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Mc dougall insurance brokers


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You may trust, when trying to find an insurance broker in Belleville, what’s customer satisfaction's very best indicator? Status. McDougall Insurance has been supplying firms and people equally they could be determined by for around six years. You don’t remain in business for that without creating a faithful customer-base through the years long. We have earned a solid reputation as insurance agents that you could trust, and are specialized in providing our buyers the greatest degree of personalized service and care. In regards to obtaining you insurance, we make an effort to make sure that you get the right coverage and options in the proper value in order to have reassurance. Insurance is designed to guard factors and individuals you hold dear, and we provide an extensive range of insurance types.

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Mc dougall insurance brokers

  1. 1. McDougall Insurance Brokers Real People Working for you
  2. 2. About Us  Eastern Ontario's Largest Insurance Brokerage  McDougall Insurance has been successfully operating for nearly 70 years. We have grown to include over 200 employees and 26 offices, from Oshawa to Brighton to the Ottawa Valley and back. As the largest brokerage in Eastern Ontario, we represent over 50 insurance companies, offering you optimal selection and competitive rates. Our online service provides reliable 24/7 connection with the same dedication and genuine care we consistently provide in-house. When you choose McDougall Insurance, you get ongoing quality service for life. We're real people working for you, since 1946.  Quality, Credibility and Personable Customer Service  For more than half a century, McDougall Insurance has provided families and businesses with quality insurance they can count on. We've grown from a small three person office to a powerful organization with tens of thousands of policyholders. Now that's a sign of customer satisfaction. People like us because we offer quality, credibility, personable customer service and care, and, best of all, trust. When it comes to insurance, we want to make sure you get what you need and want so you can rest assured you are prepared for anything. Insurance is designed to protect the people and things you hold dear, such as your family, your house and car, your health, and your finances.  At McDougall Insurance, we are concerned about the same things. We understand about maximizing your benefits so that you or your family can receive the best compensation if you crash your car, lose or damage your house and/or its contents, or become seriously ill and unable to work. Even your life can be insured so that your family is protected financially should anything happen to you.  Caring about your needs, knowing your options and using our skills, and providing you with quality solutions make us the company we are. Real people working for you, since 1946.
  3. 3. An InfoGraphic about our company • Car Insurance Ontario • Renters Insurance Ontario • Tenants Insurance Ontario • Personal Insurance Ontario
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