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With all the talk about connected living at CES 2013, we cannot ignore the fact that the Internet is indelibly permeating all of the appliances we interact with everyday.
An example of this is the television. We have all heard of Internet-compatible connected TVs and smart TVs. Feedback-compatible Hybrid Broadband TV (HbbTV) is no different–except for the feature which allows viewers to carry out actions defined by the program they are watching at specific points.

As marketers and advertisers, we are constantly looking for better ways for our brands to engage with consumers. With broadband and Wi-Fi as widespread as ever, HbbTV could be the key to collecting feedback-based data from consumers at home.

BBDO Proximity has explored the advent and intricacies of HbbTV in the Digital Lab’s newest thought piece, Push the Button, discussing the implications for a new social TV experience as well as what the future of marketing could look like with the adoption of this technology.

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  1. 1. Push the button Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV January 2013
  2. 2. FOREWORD TV has shaped 20th-century culture more than any other technology. With the advent of television, we have been given the opportunity to witness major moments in world events, all the while enjoying fascinating entertainment. Unforgettable moments include Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon in 1969 and the legendary fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in 1971, broadcast live on TV in our living rooms. The Internet has also significantly expanded our communication options. The opportunity for dialogue now complements the ability to see moving pictures. However, what makes our present situation so exciting is not the establishment of an innovative key digital medium, but rather the merging of technologies: welcome to the age of Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV CONTENTS (HbbTV)! HbbTV brings the Internet to the TV, providing viewers with countless fascinating applications and a whole host of new TV channels. Companies have unimaginable opportunities to expand the content of their TV commercials and enter into a dialogue with potential customers in a highly attractive environment. With this White Paper, we would like to provide you with an overview of the marketing and advertising opportunities this new technology provides. 1. Foreword3 We will be familiarizing you with the latest developments and some best- practice examples taken from the global BBDO network. You will be inspired  2. Internet-Compatible TV 4 by MAGGI, Mercedes-Benz, and Postbank, who are currently working on establishing mass-market applications following the successful HbbTV pilot  3. A Brief “What’s What” in the New World of TV Flexibility 7 stage.  4. HbbTV – Opportunities for Innovative TV Formats 16 I hope you enjoy the brochure.   5. HbbTV – the Benefits for Advertisers 22 Kind regards,   6. The Global Role and Marketing Development 37   7. Summary42 Torsten Kägler, Consulting, BBDO Proximity Hamburg   8. Sources432
  3. 3. Time Spent Watching TV Remains Consistently High The popularity of TV has been increasing since the 1950s, captivating people all over the world with fascinating moving pictures. TV has since become an undisputed mass medium. The rising demand for exciting programs has led the TV market to create more and more new channels and formats. As a result, the average American spends 283 minutes every day watching TV, while in Germany this figure is 223 minutes.1 Even in Sweden, which brings up the rear, people manage to spend 166 minutes a day in front of the TV. It is astonishing to think that, in spite of the Internet, these values have changed very little over the years. For example, while Internet use in Germany increased from 44 to 83 minutes in 2010, the amount of time spent watching TV remained constant, almost down to the minute (cf. ARD/ZDF Massenkom- munikation 2010). To this day, linear TV still determines the programs people watch: viewers can only choose from the content offered at that time and very little has changed over the past 50 years. Communication practices, however, have long since followed a different set of ideals. Brands such as Mercedes-Benz, MAGGI and Postbank initiate dialogue on Facebook, on Twitter, in blogs, and on private websites, while TV channels continue along their one-way roads and only very timidly pursue dialogue. 2. INTERNET-COMPATIBLE TV As we sit comfortably on the couch, the TV obeys our every command with the push of a button. On, off, changing the channel, browsing teletext – you THE DECISIVE INNOVATION SHOVE: can do just about anything in a snap with the remote. Leaning back and relaxing, we flip through the channels and realize that nothing beats simple FEEDBACK-COMPATIBLE TV operation. Nothing, not even the quantum leap to Internet-compatible TV with its new interaction options and numerous additional channels, can change that.4 5
