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Com585 google webmstrtools

  1. 1. What can Google Webmaster Tools can do for you… Webpage Visibility Error Diagnosis Increase Traffic
  2. 2. 1. Google account2. Login on
  3. 3. • <meta> tag provides information about HTML document: page description, keywords, author of document, last modified, among other data. • Always goes inside <head> element Upload blank Enter URL of Verification HTML doc or sites Paste Meta tagGoogle needs to verify access to domains
  4. 4. This is how meta rolls…
  5. 5. The secret life of verification… AlterationManage Protection Verification
  6. 6. Once site is verified…. Access website profile in WBMT OverviewInformation Information Information Different webmaster tools
  7. 7. Tools: Where the “meat” is HTTP URLS not linked Errors RestrictedDiagnostics URL Issues by robots.txt PAGE NOT Time out FOUND Or Unreachable
  8. 8. More “meat” Top search How users get to site from a Google search queries Crawl stats PageRank ValuesStats Index stats Advance Google queries: Site, Link, Cache, Info, Related Subscriber Syndication and feeds stats, providing one uses stats Google management systems Googlebot How others ink to one’s page and how those links are considered on page content
  9. 9. Tools Internal linksLIN PopularityKS External links
  10. 10. ToolsSITEMAPS: This is what initially Google Webmaster Tools was built around • Inform search engines of URLs available for crawling. • Include information on SITEMAP SITEMAPS each URL. • Assist search engines to crawl the site more intelligently.
  11. 11. TOOLS ANALYZE Protocol Googlebot Web Spiders / CrawlersRobots.txt Program that browses internet in an orderly, methodical or automated manner.
  12. 12. TOOLS PreferredCrawl Rate Domain Overview on Display URLs Googlebot’s based on activity preferences Request more pages Interact more
  13. 13. TOOLS Enhance Image Search Control labeling of images Compatible with Google Image LabelerNot much can be done yet with points earned
  14. 14. TOOLS Resolve issues with noR longer existent pages that create problems on indexe Um Ro Lv s Remove URLs from index so won’t interfere with statse tools such as Google Analytics
  15. 15. ANALYTICS AND WEBMASTER TOOLS Analytics• Tracks traffic only from Webmaster users that enabled • Master Tools process Javascript in browsers. additional data, such as• Track visits to pages duplicate content, and visits which have the correct from robots. • Tracks visits via search Analytics Javascript results or web crawlers. code. • Keywords show most• Keywords display total significant words Google number of queries and finds on your site. Adwords keywords. • Its Search Queries page shows total number of keyword search queries related to search results. • Rounds data one or two significant digits.
  16. 16. REFERENCESGoogle Webmastertools a Comprehensive Guide Webmaster Central Blog Webmaster tools Wikipedia Webmaster Guidelines Webmaster Tools Webmaster Tools review Webmaster Tools A review Technical SEO