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mobile advertisement platform


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mobile advertiment platform with self ad placement backend, part of a programmatic ad platform

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mobile advertisement platform

  2. 2. Facts There are 18,300* licensed Taxi’s in Istanbul Compare to 13,000 licensed Yellow Cabs in New York City Compare to 21,000 licensed Black Cabs in London Average number of customer is 40-50 per day per taxi Average travel time is around 5-10 minutes Average Taxi is operated approx. 20 Hours/Day Professional people account for 47% of all taxi trips ** AGE: Most taxi users are aged 25-44 years but after 6pm the 17-24 age group are much more strongly represented and those over 60 tend not to travel after 6pm ** SEX: Users of taxis are split 55% male / 45% female ** One third of taxi rides are journeys relating to either people’s travel to work or in the course of their work ** *There are estimated 30,000 additional unlicensed Taxi’s in Istanbul ** UK Statistic
  3. 3. Mobile Advertisement Platform Mobile Advertisement Display; Device as a Service [DAAS] Central management, distribution, operation Unique, secure, efficient, dynamic, alternative advertisement medium with critical mass reach Self service web interface option for advertiser Smart advertisement based on location, time, weather, news, etc. Coupled advertisement option; advertisement content can be synchronized with alternative mediums; such as radio advertisement, sign advertisement, etc. Sticky advertisement, i.e. follow me
  4. 4. Deployment Places Stationary and non stationary locations Public and private transportation Taxis, buses, ferries, trains, subways, corporate personnel carriers Elevator entrances in shopping malls, business centers Bus stop stations, ferry and train station waiting areas
  5. 5. Traffic Data Construction Decentralized traffic data collection Auto generated traffic information based on GPS data; referenced according to vehicle speed Near real time data collection and processing Centralized traffic data collection and alternative route calculations Route calculations are destination based or per area [area defined by x km2] Destination route request via SMS* Near landmark advertisement Product and services advertisement with close by reseller locations Product/brand reseller location finder –reverse look up via SMS* * Paid service –per SMS charge
  6. 6. Location and Time Specific Advertisement Geo proximity based advertisement Advertisement based on specific location such as shopping malls, landmarks, areas Smart advertisement based on location and time mapped to consumer profiles Geo based infotainment; facts, figures, history* Nation wide portable tourist guide; roadmaps, artifact guide history, shop, restaurant locations** * Istanbul 2010 –European Capital of Culture campaign ** Spin off portable device version
  7. 7. Location Specific Ads Business Center Shopping Center, Area Historical Building Ad Management Center GPS Data Ad Signal
  8. 8. Geo, Environment Specific Ad Push Smart advertisement based on multiple inputs Ad triggers can be based on inputs from multiple situational and environmental events Traffic situation; jams, rush hours, accidents, road blocks, maintenance, decentralized data sources Weather News and stock market Geographic locations Specific time(s) of the day Transportation medium of choices Option to sync with other media source; tv, radio, press
  9. 9. MAP Positioning
  10. 10. Media Effectivenes ComparisonReach Target Accuracy 10.000 100.000 1.000.000 10.000.000Magazine (3-5) Newspaper(3-20) Outdoor Signage (1-90) TV (5-120) Radio (15-30) MAP (15-300) Approximate Captivity expressed in paranthesis (seconds) MAP Target Audience Figures: 2000 Devices: 100.000 (daily) 5000 Devices: 250.000 (daily)
  11. 11. Media Effectivenes Comparison -II Viewer’s Distraction Proximity to Purchase Magazine (3-5) Newspaper(3-20)Outdoor Signage (1-90) TV (5-120) Radio (15-30) MAP (15-300) Approximate Captivity expressed in paranthesis (seconds) far near low high Cinema(~600) MAP Target Audience Figures: 2000 Devices: 100.000 (daily) 5000 Devices: 250.000 (daily)
  12. 12. Comparison Medium CPM MAP1 $11.25 MSN TR2 $12.35 News Paper3 $27.77 TV4 $19-$37 AverageMagazine5 $18-$60 Radio6 $7-$21 Typical runtime of 1 month 1 installed in 2,000 taxis 2 85,000,000 views, $35,000 24 hours 3 900,000 viewers per day, $25,000 qtr page ad 4 30 secs AM network vs Primetime (US data) 5 50,000 viewers per month, $3,000 per ad–highly dependant on the popularity of the magazine 6 many sources
  13. 13. Web Management Console Roadmap
  14. 14. Web v1.0 •Content Management (Upload/Download) •Advertisement Scheduling •System Diagnostic •RSS Proxy Server (Weather, News,…)
  15. 15. Web v2.0 •Advertisement Scheduling •Location Based •External Information (Weather, Time of Day, Traffic Speed) •Reporting Tools •Advertisement Analysis •Taxi Route Analysis
  16. 16. Web v3.0 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 00Self Service GUI based Advertisement Scheduling •Region Selection •Primetime Selection •Free/Allocated time display
  17. 17. Edge Device Roadmap
  18. 18. Device v1.0 Device ID: 0001 •Image decoder: Jpeg, Bmp, Png •Video decoder: Divx, Xvid, Mpeg2/4, WMT •Sound decoder: WMA, Mp3 •Flash Player •RSS Device ID: 0001 •Software •Image decoder: Jpeg, Bmp, Png •Video decoder: Divx, Xvid, Mpeg2/4, WMT •Sound decoder: WMA, Mp3 •Hardware •GPRS/Edge •GPS •WiFi •LCD Display •Speaker •Infrared Sensor SPEAKER
  19. 19. Device v2.0Device ID: 0001 SPEAKER Touch Screen for Basic Interaction
  20. 20. Additional Functionality
  21. 21. Supplemental Data to Drivers* (personal and commercial) GPS Location and Routing Traffic Heat Map Consolidated data from all MAP devices Heat Map (Red/Green/Yellow) Direction (Average Speed, Estimated Time of Arrival to Nearby Landmarks**) Remote Security Monitoring*** Dynamic destination rerouting based on traffic info for delivery and pickup for carrier and logistics companies (UPS, DHL, food/retail good distributors) * Byproduct of decentralized vehicle management ** Landmarks can be advertised locations *** Taxi security alerts via rules engine; out of ordinary durations, security alerts based on destination predictions (embassies, government buildings, etc.)
  22. 22. Support for Multiple Languages SMS initiated default language change on request Viewer sends an SMS to change ad language when/if provided by advertiser Usage information via display when such a feature is available i.e. send SMS; include Device ID [SPACE] Preferred language Optional support for both voice and text* Simultaneous switch instead of start over * Dependency on content delivered by advertiser
  23. 23. Entertainment Options(v3 and above) Basic Gaming / Infotainment Advanced Gaming via Dual Screens Advertisement themed games via touchscreen or pads Direct Media Streaming with 3G/4G TV Series Football Games Internet / social networksconnection