  4. 4. The Future Lies in Internet-Compatible TV READY FOR Seldom do we see as much change in the TV market as we are seeing right now. Just as A BRIEF “WHAT’S WHAT” IN THE TAKEOFF everyone was talking about 3D TV at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, 3. NEW WORLD OF TV FLEXIBILITY Internet-compatible TV – also called “connectedHbbTV has been up and running since 2010. TV”2 – is now all the rage, and very few who Although they may differ in the details, hybrid TVs, connected TVsBefore that, channels did not have the deal with the technology professionally are and smart TVs are all basically the same thing: they link twotechnology required to adapt to changing well versed in all the technical jargon. transmission channels that used to be separate – namely, the linearcommunication practices. After all, broadband signal of the TV channel and two-way data transfer via a broadbandInternet access has only been available across Internet connection. There are, however, subtle differences in each.the board for a few years now, and Wi-Fi has Strong Demand for Moreonly established itself in households gradually. TransparencyWithout these technologies, TV can be nothingmore than a receiver medium. It is only the Potential buyers do not know what to expectfeedback function that makes TV a future-proof from an Internet-compatible TV. From theirdialogue medium. point of view, the market is highly obscure: the glitzy technical terms do not exactly makeThere was another problem to contend with: it any easier to navigate, and the manufacturers’until very recently, TV channels had refused apps are difficult to classify and compare.3to take advantage of the new opportunities The simplicity of conventional TVs that peopleassociated with digital media centers, and have become accustomed to threatens to sinkthe trend of flexible media use, which is in a complex sea of individual solutions. Incharacterized by frequent replacement of order to turn the hype into a foundation forterminals. To this day, media centers still only growth, people need to understand whatrepresent supplementary offers for channels the new technology is all about. Clarificationand, by choice, play a minor role in the business is the order of the day.model.The feedback channel features provided byTVs are still only rudimentary when it comesto linear programming. Yet the high numberof shows using TED voting and promotinginteraction with live broadcasts demonstratesthat there is plenty of demand. And theseshows tend to attract a large viewing audience.In short, dialogue with viewers has long beena part of the entertainment landscape, even ifthat dialogues is not offered directly throughthe TV. These days, show concepts are limitedto simple call-in concepts and extensions onFacebook and Twitter.6 7
  5. 5. Hybrid TV Apple iTV This is an umbrella term for Internet- The next big thing to emerge from the Californian compatible TV. As the term suggests, hybrid cult brand. At the end of 2012 at the latest, TV refers to the linking of two technologies Apple will be revealing the secrets of its newly with different origins: the TV with apps is developed TV. The new device with voice control intelligently linked to a game console with a will, as always, be intuitive and Web browser. The term thus describes the is almost certain to stir up the principle of connectivity in a general way – TV market. Until then, Apple and in various compositions. TV allows you to enjoy content from iTunes on the TV using More information both PCs and Macs. at Smart TV A marketing term for individual manufacturer solutions. Many manufacturers have introduced HbbTV Internet-compatible TV with their own Internet This represents the first in a new era of TV. portals – and so the term smart TV was born. For The term Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV example, Panasonic developed VIERA Connect 4 represents a simple concept that facilitates as a centralized portal for TV applications, such a whole host of new functions. The principle as Skype and Maxdome. Some is that, with the push of a button, viewers models even facilitate regular can carry out actions defined by the channel Internet access. Internet offers at specified access points during the program. are very often managed by the Like basic teletext, a push of manufacturer and individually the red button opens up or More information configured for each device series. at closes the HbbTV applications. Based on a European standard, HbbTV is compatible with all More information IPTV manufacturers. at A transmission alternative to cable, satellite, and antenna. IPTV allows you to receive TV signals online, with solutions offered primarily by Telekom and Vodafone. In addition to the standard channels, pay channels are often also More information available. at wikipedia.org8 9
  6. 6. Doomed to Failure: Cross.TV met@box and Cross.TV, relies on an independent set-top box. In addition to an extremely extensive and met@box media center, YouView offers options for recording shows and pausing live TV. The first boxes were In the past 15 years, many companies have delivered at the beginning of August 2012, just in attempted to revolutionize the TV. Infomatec time for the Olympics in the UK. Media AG gained notoriety with its Cross.TV. Using a set-top box, viewers could call up the desired content in a way that is similar to TiVo: The U.S. Pioneer in Internet using a vertical blanking interval in the analog TV signal, a solution that was doomed Time Shifting to failure: the vertical blanking interval would TiVo had good prospects for successfully not have worked with digital TV, as it had been establishing itself in the North American market. developed specifically for analog TV. And the Based on a digital video recorder, the system problems did not stop there: years ago, the makes it possible to define which shows should