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Launch of Tendring's District Council e-learning TREVOR


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Tendring District Council's launch their e-learning TREVOR

Published in: Technology, Education
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Launch of Tendring's District Council e-learning TREVOR

  1. 1. Tendring District Council Present The Birth of TREVOR
  2. 2. The Conception Once we had decided to develop our DLE we naturally turned to Learning Pool for help and advice. Our Learning Consultant, Chris Allan, came up with a number of ideas including TREVOR which was a very tortured acronym for Tendring’s REVolutionary Online Resource. These ideas were expanded upon by our team of IT Representatives and the final list was put to the vote....
  3. 3. What’s in a name? • TED (Tendring’s Employee Development) • TELL (Tendring’s E-learning Library) • TEA (Tendring’s E-learning Academy) • TLC (Tendring’s E-learning Classroom) • TREVOR (Tendring’s REVolutionary Online Resource) • The Hub • The Learning Ladder • The Knowledge Bank • Vision TREVOR was voted in and an image style was assigned.
  4. 4. Shhhhh? Have you seen TREVOR? Posters were placed around the council buildings asking if people had seen TREVOR. The posters were changed every few days.
  5. 5. Shhhhhh! 17 IT Representatives actively promoted TREVOR for 12 days without actually saying who or what it was!
  6. 6. We Kept Them Guessing! • Staff were intrigued and confused, but most of all they were CURIOUS! • A buzz started to build... and build... and build. Everyone wanted to find out who or what TREVOR was. • The IT Reps were offered bribes and we even received a ransom note! TREVOR had really captured everyone's imagination
  7. 7. Trevor arrives at TDC on 9th June
  8. 8. Launch Day Arrives
  9. 9. The Wish List Stand After a short demonstration of e-learning, staff were asked to visit the Wish List Stand. Here they could indicate which courses they would like to see on TREVOR by ticking course shopping lists. They placed these into a shopping trolley and volunteers then pinned them onto our board. The effect was spectacular. It gave a clear message to Heads of Service about the level of interest and our staff felt they were having a say in which courses should be developed next.
  10. 10. The Results • The shopping list requests were tallied 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 CommunicatingwithDeafCustomers CommunicationSkills EffectiveWriting GivingandReceivingFeedback HowtoEngageOthers PlanninganEffectivePRCampaign PresentationSkills WritingaCV WritingfortheWeb HRDisciplinaryProcedures ManagingOthersEffectively QuestioningTechniques SelfDevelopment UnderstandingyouSicknessAbsence Policy This gave us a huge bargaining tool to approach the various Heads of Service with.
  11. 11. The Advantages of Branding We used the TREVOR name and logos to head up our categories
  12. 12. Ongoing Themes Due to the numerous images available to us, we are able to place TREVOR into various themed stories on our intranet .
  13. 13. Lessons Learnt • The launch needn’t be expensive – ours was done for less than £500! • Get a team to help you – we could not have achieved this without our fantastic team of IT representatives. • Make your giveaways useful – the badges weren’t popular but the pens and jelly babies were. Harlow gave away drinks mats at their launch. We wish we’d have thought of that. • Keep the demos short. We used Learning Pool’s Introduction to E-Learning course. It was fun and staff were able to easily participate. • Ask Learning Pool for help. ‘Team Lovely’ worked their socks off for us, ensuring the DLE was ready. On the launch day they sent along staff to assist with the demonstrations and were on hand to answer any questions. • Enjoy it! You know it’s a fantastic product – tell everybody! Julie-ann Foweraker 10/10