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Logo Design Principles

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Logo design.ppt

  2. 2. Balance is a key component in most logo designs. It is an equilibrium that results from looking at images and judging them against our ideas of physical structure.BALANCE
  3. 3. The Chanel logo demonstrates balance because its symmetrical both vertically and horizontally. This makes the logo “feel” very even and weighted correctly.BALANCE
  4. 4. The Harley Davidson logo shows symmetrical balance because the outline ofthe whole logo is symmetrical over a vertical axis. The sizing of the letters isalso symmetrical. BALANCE
  5. 5. This logo logo shows symmetrical balance because it is symmetrical over a vertical axis. It is also square and even and the lettering is evenly spaced.BALANCE
  6. 6. This logo shows symmetrical balance because it is symmetrical over a vertical axis. The colors also match each other nicely and the shape of the letters look similar.BALANCE
  7. 7. Rhythm creates a sense of movement as well as patterns through the repetition of certain elements.RHYTHM
  8. 8. This logo shows progressive rhythm as well as regular rhythm. Progressive rhythm is shown in the progression of the guitars and regular rhythm is shown in the spacing between the guitar strings.RHYTHM
  9. 9. The Portland Trail Blazers logo shows regular rhythm because the lines are evenly spaced around each other.RHYTHM
  10. 10. This logo shows flowing rhythm as well as regular rhythm. The lines above cisco are evenly spaced and show regular rhythm as well as flowing rhythm because they change in size.RHYTHM
  11. 11. This logo shows regular rhythm because the slanted lines in A and M match up and are evenly spaced apart.RHYTHM
  12. 12. Proportion is the relationship in scale between two ormore objects in a design. It can create a sense ofdepth as well as dominance. PROPORTION
  13. 13. This Logo shows proportionbecause of the increasing sizesof lines above the adidas name. PROPORTION
  14. 14. The thunderbird logo shows proprotional contrast because the letter is much smaller than the bird which puts more interest and importance on the bird than the letter.PROPORTION
  15. 15. The green mountains (triangles)are different sizes to give theillusion of depth, a great use ofproportion. PROPORTION
  16. 16. This logo shows proportion through the A beingmuch larger than and surrounding the M. Thisshows the importance of the A over the M.PROPORTION
  17. 17. Unity is the interaction betweenparts of an image and how theyinteract as a whole. There aredifferent factors of unity such ascontinuance, closure, similarity,proximity, and alignment. UNITY
  18. 18. The Unilever shows Unitybecause although it is a bunch ofdifferent objects put together, itlooks like a U.UNITY
  19. 19. The WWF logo shows unitybecause although it has a fewspots missing on the panda and isnot one whole shape, it still lookslike a panda and your brainconnects whats missing. UNITY
  20. 20. Hemisphere manages to showunity by creating the image of thetop half of a sphere through manydifferent unconnected circles. UNITY
  21. 21. This logo shows unity because although there are gaps in the tops of both the M and the A, they both like like an A and an M.UNITY
  22. 22. Dominance is what determineswhere the eyes land first basedon visual weight were certainaspects of a design are dominantover others. DOMINANCE
  23. 23. The pepsi and the circle it is in is proportionally much larger than the background which shows dominance. This is what draws your eyes to the pepsi name first before the rest of the logo.DOMINANCE
  24. 24. The fox in the firefox logo is in the foreground and is very big. The blue earth is in the background and takes up much less space which draws your eyes to the fox, showing dominance over the blue earth.DOMINANCE
  25. 25. The Pawn collection logo has onepawn in front of the rest whichshows dominance. This bringsthe eyes to the front and makesthe logo much more interesting.DOMINANCE
  26. 26. This logo shows dominance because the A is much bigger than the M showing more importance while also creating contrast and bringing attention to the M.DOMINANCE