Kingston Council's Jade Harrington on Roll Out & Delivery


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Kingston Council's Jade Harrington on Roll Out & Delivery at the Learning Pool Community Day, 14 September 2011.

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  • I am here today to give you an overview of how Kingston Council uses the learning portal also provided by learning pool The site, which we have named evolve, has just celebrated its first birthday When we first bought in the system its sole purpose was to offer e-learning as an alternative way to learn and develop Not long after Kingston embarked on a radical restructure Historically L&D had been split between the service areas offering bespoke training programmes. The review of L&D highlighted that there was duplication occurring – for example Lone Working was provided by the same external provider direct to one service area and also offered corporately To create a more transient, fluid approach that avoids duplication – doing things well and only once The review has now brought L&D together as one team within organisational development It was this shift that made us re-think how we should be using evolve and it was agreed that we should make evolve the one access point for our staff to find out about anything learning and development related - face to face workshops, elearning, pick up links to other recommended site.
  • This diagram explains our new approach. Evolve should be the resource that empowers individuals to take control of their own learning and development and take advantage of a blend of ways to learn to fit with their preferred learning style that fits around their day to day commitments.
  • To support managers we ran a series of Learning Lunches inviting managers to attend to introduce them to the elearning guidelines and showcase what the site had to offer
  • Blended – elearning is just one of the ways to learn and develop – encourage staff to use different methods Precursor – ensuring that the classroom based session is pitched at the right level for the attendees and can help to enhance the session making it more interactive Replace briefings – efficient way to reach large numbers and can be backed up by an online forum/live chat – information sharing/less meetings
  • Staff to take control of their own learning Learning lunches - very valuable for us as we got managers to test the site so we could see first hand if there was any navigational issues that may prevent people from using evolve With this knowledge we have been able to simplify navigation and make vast improvements to enhance the site experience Nominate content experts and staff to train in authoring e-learning
  • This is our splash page where users can login in to the site One thing that was highlighted by managers was they felt it unnecessary to have to log in to the site to see what was on offer. So we requested for the Event and Workshop planner to be viewable without logging in
  • This is the monthly view of the calendar which is enables managers and staff to plan development activities
  • So how have we engaged with our staff? Like you we held a launch event at The Rose Theatre and invite our guest speaker Dave Briggs, Learning pool’s Social Media expert to launch ‘Live Chat Friday’ to entice attendee’s to log on and have an informal chat with Dave the following week This went down a storm and actually influenced a social media project that was in progress within the council at the time
  • Since then we have hosted a series of Live chats : Always trying to keep it current and topical: when the world cup was on we invited Alan Dowson, Manager at Kingstonian FC Engaging keynote speakers from management conferences – David Firth who logged on from America To launch the climate change pages we had local green champion Shaun Chamberlin hop on the hot seat Our CE, Bruce McDonald hosts face to face sessions call ‘Ask Bruce’ providing staff the opportunity to ask Bruce about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Bruce took the session online to reach those unable to attend the face to face sessions We have our next Management conference in July and we will be approaching both keynote speakers to host a live chat, one of which will be Dave Briggs
  • This is our homepage, which we treat as a news page with quick links to new e-learning modules Four key areas. I’d like to show how we have engaged our managers taking part in the Leadership Development Programme.
  • Before starting the programme managers where instructed to complete the leadership and management framework e-learning module which they can access easily on the homepage
  • One of the barriers was navigating to pages – this was a scrolling texted heavy page with descriptions which we have now replaced with these tabs that were designed and suggested by Maeve from Learning pool
  • Kingston Council's Jade Harrington on Roll Out & Delivery

    1. 1. Jade Harrington & Sondra Curnock Learning and Development Advisors Organisational Development
    2. 2. Learning in 2010 My mentor ME My peers My social network My manager My team Blogs Websites Formal Learning Programmes Informal Learning Wikis Team sites My Coach Communities of practice Experts I can manage my own learning On-line resources News sources
    3. 3. Introducing a new way of Learning to Kingston Council eLearning Guidelines Learning Lunches
    4. 4. Guidelines Summary <ul><li>How? </li></ul><ul><li>Blended approach </li></ul><ul><li>Precursor </li></ul><ul><li>Replace briefing sessions </li></ul><ul><li>Access anywhere that has internet access </li></ul>
    5. 5. Guidelines Summary <ul><li>Manager’s Role </li></ul><ul><li>Coach, guide, track and support staff </li></ul><ul><li>Allocate sufficient time and space </li></ul><ul><li>Manager’s discretion to award time in lieu for study out of office hours </li></ul><ul><li>Don’t forget..... </li></ul><ul><li>To identify and plan your own learning </li></ul>
    6. 8. Engagement
    7. 9. Live Chat ‘ Capello’s Management Style – where it all went wrong…’ On the Hot seat: Alan Dowson, Kingstonian FC Manager :
    8. 11. Where to start.... Leadership & Management
    9. 13. You could have a page like this! Helpful documents, links, course materials etc. eLearning module enhancing core modules Pages with course dates & descriptions
    10. 14. Showcase: Climate Change Shadia Rahman – Best Content Expert, Learning Pool Awards 2011 Award winning
    11. 15. Engaging Users Launched evolve to key partners in Adult Social Care Launched online booking
    12. 16. What’s next? Launch evolve to key partners in Children Social Care Go live with mandatory training Coming soon........