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iEARN Places and Perspectives project about Sports

Published in: Education, Sports, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Famous Athletes in Pittsburgh Mario Lemieux Born: October 5, 1965 in Montreal, Quebec. Height and Weight: 6'4" and 230 pounds. Position: Center Drafted: 1st overall, 1984 NHL Entry Draft, by the Pittsburgh Penguins. NHL Debut: October 11th, 1984. Retired: April 26, 1997. Inducted Into the Hockey Hall of Fame: November 17, 1997. Returned from Retirement: December 27, 2000. Final Retirement: January 24, 2006.
  2. 2. Famous Athletes in Pittsburgh Jerome Bettis In his first year with the Steelers, The Bus rushed for over 1,400 yards, earning a third trip to the ProBowl. He was named Steelers MVP in both 1996 and 1997. 2001 saw Jerome reach a career milestone, as he reached 10,000 career rushing yards, only the 14th running back in NFL history to do so. The wheels on The Bus have been going round and round ever since - for 13 NFL seasons and a total of 13,705 yards, 94 touchdowns, and a Super Bowl title.
  3. 3. Famous Athletes in Pittsburgh Arnold Palmer Arnold Palmer is one of the most successful and popular golfers in the sport's history. He helped widen the appeal of golf beginning in the 1950s, then helped establish the Champions Tour in the early 1980s. Born: Sept. 10, 1929, in Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Nickname: The King or, more simply, Arnie • PGA Tour: 62 • Champions Tour: 10 Major Championships: Professional: 7 • Masters: 1958, 1960, 1962, 1964 • U.S. Open: 1960 • British Open: 1961, 1962 Amateur: 1
• 1954 U.S. Amateur
  4. 4. Teams in Pittsburgh
  5. 5. Rivalries • At our school, we have two rivals. They are Quaker Valley and Shady Side. • There is not a lot of fighting from the fans, but the teams get very rough and it is a fierce competition.
  6. 6. Personal Favorites • At our school there are three popular sports, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. • The most popular sport to watch at our school is basketball because we have a large student body section that cheers on our team each game. • Our boy’s soccer team just won the state championship.
  7. 7. Sports in School • Q1) Do very many students get scholarships to play sports in college? Some Sewickley Academy students get sports’ scholarships and many play sports at their college of choice. • Q2) Do you have gym class during school? At SA, students can have gym during school or after school. Also, students can fill a gym credit by playing a sport. • Q3) What sort of sports do you play during gym class? Students often play dodge ball or kickball during gym period. • Q4) Are there any sports girls aren’t allowed to play? Girls and boys can play any sport of their choice.
  8. 8. Injuries • Q1) Are there any sports that cause numerous injuries The sports which cause the most injuries at Sewickley Academy are hockey and lacrosse. • Q2) Do you have any controversies over sports in your country? A sports injury controversy that occurred in the U.S recently was the new MLB rule that says running into the catcher is illegal in baseball.