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Our school


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iEARN Places and Perspectives projects

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Our school

  1. 1. iEarn Project Education
  2. 2. At Sewickley Academy our education starts at Pre-K and continues through the end of High School.
  3. 3. Schedule We start classes around 8:30 and leave at 3:10 everyday. Most classes are an hour and a half long but, we also have 1 one-hour class per day. We have 4 breaks throughout the day. One starts after our first period class, which starts a 9:45 and goes to 10:05. Then we have another break starting at 11:20 and going to 11:30. Finally, we have our lunch break, which starts at 12:30 and goes to 1:50.
  4. 4. Classes We have pre- algebra through pre-calculus. People in our grade take English 9, human geography, biology or honors biology, and a foreign language (French, English, Latin, Spanish, Italian or Mandarin). Then we have optional subjects like art. We have 8 classes that meet every other day. There are four classes a day.
  5. 5. In our school, a 92 % and above is an A/A- and an 83% and above is a B/B-. We usually take exams at the end of each trimester, but some classes require you to take a midterm and others require you to take a test at the end of the year. We have breaks around every major holiday.
  6. 6. Sewickley Academy Sewickley Academy is a small independent school founded in 1838 near Pittsburgh, PA. The school is split into a several main buildings for different grades. There are two cafeterias and an auditorium. We do not have a uniform but we do have a dress code. We are not allowed to wear jeans or clothes with big logos.
  7. 7. Our community has about 48 teachers. Each grade has about 65-70 kids. We have many sports and even a debate team, as well as many different clubs. People from all over the Pittsburgh area attend our school.
  8. 8. The End