Internet was not nearly as widespread as it is be recorded and subsequently enables the today and, because Wi-Fi was still in the distant skipping of commercials during later viewing. future, the TV had to be positioned in direct TiVo offers another benefit in that it learns vicinity to the phone jack, making it significantly from individual user habits and the user’s HbbTV: Fulfilling All the Requirements Essential for Success more difficult to connect. What is more, TV corresponding recording behavior and can thus channels did not accept the Cross.TV license suggest shows that the user might like. TiVo model, as they would have had to pay a fee for The biggest hurdles standing in the way of HbbTV acceptance have been overcome. Today, boasted hybrid technology early on: the link to each show based on viewer volume. The efforts a cable is no longer necessary for connection to the telephone network. On a global scale, Wi-Fi the Internet facilitates a dialogue-compatible of met@box AG came to a similar end around is as widespread as the broadband connection, allowing the TV to connect more quickly to the feedback channel, allowing the user to operate 2000, when the company failed to establish itself necessary data line and call up the content required for HbbTV. The minute-based plan was any number of interesting applications, such in the new market. replaced by flat rates years ago, and DSL connections have taken the place of ISDN. But let us as simple games and surveys. With TiVo, users not forget that HbbTV is a technology standard that is compatible with all manufacturers and can even take part in sweepstakes and call up not the new development of any one company, making it a future-proof concept that is ideally coupons, opening up interesting opportunities prepared to cope with evolving communication practices. Proprietary Solutions in the for interactive advertising for companies. UK: MHEG-5 and YouView In English-speaking countries, in particular, TiVo has demonstrated that viewers appreciate The MHEG-5 standard has been available in the time shifting in conjunction with the added value UK for several years and combines many of the that comes from the Internet connection. functions that are available through HbbTV. Still, the number of users is currently falling. Buttons in red and other colors call up various The subscription commitments discourage applications, expanding standard TV formats price-sensitive customers in particular and may to include Internet content. Combined with prove to be a major hurdle to surviving in the home-shopping applications, media centers, and market over the long term. video-on-demand services, MHEG-5 is currently integrated into five million devices in the UK. Nonetheless, some channels have opted for HbbTV, and are most likely to benefit from a uniform European standard and the mutual developments associated with integration into TVs and set-top boxes. YouView represents another British project, which, like the former10 11
  7. 7. HbbTV: a Recognized HbbTV: Managed Freedom » Minimal requirements and extremely simple European Standard for Manufacturers and components ensure that all companies can support functions TV ChannelsHbbTV is a technological standard that manymajor hardware and software manufacturers » Broadcast programs can manage and In the past, a desire for exclusivity motivated distribute information to prevent thesupport and promote for use in TVs and all TV manufacturers to develop proprietary uploading of additional services and theset-top boxes. Companies such as LG, Philips solutions. As an alternative to this temporary overloading of the TV screenand Sony play a key role in further developing benefit, HbbTV offers a future-proof solutionand establishing HbbTV technology. Othercompanies such as Panasonic, Samsung and and the market opportunities of a standard that » There is an option to replace standard is compatible with all manufacturers. Here is anSharp also support the technology with their teletext with high-quality content overview of the benefits:5latest generations of devices and sometimeseven with software updates for older devices. » There is an pen standard as a general HbbTV is intuitive and easy to use, ensuringHbbTV was standardized by the European foundation for all manufacturers and that users will find it no more difficult thanTelecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)in June 2010. Billboard companies based on free technology basic teletext, which HbbTV will replace. DISPLAY As such, HbbTV fulfills the key acceptance POSTER » Support is compatible with all broadcasting criterion: ease of use. STER BACKLIT PO distribution systems (cable, satellite, antenna) and all standard Internet connections web The parallel use of TV and Internet is no longer view, which model currently seems to be more a dream and now contributes to shaping the suitable? ADVERTISING INTERACTION communication content. It will always be considered WILL CONTINUE TO BE A PURELY a push technology, even if new dialogue functions Providers will slightly prefer predictable and are constantly added. calculable flat-rate offers, while the advertising SUPPLEMENTARY OPTION. industry will want to choose a plan based If there is an HbbTV button in every commercial, entirely on click rates. The service performance the option will soon lose all of its appeal for the will ultimately decide how high the demand The high degree of innovation in the mobile terminal