equipment, video walls and information 1:00 P.M. ILLINOIS VS. PENN STATE panels and storage and computing capabilities within the Memorial Stadium, Zuppke Field building allow researchers to examine communication and computation issues related to pervasive computing, multi- Game kick-off time may be affected media infrastructure, building intelligence, security and by television coverage. privacy, and art. NCAA regulations prohibit sale or gifting of game tickets.6:00 P.M. CHAMPAGNE RECEPTION AND ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DINNER Krannert Center, Lobby SPECIAL SESSION:9:30 P.M. DESSERT BUFFET, COFFEE AND CORDIALS FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Until 10:30 p.m. Friday, September 28, at 1:30 p.m. Harker Hall, Executive Conference Room