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What is your interpretation on rizal


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interpretation on Rizal

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What is your interpretation on rizal

  1. 1. 11.What is the importance of having1. What is your interpretation on the Philippines Representation in Rizal’s poem entitled “The Song of the Cortes and Freedom of the the Traveller?” Press?2. What can you about the main plot of 12.Why do you think the word “Noli Me Tangere”? indolence is much misused?3. What is the meaning of the title of 13.Why do you think indolence among Rizal’s second novel which is “El the Filipinos should not be Filibusterismo”? considered the cause of their backwardness?4. Rizal in his latter novel entitled “El Filibusterismo”, what did he want to 14.What is meant by “Indolence is impost? fostered and manifested”?5. What are the intellectual legacies of 15.How did the piratical attacks Rizal which are relevant today in our contribute to indolence among the daily life? Filipinos?6. To love the country and to promote its welfare are the common trend in 16.How did the attitude of the friars Rizal’s novels. Did it push through? contribute to indolence among the Filipinos?7. In the various types of characters found on Rizal’s two novels, whose 17.How was “conflict of interests” character you admire the most? harmful to the administration of the Why? government?8. Why is justice considered as the 18.Are the difficulties mentioned by foundation of society and Rizal similar to difficulties government? encountered today? Why?9. Why do you think that there was 19.Explain how trading with China was opposition to the introduction of harmful to the people. reforms in the Philippines? 20.How was dislike for manual labor10.Explain “Passion over rules, reason influenced by the rulers? and arguments go down to personal attacks” 21.How did curtailment of individual liberty foster indolent?
  2. 2. 22.How did the apathy of the 34.How did lack of national sentiment government foster indolence among lead to the appointment of the Filipinos? incompetent officials?23.Explain how the ownership of the 35.Why Rizal wrote “The Philippines a big estates by the friars fostered Century Hence”? indolence among the Filipinos. 36.Can you give a reason why we need24.How did lack of moral support foster to know the past history of a country indolence? before we can tell its future?25.Explain why lack of respect for 37.How were the Filipinos affected by human dignity is harmful? supporting the imperialistic ambition of Spain?26.How did deprivation of human dignity foster indolent? 38.Was it justifiable for the Filipinos to be ashamed of their own culture?27.Why did the Filipinos have the right Why? to protest the deprivation of their human rights? 39.Why did lethargic spirit of the Filipinos become alive again?28.Explain why people and government are correlated and complementary. 40.Why should we be interested in the question about the future of the29.Explain why indolence is a corollary Philippines? derived from lack of stimulus and vitality. 41.Why was it easy to answer the question about the future of the30.How did the vicious dressing of the Philippines if the question was asked intelligent and will foster indolence? three centuries ago?31.Why must the spirit of the Filipinos 42.Why was it important to know the be free and their intelligence political condition or situation of the respected? Philippines three centuries ago and the condition in 1889 (when the32.How did lack of an ideal for a good article was written by Rizal)? workers foster indolence among the Filipinos? 43.Describe the political condition of33.How did lack of national sentiment the Philippines three centuries ago. foster indolence among the Filipinos?
  3. 3. 44.Why was the situation of the 54.Do you think the gradual destruction Philippines rosy at the time Rizal of Philippine population is possible? wrote the article? Why?45.Do you believe that sensitiveness 55.Why was fostering hostility between play an important role in life? Why? provinces an impossible means of preventing the progress of the46.Why did the Philippines remain Filipinos? stable at the beginning of the Spanish domination of the country? 56.How can reforms succeed in the Philippines?47.Why did the friars and the residencies keep the loyalty of the 57.Why was Philippine representation Filipinos to the Spanish government in the Spanish Cortes needed? at the beginning of the occupation of the country? 58.What was the responsibility of the Filipinos in connection with the48.Why did the Filipinos develop a new press of Philippine representation in attitude towards their Spanish the Spanish Cortes? rulers? 59.Why was reform in education49.Why do you think the Spanish important for the Filipinos? government did not like a Pyrrhic (a victory gained at a ruinous loss) 60.Why do you think justice is the victory? foremost virtue of a civilized nation?50.Why did the early insurrections fail? 61.Why is competitive examination important?51.According to Rizal, what should have been done by Spain in order to 62.Explain how the human will and prevent a revolution against the conscience can bring effective government? reforms.52.Why was the brutalization of the 63.Can you explain why the Filipinos Filipinos an impossible means of cannot be prevented in seeking their preventing the progress of the independence? people? 64.What does history show about the53.Explain why poverty cannot prevent rule of one nation over another the progress of the Filipinos. country?
  4. 4. 65.Explain why the Filipinos will seek their independence.66.How were the Filipinos affected by denial of education and liberties?67.Why was a violent collision between the Philippines and Spain possible?68.Why was prudence and tact needed by Spain in ruling the Philippines?69.What factors should by considered by Spain and the Philippines in order to prevent a violent collision?70.Why do you think the Philippines might adopt a federal republic?71.Why do you think England, France, Holland and Germany were not interested in acquiring the Philippines?72.Why do you think the United Stated might be interested in acquiring the Philippines?73.Why will the Filipinos defend their liberty?74.Do you agree with Rizal’s arguments why Spain must grant the wishes of the Filipinos? Why?