consumer. Would it make sense from a media is and who can impose which price model in segment clearly raises the question of whether or point of view to introduce restrictions and thus the advertising market. not HbbTV technology is even necessary. Due to the high number of alternative interaction options already maintain the quality of HbbTV? available, media consumers are spoiled for choice General and advertising interaction will continue Peter Kuhlmann when it comes to choosing the right technology. Smartphones and tablets simply represent a further to be a purely supplementary option. TV is and Chief Operating Officer, OMD Germany alternative. For HbbTV, it is more an issue of whether always will be a medium for relaxation. The fact (Omnicom Media Group Germany GmbH) or not the technology is practical or will establish itself. is that click rates for online advertising are less The most convenient option will prevail. than 0,1 %. These figures will be even smaller when it comes to TV but, based on the high number of We can go online anywhere and at any time With HbbTV, TV commercials can be expanded viewers, could still play a key role. with smartphones, netbooks, laptops, and to include more extensive information. Whether touch pads, which are small enough to it be simple participation in sweepstakes or an We still do not know what the networks’ marketing accompany us wherever we go. Numerous explanation for more complex topics exceeding terms will look like and, more importantly whether studies reveal an increase in parallel use 30 seconds, there is no end to what is possible. HbbTV placement fees will be based on click rates of media, so does it even make sense to Could HbbTV reshape the TV landscape for or a flat fee. Both models have their advantages integrate a digital feedback channel into TVs? advertisers? and disadvantages. From the media’s point of12 13
  8. 8. HbbTV: Website Display HbbTV: Technologicalin TV Quality Progress as a ChallengeThe form of processing information typical of Paradoxically, technological development couldTV is also used to call up Internet pages, which become a stumbling block for the success ofmeans the distracting URL will not be visible as HbbTV. While manufacturers trust that theirit is in the Web browser. A blocking mechanism portals will work properly in a tested environment,also prevents any terminals other than the TV open standards can cause problems. New testfrom accessing the technology, which conceals scenarios are being developed, but will theya unique version of HTML developed specifically be able to cope with technological progress?for entertainment devices. Web pages are called As development has demonstrated in theup using an application information table (AIT), computer market, technological progress cannotwhich is sent as an additional signal attached be stopped. Every couple of years, new systemsto the radio signal. When the user activates the appear in the market. But people do not tend to“red button” function, the AIT is read and the buy TVs as often as computers.predefined URL appears on the screen withoutany irritating embellishments. The industry organization BITKOM reports that, on average, people only buy a new TV every six years6 in Germany. In North America, the cycle is seven years,7 which is likely to be the case in the rest of the world. When you consider that a newer TV has a computing capacity similar to that of a 15-year-old computer, it becomes clear Breathing New Life into the for the most part that “watching TV on a TV is that HbbTV devices could have difficulty keeping more relaxing and enjoyable [than online].” Social TV Experience pace with developments in the computer market, In other words, viewers appreciate the comfort as long as the willingness to buy a new TV does of watching an actual TV. They simply have to not increase. In short, an increase in outdated Watching TV is, and has always been, an press a button to find their entertainment of HbbTV devices could hinder seamless system experience for the entire family or for a relaxing choice, which they can influence at any time to operation in the long term. To counteract this evening with friends. In the Digital Barometer meet their specific needs with the selection of negative scenario, developers, designers, and study (June 2011), IP Deutschland emphasizes channels and the corresponding settings. marketing strategists will do everything in their that most people prefer to watch live TV shows power to increase purchasing frequency by and movies with others. Only about 13 percent HbbTV perfects the relaxation experience. adding attractive, innovative features. of those surveyed admitted to preferring to Additional functions are conveniently available watch them alone. However, this is not the case at any time but, like teletext, remain discreetly when it comes to documentaries, reportages, in the background. They do not overwhelm you. news shows, and daily soaps: 30 percent say And if you need additional information, you can they like to watch these types of shows alone. call it up while continuing to watch your show – but only when you choose to. More complex Many viewers are sure to agree with these applications and interactions with social media empirical findings: people watch TV in the services can be carried out with secondary early and later evening in order to “switch off” devices, as your iPhone and netbook are never together. It is all about sitting back, relaxing, far away and can be activated more quickly than and enjoying entertainment. This finding is also the corresponding TV applications. HbbTV will confirmed by the “Medienradar: TV-Content im significantly shape the multiscreen use of several Web” study conducted by Mindline media in devices at the same time. 2009. Over 72 percent agree entirely or at least 814 15
  9. 9. Teletext as an Interactive Companion to Viewers As older TVs are replaced with HbbTV devices, interactive teletext will quickly establish itself as the new standard and be presented more attractively than the teletext before it. That the functions can be accessed just as easily as before with the push of a button will increase acceptance. Access via the red button and manual selection will be a thing of the past, ARD Text: Rediscover Teletext. © ARD Text enabling many users to automatically enjoy the new offerings. Many channels will also allow users to adapt the teletext to meet their individual requirements. The sky is the limit when it comes to the design, as the color display, font and window size, zoom function, colors, and category shown can be specified – an advantage that will benefit the sight-impaired in particular. EPG – the New TV Experience Program ARD EPG: Good Programming Requires Structure © ARD Digital/BR/Christian Schulz The electronic program guide (EPG) is the TV guide 2.0. Teletext indicates shows and show times in a purely static format, but the EPG Centralized Information Portal facilitates the integration of interactive elements. with Its Own Formats As is already the case at ARD, the page displays the programming for both the next and past The simplest form of media-oriented self- seven days. Users will find inspiration in show presentation using HbbTV is the channel’s own pictures, descriptions, trailers and teasers. The information portal, which can be accessed by connection to media centers is particularly clicking on the red button located in the area attractive. Past shows can be accessed digitally above the TV signal. In this navigation level, HBBTV – OPPORTUNITIES FOR 4. INNOVATIVE TV FORMATS via HbbTV without a recorder – if the channel chooses to offer the option. many different applications can be conveniently opened and used. Internet-compatible TV provides channels with new opportunities in terms Public channels are currently focusing on of format design. The range of entertainment offers, which is now limited improving and expanding their range of offers by the separation of Internet and TV, will soon be expanded considerably. for users, while private channels are following Channels have had to make do with separate websites up to now, but suit and attempting to expand and “extend” HbbTV will allow them to display the corresponding offers directly on the their formats; i. e., increase appeal by offering TV in the future. more information.16 17
  10. 10. Generally speaking, the centralized portal displays possible to personalize ticker content over formats for a fee, pay-per-view suppliers cannews, weather, program announcements, and the medium- to long-term. n-tv CEO Hans offer the latest blockbusters directly on TVa media center. Page and content design are the Demmel explains: “The new n-tv digital text and thus attract new purchasing groups.responsibility of the channel. offers our viewers the best of both worlds by combining the positive aspects of standard teletext with the benefits of the digital world The Trend of Watching What in a contemporary, high-quality format. Our You Want, When You Want news portal has been enjoying success for years. Now viewers can also access our Is there anyone who is not familiar with the online content directly on their TV.”9 ritual? Tagesschau kicks off the TV evening punctually at 8 p. m., followed by Tatort and then The HbbTV Home Page. © ARD Digital/WDR/Uwe Stratmann Nearly all major channels already have an a myriad of late-night shows. But the willingness online media center, where with just a few to let TV programming dictate your free time clicks users can call up the channel’s own is waning. Viewers want to be able to choose formats free of charge for a limited time. themselves when they watch what. Media It is no wonder that the use of online media centers accommodate this time-shifting trendTagesschau: Always Well Informed. © centers is increasing, despite the fact that the and, with the help of HbbTV, free us from the Web delivers a comparably low resolution. confines of linear programming. That will change with HbbTV, as all the contentn-tv – Exciting News from can now be displayed in HD quality. Thanks TV channels will have the opportunity tothe News Channel to broadband connections, even large volumes increase viewer loyalty. For example, if a viewer of data can be accessed without any problem. does not feel like watching a three-part movieNews channel n-tv launched its new HbbTV This means a brand-new range of marketing when it is actually being shown on TV, they canportal at the end of 2011, which is basically the concepts for advertising companies – from the ARD HbbTV Media Centers: TV on Demand. © watch the entire thing when they have the time,standard teletext redesigned and therefore advertising block as a break to using content thanks to flexible availability. Back in 2009, GfKcloser to digital text than an actual HbbTV for a fee. Consumer Tracking revealed that 52.6 percentportal. There is a good reason for this strategy: of those surveyed (14 years of age and older) signals for individual formats. In the future,teletext strengthens the core area of expertiseof news channels, as it provides viewers with Pay-per-View Content were already interested in time shifting and anyone who pushes the red button while 48.6 percent in high-resolution programming, watching stern TV can submit a questionmore in-depth information based on their via HbbTV which is why Pay-TV suppliers such as Sky with directly to the live show. Direct viewerrequirements. In the future, n-tv will be Sky Anytime also offer time-shifting formats, participation could also breathe new lifeproviding a digital presentation and faster TV channels are sure to find new forms of which allow viewers to start shows when they into discussions, political debates, andavailability: at a glance, users will be able to marketing extremely attractive, and HbbTV want to. live surveys.see which show is currently on and which is will provide them with lucrative sales The live picture is visible all the while. HbbTV now enables regular channels to offerThere will also be breaking news and teasers their content directly on the TV for a fee and The HbbTV feedback channel will eventuallyfor accessing news videos. The offer is rounded thus take advantage of an opportunity that Interactive Entertainment: the replace TED, the process currently used tooff with an exchange ticker and the option to has primarily benefited pay-TV channels such Evolution of Participatory TV carry out viewer voting, and significantlybrowse the individual categories. as Sky with Sky Select and online pay-per-view optimize the process of conducting opinion suppliers such as Maxdome. Access is simply More and more TV channels are incorporating surveys. However, it will not replace theAs of 2012, n-tv will be expanding its live ticker granted following purchase by phone or via Internet channels for news shows and live profitable business of call in voting for showsin the live picture to include relevant videos an HbbTV application. This additional sales educational broadcasts. There are countless new such as American Idol.and text. The channel will also be incorporating channel could even prove to be a profitable opportunities for interaction, from Facebookmore individualized content. You can call up live model between existing service providers such pages to e-mail addresses that allow viewers tosporting events and stock exchange updates at as Maxdome and channels such as ProSieben. write in. This trend is likely to grow, as HbbTVany time. It is still unclear whether it will also be While TV channels provide access to their own offers the option to send out independent18 19
  11. 11. The Preferred Format the show. All the recipes ever demonstrated Added Value for look behind the scenes of the live show. on the show can be called up in the Kochbar An extension of the content can complementwith an Even Higher Level Documentaries, Reportages, app and sent to an e-mail address. The the channel’s limited capacity, as specialof Experience opportunity to intelligently process viewer Shows and Series wishes can be taken into account without information makes HbbTV an amazing loyalty changing the channel.HbbTV offers exceptional opportunities when tool. The term used to express this focus is HbbTV is particularly attractive wheneverit comes to TV format extension in particular. audience relationship management (ARM), content is accompanied by supplementalFor example, VOX already offers an HbbTV inspired by the well-known concept of inspirational information, as is the case with The Future: the Viewerapplication for its cooking show, Das perfekte customer relationship management. documentaries and reportages. EvenDinner, which is visible off to the side during making-ofs, which are usually only available as the Director online, are more appealing when located on the same channel. For example, take the The sky is the limit when it comes to the Gold Rush series on the Discovery Channel, interactive possibilities of HbbTV. As the which is shown on Fridays and extended technology becomes more common and with an online after-show. The additional achieves market maturity, there is nothing content could soon be viewed directly to say that viewers could not influence through HbbTV. Even for show formats such the stories of TV series with their votes. as Deutschland sucht den Superstar, HbbTV As with video games today, they could vote offers new presentation opportunities for on alternative endings and thus play an providing viewers with an inspirational active role in the directing. measures, is TV advertising still the right choice or Agency partners are also obligated to advice is push communication outdated? HBBTV COULD BE A their clients correspondingly and look beyond short- term business. Efficiency is always a matter of objectives and the PLATFORM ON WHICH business model behind them. If entering into conversation with people directly benefits my THE PRODUCT AND Marketers have not yet defined the invoicing models for HbbTV supplements. Should invoicing business, the digital world offers fantastic SERVICE GO HAND IN be based on performance or a fixed rate? opportunities. However, not all business segments necessarily require direct dialogue. If it is essential HAND. In principle, performance models are only to deliver a message to an extremely large, attractive if they can be reconciled with the heterogeneous group of people as quickly as to offer is right. Our offer of cooking assistance based aims of the campaign. There is still too much possible, incorporating TV into the media mix is on product and service is certainly so attractive that to learn for everyone involved to say with any exceptionally efficient. people develop an interest on their own. HbbTV could certainty what a campaign can achieve for INGO SCHÄFER truly be a platform on which the product and service me. Especially at the beginning, I think it would Head of Marketing Communication and PR, HbbTV supplements are intended to offer viewers go hand in hand. be fair for the agency and marketer clients MAGGI GmbH added value. In its simplest form, a brand encourages to share the costs of the learning curve. viewers to get to know a product by having them Stationary Internet with brand websites and social take part in a sweepstakes. For MAGGI, the expertise media pages, the mobile Web, and now a growing The food segment is dominated by intense of MAGGI KOCHSTUDIO could be used to create an percentage of Internet on TV: is there a danger of competition. MAGGI competes with Knorr HbbTV supplement designed to offer added value, brands having to be active on too many different particularly in Germany, their core market, ranging from recipes to the ingredients used. Does digital platforms in the future? which is why it is so important to manage HbbTV provide incentive for MAGGI to reassess TV advertising budgets and media spending wisely. advertising? Because communication budgets will not be getting any bigger, the abundance of opportunities provided In times of targeted Internet advertising and the If I want to motivate someone to develop an interest by digital media should force marketers to consider increasing role of dialogue in communication in me, I should first think about whether what I have the role and benefit of a presence more carefully.20 21
  12. 12. Display Surfaces: the Classic value, and product is sure to be a highly attractive marketing foundation for all involved. HbbTV Option Collaborations that benefit all parties involved The simplest and most currently feasible are most worthwhile. For instance, TV channels advertising form is a display ad on the channel’s could achieve higher viewing numbers if a Push HbbTV pages. Like online media advertising, powerful partner added its content to the a wide variety of formats and placements HbbTV channel. Special placements, ranging is available. Depending on the format, the from the free TV content of a partner to the advertising surface may link to a landing page channel’s own applications, would also be an ADVERTISING or expand via an interactive application, option. However, placements purely for the representing a concept that is very similar to sake of advertising, like those already found in advertising formats in teletext. However, iPhone and Android apps, will likely only prove it remains to be seen if display advertising effective when they contain relevant content. fulfills the demand for relevance and is suitable for counteracting increasing ad blindness. As is the case with online formats, it is likely Media Revolution: that placement and relevance will ultimately determine success and failure. It must also Interactive TV Commercials be taken into consideration that users are eting HbbTV is attractive for advertisers primarily navigating an environment different from rk owing to the interactive potential of TV Ma the Internet. Internet users are accustomed commercials. Dialogue options open up to actively dealing and interacting with fascinating opportunities for turning passive information. But TV screens work differently. consumers into active contributors. An new Interesting triggers need to be used to attract the attention of viewers and encourage them indicator of any size can be positioned anywhere on the screen to inform them about to acknowledge advertising messages. the interactive option. The indicator is only visible on HbbTV-compatible devices, which means viewers without HbbTV will not Example Applications be distracted by irritating information or and Sponsoring through disappointed that they are missing out on Interactive Content something. Advertisers can therefore gain experience with interactive commercials HBBTV – THE BENEFIT FOR In the future, it may be possible for advertisers during the pilot and evaluation phase without5. ADVERTISERS to collaborate with channels, which could prove to be an attractive option especially when disturbing viewers with conventional devices. there is a common theme. For example, Kicker, HbbTV can only establish itself if the channels ensure relevance with the the German soccer magazine, could sponsor corresponding extensions and supplements. If the frequency of use and soccer events and run its own advertising the level of interest increase, advertising agencies will also benefit. This through HbbTV. The channel, in turn, would should not change the viewer’s relaxation experience much. There needs benefit from the incorporation of interesting to be a method for measuring how well new concepts manage to combine content for the viewers. In the U.S., ESPN TV as an enjoyable experience with new content offers. People watching TV Sports could collaborate with Nike during NFL do not want the experience to be tedious, like browsing through a catalog. games and offer football statistics and relevant They want to relax and enjoy attractive offers. information as part of the partnership. The connection among the environment, added 23
  13. 13. Endless Options Available The Learning Curve – Ready An Issue of Reconciliation: They are more interested in being entertained and avoid any tasks that demand too muchto Everyone for Takeoff Positioning the Button Correctly of them. Anyone who requires a lot of text entry or, in the case of a sweepstakes, a full address,Pressing the red button during the TV Even technologically minded viewer groups It’s safe to assume that it could take months, is probably asking too much. It would makecommercial provides access to the dialogue. are unlikely to have had any experience with or even years, for HbbTV to achieve full more sense to initiate first contact on the TVThere are as many possibilities as there are HbbTV. Even if their TV at home already acceptance. Until then, instructions will need and then carry out all subsequent CRM measuresadvertised products. The open CE-HTML incorporates the new technology, they first to be provided for viewers to ensure success. using other media. In other words, name, sex,standard allows users to call up a whole host have to discover the concealed features before To both communicate the commercial message additional data, and contact options should beof target pages, particularly those beyond the they can use them. In short, the industry and indicate the dialogue button to viewers, collected by e-mail or phone. The ideal solutionlimit of the channel. In particular, compatibility will have to undergo a learning curve before 30- to 45-second commercials are recommended. could also be determined through coordinationacross the board represents a major advantage the benefits of the new standard are fully It will also be necessary to determine where with the customers in question – the uniqueof the new technology. However, this does not available. Only through ongoing testing, in the commercial to display the call to action. requirements of the segment should also beentirely extinguish the efforts to develop a learning, and optimizing can HbbTV make it This could represent a real challenge for standard taken into account.proprietary solution. Some networks now rely to the homestretch and establish itself as an commercials: how do you combine the buttonon independent concepts so that they can accepted key element of the media mix. with the advertising message so that theoffer their advertising customers attractive commercial works both with and without HbbTVenvironments and the required technological Commercials that demonstrate the potential support? Reconciliation will only be an issuesolutions. have already been aired. The Kolle Rebbe once the technology has established itself. But agency developed an HbbTV campaign with at that point, it will play a key role in success. product offers for Otto Versand. In order toCustomized Concepts for break through the aversion to interaction, theConsumers commercial focused on the call to action: A Bright Future for the a remote control featuring the corresponding Remote Control? instructions and red button was presentedIn the next few years, concept and strategy to emphasize the tool that provides the viewerdepartments will likely increase their focus on The primary challenge posed by TV-based with access to the dialogue. Unfortunately,the opportunities provided by HbbTV. The dialogue is the method of controlling the augmented ten-second commercial wascurrent situation is characterized by a sense of applications. Though you can use the mouse simply too short. Our first lesson: if a viewer isnew beginnings. The associated challenges are and keyboard for the computer, you must rely not sufficiently familiar with HbbTV, they are notimmense and cannot be overcome with standard entirely on the remote for the TV. For those going to find the on-screen button within tensolutions, as no experience has been gathered of us who can remember when T9 and seconds. In the current learning phase, thethrough past use. As a result, market potential autocomplete were foreign words, this viewer needs considerably more time to navigate. atsuo murakamiis currently being analyzed with a focus on target challenge is nothing new: how do we design Kachidoki, Tokiogroups so that relevant strategies for addressing HbbTV pages so that they are easy andthem can be developed and integrated with convenient to navigate with the remote? Not YOU MISSED THE FIRST QUARTER OF A MOVIEprecision into the existing information all manufacturers offer autocomplete, and THAT STARTED AT 8 P. M. ON TV. NOW YOUarchitectures. Creative minds will also have to channels have yet to find a practical solution. JUST PUSH A BUTTON ON YOUR REMOTE,familiarize themselves with HbbTV. The bar for Not even the next generation of control OPEN THE “FREE TO VIEW” SECTION, ANDfuture concepts has been set high. The unique options based on gestures and voice is likely START IT AT THE TIME YOU WANT. HOW DOESmedia characteristics of HbbTV need to be taken to fully replace text entry by hand. THAT SOUND TO YOU?into account to ensure potential advertising I would love to use the service because it wouldeffects can be exploited over the long term. Field tests have demonstrated that consumers let me watch the movie whenever I wanted react to excessive complexity with refusal. or skip a part if I didn’t want to watch the whole For instance, blood-type surveys are less thing. successful using HbbTV than they are online, as viewers are relaxing when they watch TV.24 25